Wednesday, December 28, 2011

China Glaze Holly-Day

I specifically saved this polish for after Christmas so I can share my favorite holiday movie with you. :)

Here is China Glaze Holly-Day from this year's holiday collection, Let it Snow.

Two coats with SV.

China Glaze must be stepping up the formulas on their cremes, because my goodness -- the one on Holly-Day is TO DIE FOR. Very pigmented, leaning on the thick side, but so easy to apply. It reminds me of the formula on my favorite Nubar and OPI cremes.

I would say this color is more of a blue-toned forest green. It seems like it would be very wearable for lots of skintones, too. I can't think of any immediate dupes at the moment, but there are a couple of suggestions in this post from All Lacquered Up.

As I mentioned earlier, Holly-Day is one of the cremes from this year's China Glaze Let it Snow collection. You might be able to find it on clearance at your local Sally's at this point, and it still might be floating around at Ulta and definitely online. Against my better judgment, I got mine at Sally's at the beginning of the month when China Glaze was 2 for $10. This might rival Essie Going Incognito as one of the greens I can't go without during the holiday season!

Speaking of holiday goodness that I can't go without, it's finally time to talk to you about the mother of all Christmas movies. (You know, in case the name of this polish wasn't enough of a hint ...)

Only ONE of my giveaway contestants named "Die Hard" as her favorite Christmas movie. Had the basis for winning been "guess Rach's favorite holiday movie," she would have won right away, no question about it!

If you don't already watch "Die Hard" every Christmas (or numerous times throughout the year), I really don't know how I'm going to sell you on it now. It's fucking awesome. I guess I'll just have to threaten you with another Hans Gruber .gif ...

(source: same as above)

Also, if you tell me that you prefer Alan Rickman in "Love, Actually" to Alan Rickman in "Die Hard," I might have to hurt you (a little). There definitely won't be a four, in that case! ;)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

OPI Road House Blues: Let's have a Patrick Swayze Christmas!

When I first saw this polish in person, I knew right away that I would be wearing this for Christmas.

Deviating from my holiday polishes and collections has been the norm for me since Christmas 2008. I've never worn a Christmas polish on the actual holiday -- I've had on Sally Hansen Wholesome Earth, OPI Here Today ... Aragon Tomorrow and Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal. This year, I'm sporting OPI Road House Blues, from this fall's Touring America collection.

Two coats with SV.

First of all, I apologize for any scratches you are seeing on my top coat. I have nothing that dries as quickly or as glossy as SV and it's one of my favorite top coats; however, SV has a tendency to look like it gets scratched or banged up after less than two hours of wear. Additionally, these scratches are more easily visible on a dark polish like Road House Blues. I would've taken pictures as it dried, but I was busy and then I ran out to dinner with my high school bestie, so I didn't get any snaps in until later.

These blues are blue, all right! This shade may appear purple next to something like Essie Aruba Blue, but compared to OPI Sapphire in the Snow, this looks navy. --Navy, but with just enough purple to make it indigo. I thought it would be a dupe to Dior Blue Label, but the Dior is more blue and not so indigo.

This polish applied dreamily in two medium-thick coats. It dried quickly and never looks black on me. Hooray! My only problem was with the OPI ProWide brush, which I mostly love. The brush on my bottle seemed even more broom-y than usual, but that just meant I had to be extra careful with my application.

Road House Blues is the second polish I bought from the Touring America collection, and the fourth one I've shown you here on the blog. Shame on me for not wearing it earlier! I rather love it. I got my bottle in August at AveYou; all the Touring Americas are quite easy to find right now.

In the event that you didn't immediately giggle when I said I knew Road House Blues would be my Christmas mani, I would like to offer an explanation. And truly, what better explanation is there than this timeless holiday "standard" sung by Joel Hodgson, Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo of "MST3K"?

  1. The above clip was a bit featured in the "Mystery Science Theater 3000" episode "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians."
  2. My favorite Swayze movie is "To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar." ("Point Break" comes a close second.) As far as drag queen road trip movies go, "Wong Foo" pales in comparison to "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" but I do love RuPaul's cameo something fierce.
  3. I will be revealing my favorite holiday movie (and the corresponding polish) before Thursday, for the two of you whose interests I've piqued.

I sincerely wish you happy Hanukkahs, and wonderful Patrick Swayze Christmases! Whichever you celebrate, I hope your holiday brings you joy. <3

Monday, December 19, 2011

Essie Going Incognito

The only reason this polish won out over Essie Smokin' Hot was because I'd worn this one as a pedi last year, but never as a full mani! And after one year, it's high time Going Incognito was taken for a holiday spin.

Don't you agree?

(I'm so sorry these photos look super grainy. I even re-did my nails to see if I could take better photos, and ... I couldn't. Maybe if I stopped buying polish and DVDs with my mad money, I could get a decent camera, but that'll be the day!)

Three coats with Essie Good to Go.

I'm not sure which kind of deep green this really is -- emerald? Forest? Hunter? Pine? Bottle? Whatever it is, this polish is a little lighter than these pictures make it out to be. However, you can see that it's got a kiss of teal in it to make it look bluer in low light. That can be nice, depending on whether your skintone can carry it off. It's such a gorgeous color. Ughhhhh.

This is a creme finish, but it's one of those slightly watery cremes that lacks the thickness of typical cremes and even some jellies. It looks kind of sparse on the first coat, though three will get it opaque. I would do the last coat thicker than the first two to cover up potential bald spots.

Going Incognito also was part of Essie's 2010 A Winter's Tale collection and one of my favorite winter pedi shades last year. (Hmm, if I keep blogging, maybe I can do a round-up of some of my favorite pedi shades, too ...) If you missed out on this polish, it's definitely available online, as well as the core Essie display at Ulta.

You can see that this polish made me die -- well, so did this movie! What are your feelings about Colin Farrell?

No, seriously, I'm going somewhere with this. Like Bruges. (It's in Belgium.)

The plot of "In Bruges," in a nutshell: A few days before Christmas, two hitmen are instructed by their boss to leave England and temporarily hide in Bruges after one of them botches a job. While biding their time, they take in Belgian cultural attractions and ponder matters of morality, guilt and redemption. They also run into Fleur Delacour and a dwarf actor on a movie set, which leads them to stir up even more mayhem during the short time they are supposed to be lying low.

I'm not sure what made me love this so much. Was it was Irish director/playwright Martin McDonagh's observational, dark humor, or the loltastic, winning performances by some of the greatest contemporary film actors across the pond? Ralph Fiennes clearly has the greatest time being nasty in this movie. Brendan Gleeson's performance basically reminded me why I love him to bits. Colin Farrell's, on the other hand, made me realize that he could in fact get IN my girly bits ... as long as he has a prescription for penicillin, because let's face it, YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE THAT'S BEEN.

This was kind of a big deal for me because most "bad boy" characters (who are not Taylor Kitsch in "FNL," George Clooney in "ER" or RDJ in general) are not my cup of tea. Never have been. For the entirety of his Hollywood film career, I thought Farrell was talented and charming but mostly kinda gross, and I mean ... "Alexander"? Really? But "In Bruges" was the movie that singlehandedly changed my opinion of him for the better. As far as I'm concerned, he deserved the Golden Globe he won for this movie. Also, he looks super fly in glasses, and I can always get behind that in a man. --Or under it, as the case may be. Ahem.

I couldn't decide which of two clips to post, one with Brendan Gleeson's character and a dwarf, or another with Colin Farrell and some American tourists. The Gleeson clip is a little bit funnier, but I've been waxing poetic enough about Farrell so I'll show you the one with him first.

... I want to go to there. (And by "there," I mean Bruges, not Colin Farrell. Yep. Totally what I meant.)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

China Glaze Midnight Kiss

While featuring a different holiday movie in each post is a great way for me to get through some of my holiday polishes, I feel like I took on more than I'd originally planned. Do you ever get that feeling? :/ Oh well. Here we go!

For the past couple of days, I've had on this lovely gold foil -- the first gold foil I've worn since Courtney let me borrow butter LONDON Wallis. Gold is a fairly difficult color for me to pull off because I have such a strange skintone, and my fingers have an unfortunate tendency to get lobster-y.

After obtaining four gold foils in the past year, I've learned that cooler, yellow/champagne golds look best on me. Besides, what's a Christmas season without one gold manicure? ;)

This is three coats with Essie Good to Go.

I guess the amount of pictures I'm showing you is a reflection of how much I liked this polish. I didn't think I would! I thought that I simply owned Midnight Kiss because I'm a sucker for Christmas polishes. Sure, gold foils are about a dime a dozen, but this one is the yellowest one I have. And boy, do I appreciate that.

The formula on this one is a little thick, but if you use thin coats, then you should be all right. This does get a little brushstrokey, so be mindful when you polish!

There's no particular reason as to why I chose Good to Go for my top coat. It was just sitting there and I grabbed it. As I said, this is the second foil I've used -- I don't know why I feel like applying top coat to foils seems different from what I'm used to, but it does. And as a result, I need to be more careful, now that I've noticed part of my top coat is cracking in some areas. This did dry very quickly with Good to Go, but it wasn't 100% dent-proof when I went to bed, as I found some minor denting when I woke up the next morning.

Midnight Kiss is from last year's China Glaze 'Tis the Season to Be Naughty and Nice collection. I bought way too many polishes from that collection, and go figure -- I kept the most 'boring' colors! I can't remember where I bought mine, but it was either from Head2Toe or 8ty8beauty. I just did a Google search for it, and it's still floating around on Amazon if you want it!

And now for today's Christmas movie!

"I'd always thought what you did with Christmas was sort of a statement about where you stood in life. I was going to spend this Christmas the way I usually did: watching videos and getting drunk and stoned."

A lot of you named "Love, Actually" as your favorite holiday film in my giveaway entry form! I used to LOVE that movie until a few years ago, when I realized I actually (HA!) can't stand it. In any case, I'd rather talk "About a Boy" instead!

I think this may be the best film Hugh Grant will ever make. It's a credit to the source material, Nick Hornby's wonderful novel, and does a stellar job of staying true to the essence of the book and the characters even though the movie is set nearly a decade after the novel. It looks thoughtfully at relationships, and candidly depicts the subject of depression. It's moving and funny and so very British -- what's not to love?

If you need more swaying, look no further than Toni Collette. Flawless actress is flawless, y'all. And the music in this movie, written and performed by Badly Drawn Boy, has become one of my favorite albums. It's perfectly put together and I've been listening to it since I was 16!

Plot-wise, Hugh Grant's character, Will, leads a sleazy and posh but emotionally meaningless existence thanks to his father's royalties from a one-hit wonder Christmas song. After Will decides to start dating single mothers, his meeting with a boy named Marcus eventually makes him start to evaluate his own life. As Will bemusedly narrates, "Once you open your door to one person, anyone can come in." (Hence the "midnight kiss" -- Will meets a woman named Rachel at a New Year's Eve party.)

"About a Boy" sees Will through two Christmases. The script drills the point that "no man is an island" -- I love that message, and I especially love that this film reminds you that sometimes letting people into your life enriches everyone involved in a relationship, if you're willing to take that chance. It's something worth remembering whether you're at a high point or a low one in your life.

Here's one of the best scenes, where Will is confronted by Marcus' depressive mother, Fiona.

Another bonus is that if you're anything like me and tend to get your Pedobear on occasionally, you'll be happy to note that Nicholas Hoult, who plays Marcus, has grown up rather nicely. (See: "Skins" UK Series One, "A Single Man," and "X-Men: First Class.") But it's always nice to know that he has the talent to back up his good looks!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

FingerPaints Winter Sky

Although I no longer frequent the MUA nail board, I miss seeing the regulars from last year who have become friends to me. However, I'm lucky to live near some great local nail board ladies, and I got to hang out with three of them over the weekend!!! I did some shopping with my favorite Miss LizzardVanReptile, watched 2/3 of "The Tenth Kingdom" with Tara and her kitty cat, and FINALLY got to meet Courtney for lunch! (More on this later. She's such a doll, in case you were wondering! I'm surprised lunch actually was eaten, because there was SO. MUCH. TALKING.)

I did this mani Saturday night when Tara and I were doing what my boyfriend snickered and described as "girl stuff" (so basically -- TV, nails, noms. Boys are so dumb. It's not like we had a pillowfight in our underwear, geez). It was mucho fun and I hope we can do it again soon! Plus, you really can't go wrong with a giant bag of Twizzlers and Cherry Coke Zero for a snack. (By the way, T is having a blog sale to help pay for a new car since her car got totaled in a storm last week -- please check out her blog and see if she can hook you up with anything nice!)

My nails look horrible in these pictures -- I was having one of my "I HATE FILING" nights.

Two coats with Essie Good to Go. Sorry the last shot is so off-center, but it was the best one I could get in the sun. :/

This is a lovely aqua-leaning teal/turquoise shade with silver shimmer. The shimmer is so subtle that it gives off more of a pearly effect indoors than a shimmer like China Glaze Frostbite, for example. Unless you are right under a light source, you can't really tell it's even there.

The formula for Winter Sky was thick, but totally manageable. It's opaque in two medium-thick coats; I honestly feel that I should have used three thin ones. It dried quickly with Essie Good to Go as a top coat -- there was little shrinkage, but gross chipping after one day!!! I'm not sure if the chipping can be attributed to the two thick coats I used or the one thick coat of top coat. :/ I remember using Good to Go with another FingerPaints a few months ago, Carnation Creation, without chipping for a few days, so I'll have to test this one again.

Also, this polish is super pigmented, so polish carefully to avoid stains! I double up on base coat -- I use Instant Artificials under Gelous when I'm afraid of stainy polishes and I've never had a problem.

Winter Sky is part of this year's FingerPaints Merry and Bright holiday collection, which is limited edition and currently available at Sally's. (GO GET IT BEFORE IT'S GONE!) This isn't a color I would usually think about during the holidays, but that (and my tens of other teal/turquoise shades) didn't stop me from buying it!

You know what this polish actually reminds me of? This Pipettes song. (
Yes, I own that CD. Yes, I listen to it in the car. Yes, it's terribad. I say this mostly because I'm more than okay with the harmonies and the melodies of the songs, but the lyrics are garbage.)

Now that I've established that I don't think Winter Sky is considered a "typical" holiday color, let me tell you about "Eastern Promises," a movie that I don't think would be considered a "typical" holiday movie.

First of all, no, this is not an indirect result of three years of seeing Viggo Mortensen on a movie screen during the holiday season in the Lord of the Rings movies. I just really like Cronenberg movies, and though I wasn't the biggest fan of "A History of Violence," I was excited to see Viggo star in another Cronenberg picture. The nekkid fighting scene in the sauna didn't hurt my eyes too much, either. Not. At. All.

This is not that scene, but it's the first one in which you can see that there's more to Viggo's character than you think. If you're doubting the Christmas tie-in, please note the lights behind Viggo's head. (The movie begins five days before Christmas, and ends on New Year's Eve, I believe.)

Aside from one pretty awful scene with Vincent Cassel being creepy about a prostitute, it's a good movie. (Hey, if my parents can like it ...) There's some great acting not just from Viggo, but also from Armin Mueller-Stahl and Vincent Cassel. Don't get me wrong, I love Naomi Watts, but her character isn't quite on the same level of badassery as these guys'. So if you like Russian mafia stories, tattoos, or Viggo doing naked sauna fighting, you'll LOVE this! Heaven knows I do.

By the way, I shouldn't be looking forward to seeing "A Dangerous Method," but I so am. For Viggo and Fassy, I'll put up with some crazy Keira Knightley.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

ROYGBIV Holiday Giveaway Winner!!!

Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend! If you did not and you entered my giveaway, maybe you will have a good week now that I'm announcing the winner ... maybe?

Here's all the entries in my favorite fall/winter hat this year (I'll take a better picture later):

And here's the winner ...

Congratulations, Rachel! Please e-mail me by midnight tomorrow to confirm your win. :)

Thank you all for entering and spreading the word about my blog and this giveaway -- it was a lot of fun for me, too! I hope you stick with me during 2012, and I wish you all Many Affordable Lemmings. (If I'm still blogging, I'll probably do this giveaway again next Christmas. What do you think?)

Also, I'd like to thank my guy for feeding me, finding paper & scissors, and tossing all the entries in my hat and basically supervising me to ensure that fair is fair is fair. Thanks, bb!

Because I seem to have an inability to let any post go without a ridiculous Christmas song of the week and because I am minorly obsessed with "Doctor Who" now that I'm nearly caught up --

Do they sound like drunks at a holiday party or what? I want to go to that party.

I've started Season Six and while I'm not quite as enamored of it as I was with Season Five, I'm absolutely loving Eleven. I will be a hot mess when he leaves -- and I was pretty cut up when Nine left. But this is another post and another polish, of course!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rach's ROYGBIV Holiday Giveaway Reminder!

Happy weekend, all! This post is to either

(A) Thank you for participating in my giveaway, or
(B) Remind you that all entries are due by 11:59 PM E.T. TONIGHT; I will not accept any after this time! If you opted for a second contest entry by mentioning this giveaway on your blog and have not sent me the URL, I will count only your first entry. Please leave a comment on this post or on the original giveaway post with the URL to your blog and I will add that to my form.

The rules and entry form may be found here.

Thank you once again, and good luck!!! I will announce the winner before midnight E.T. tomorrow, so please keep an eye out for that. I can't promise you'll be as full of Christmas cheer as the boy in this video, but who knows?

Dance, little white boy!

Also, I've got a super special lunch date tomorrow with a friend and fellow blogger. :) I'm not going to say who in case you already know; if not, you'll have to wait and see!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nicole by OPI Call Me Classy

I have a terrific lack of self-control when I see things on clearance, especially if said things are limited-edition polishes. I went to Target to buy a gift bag for my friend Krysi's birthday present last February, detoured by the main polish aisle, and walked out with this. (And the bag, of course.)

Four coats with SV.

If you're thinking that this is not the kind of polish I would usually wear, then you're right. It's not super-unique, either, but that's the power of clearance, I guess! Also, at the time I was still coming down from my four-month-old discovery of the beauty of super glowy shimmer finishes.

This is delightfully glowy. It's a cool-toned pink shimmer that appears warmer in sunlight and more magenta in artificial light. I tried taking pictures when I finally got some sun, but they were so washed out I didn't include them here. This polish applied easily, even if the formula was a little watery. I prefer the regular skinny brushes on the Nicole brand, which this collection has. I don't know why they switched to their new broom of a brush!

Call Me Classy was one of my three picks from last year's Shades to Crave holiday collection by Nicole by OPI. I believe this was available exclusively at Target. However, like I said, this is a pretty standard color -- I have no idea what a dupe would be, but I'm positive you could find one easily.

Switching gears now for the beloved holiday "classic" on tap for today --

-- THE. BEST. TEEN. HOLIDAY. MOVIE. EVER. Much like Kansas Hill, I will fight you. That's how strongly I feel about "Sugar & Spice"! In case you're wondering, Call Me Classy was the perfect polish to pair with this post (a nod of the head to Marley Shelton's character in the movie).

Even if you don't like teen movies (I generally don't -- I've only watched three others that I actually liked), I recommend this one to you solely because of James Marsden's adorable face. This man is a national treasure, even if, to quote a brilliant ONTDer, he's "the Ralph Bellamy of his generation." I love you, Prince Edward Scott Summers Corny Collins James.


The Christmas aspect of this movie is fairly light -- the A-squad of a high school cheerleading team plans a bank branch robbery for the day after Christmas. Can you feel the holiday cheer? My only quibble is that there's no way anyone can be seven months along with a pregnancy from a relationship that probably couldn't have been consummated before the start of the school year (I know, I think too much about dumb things ... like getting knocked up by James Marsden) -- but I don't know, I can't really turn down a movie with James Marsden AND a character who says things like this:
"Can you imagine Conan's head on Keanu's body? UNSTOPPABLE."

Now there's a girl after my own heart. GO WATCH THIS MOVIE.

(source, as far as I know: perpetually handchuffed)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Essie Masquerade Belle

Did you all know that today is the 220th anniversary of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's death?

I spent the morning doing some chores with the film "Amadeus" on in the background. I saw it for the first time when I was seven and I will never forget how much Commander from the "Don Giovanni" scenes freaked me the hell out (though in a not unpleasant way). Also, I'm pretty sure this movie was responsible for instilling in me the idea that masquerade parties and opera went together perfectly.

To better tie this polish with opera, I wore it
on Saturday when I attended the Met Opera's Live in HD broadcast of Handel's "Rodelinda," starring Renée Fleming. I'd never seen it before, and I don't think I've seen anything with countertenors featured quite so prominently. That was interesting. I generally adore whatever Ms. Fleming does, but something about the entire performance just felt ... off. The story seemed less like it was about Rodelinda and more like it was about everyone else vs. Grimoaldo and Garibaldo. I'm not completely sure which one of those two Gs is the Diet Coke of evil, but my gut says it's Grimoaldo.

Anyway ... Masquerade Belle.

Three coats with Essie Good to Go.

This is a lovely vampy red jelly with a good deal of brown. Here's what it looks like on the first coat.

It does build up to what you see in the pictures above. Three coats will make this more even; it wasn't a problem to apply at all. Essie makes divine jellies! I do think the smaller brush makes them easier to polish with, but that's just me.

The good thing about this polish is that it doesn't look like a blackened vampy, unless you have low lighting. Otherwise, it always looks red ... red with strong brown tones. The bad thing is that I don't think the brown tones work too well on me, so this one also goes to the swap box. I prefer the cooler reddish vampies like Essie Wicked, RGB Deep, butter LONDON La Moss, or even Rescue Beauty Lounge Moulin Rouge. --The closest dupe cousin I can think of RBL Moulin Rouge, but even that has stronger red tones.

Masquerade Belle is another Essie offering from last year's A Winter's Tale collection. The only two colors I haven't worn as a full mani or pedi so far are Luxedo and Silken Cord, and given my track record of sometimes not wearing polishes until two years after I get them, I'd say I'm doing pretty well so far, LOL. #firstworldproblems

And now for today's Christmas movie!:

Until Saturday night, I hadn't watched "Joyeux Noël" since discovering it three Christmas seasons ago. This sounds a little morbid, but I enjoy period war films. Historical accuracy is appreciated, though I certainly understand taking creative liberties as long as the filmmakers don't go too far or get too preachy. Preachiness is a dealbreaker for me -- I will take all the cheesiness given me as long as you don't get overly preachy. (A well-rounded cast doesn't hurt, either. Don't get me started on "Band of Brothers" ... LOVEEEEEEE.)

The events of "
Joyeux Noël" are based on the Christmas truce of 1914 (World War I) on the Western Front among the Scottish, French and German troops. The movie does a pretty good job of showing characters who are still having trouble adjusting to their lives as soldiers in the trenches. One of these men is German tenor Nikolaus Sprink. In addition to missing his Danish soprano lady friend, Sprink's commanding officer does not care for him as he thinks Sprink's artistic contributions to society rank lower than those of working men like farmers and builders.

This scene shows you the beginning of the truce on Christmas Eve. I started giggling toward the end of this clip, where Sprink
, singing "Adeste Fideles," picks up a Christmas tree and starts walking into no man's land. I don't know, I thought that was pretty cheesy. --Crucial, but cheesy.

If you like opera singers, bagpipes, Daniel Brühl and Guillaume Canet, or the softer side of war movies, definitely give
"Joyeux Noël" a watch. By the way, the opera singers featured in this movie are tenor Rolando Villazon and soprano Natalie Dessay, both of whom I love. :) Hooray for opera!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Essie Hot Coco

The holidays don't exactly scream taupe nail polish, but that's what I've been wanting to wear! Tara says I love taupes way too much, and ... she's not wrong. There's something simple yet sophisticated about a taupe creme, and Essie's inclusion of a taupe in last year's winter collection was a good call. Naturally, I had to buy it.

Also, I like chocolate.

Four coats with Essie Good to Go.

It does look like cocoa powder, doesn't it? I would kill for some of that. Actually, I think I have some cocoa powder, but it's supremely ancient, as in, "five years ago from my first apartment," so ... um. I'll have to think about that.

This is a medium taupe shade containing just enough red? mauve? for this polish to be too warm on me. It doesn't flatter me in the least and brings out the red tones in my skin! It's beautiful, though.

Also, I don't know that I cared for the formula of this polish. I needed three coats to get it completely opaque and then another because I am crazy. This polish applies strangely: thin and watery on the first coat, but it gets a little color depth with the second coat. After that it's easier going. This post might show you what I mean. It dried a little darker than it looks in the bottle.

Hot Coco is from last year's A Winter's Tale collection by Essie, a collection I think the company knocked out of the park. I bought all six of those polishes, but this is the third one I've worn since buying them last November! Oops. I've decided this polish can sashay away, as I've other taupes that look better on me (and even more that I haven't tried yet) -- it's funny that I'm so okay with this because I HATE splitting up collections. I don't know why. It's just this thing I have, the collector in me, I suppose.

So ... you know that giveaway I'm having? (No?) Well, the last question on the form asked you all to name your favorite holiday movie. I've loved reading your responses!

I must say, I am a *little* surprised that no one mentioned this ridiculous rom-com holiday gem from 1995. (Is it good, but not great? In any case, it's certainly in my top tier!)


Come to think of it, I should've paired this clip with yesterday's polish. No matter!

"While You Were Sleeping" is probably my favorite Bill Pullman movie that isn't "Independence Day," and my favorite Sandra Bullock project that does not co-star Keanu. (Oh, Keanu. I will love him until the day I die, but that is another post and another polish.) This movie gave us so many wonderful things, not limited to Peter Gallagher's coma eyebrows as well as the classic line, "We're playing basketball. I carry a pencil! I'm a lawyer! I DO THAT!" Like, what the fuck, dude. LMAO.

My ex-roommate and I were constantly telling anyone who would listen (in other words, pretty much our same two mutual friends) about our heavily-pop-culture-supported theory that Chicago in the '90s was THE city to be in if you wanted to fall in love. To this day, I lament the fact that I wasn't old enough to go and discover the truth for myself.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Orly Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

I'm having a hard time getting used to the idea that 2011 is almost over, which is highly ironic, considering that I've spent all of 2011 wanting it to be over. (And I do mean *all* of it ... since January 1st!) I don't mind saying to you, dear Internet, that this year has been downright horrible to me in the relationship and career sectors, and I'm more than ready to move the heck on!

In an effort to boost my mood (and maybe even yours), I'll be posting little Christmas-y tidbits on ye olde blog(e?) this month ... and that means I'll be digging into some of my holiday polishes! :)

I actually wore this one on Tuesday when I went out to dinner with my parents and their friends. There were so many hot topics of discussion at dinner that evening that their friends failed to comment on my nails -- I'm usually the recipient of some good-natured ribbing concerning my choice of colors. After what I got for SpaRitual Solitude, I thought I might have to spend approximately one course of the meal defending this polish. As it turned out, I didn't have to!

Three coats with SV. Could've used four.

Sometimes I run across some polishes that make me wish I had a better camera, because these pictures do not show you the full extent of the sparkle ... which oddly enough, didn't bother me!

I needed three coats because of the deep teal jelly base. Although this dried fairly quickly, I went ahead and waited in between coats because I know how gummy jellies can get, and wanted to avoid bald patches. As you can see from my ring and pinky fingers, that did not exactly happen! To be safe, I would recommend four thin coats.

At first I was worried that the glass fleck glitter wouldn't blend with the base color and this polish wouldn't really look green on me. WRONG! For some reason, it just works and I am not going to complain. The glass fleck glitter is distributed quite evenly throughout the polish, so it's just a matter of getting your coats to your desired opacity. As with all jellies, the more coats you pile on, the deeper your color will be. Depending on your angle, the glass fleck goes from greenish gold to a light blue teal, which is ridiculously pretty.

I have no idea how this compares to China Glaze Glittering Garland or even Zoya Ivanka. However, I'm willing to bet that this Orly has a base color with more teal than the China Glaze, and I'm most likely way out of the field with the Zoya.

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe is from last year's 'Tis the Season holiday collection from Orly. I bought my bottle earlier this year when it was on clearance at Sally's, thinking it would be a good swap item. Obviously it never made it to my swap box!; not too long after purchasing this bottle, I discovered this color was added to the core Orly line at Sally's. Sally's is my favorite place to get Orlys, since they sell them for $5.99 and have the best B2G1 deals! I might have said something about it before, but I love the core Orly line at Sally's much more than the core Orly line at Ulta. There's just more win to choose from. :)

This polish is not the only Christmas-y thing I've got in store for you today! No, I have some Christmas music. Sort of. GET EXCITED.

This time three years ago, my ex-roommate and I became huuuuuuge fans of the HBO drama "Big Love." We'd blown through the first two seasons via OnDemand in order to get caught up before the third one premiered, and it did not disappoint. When HBO released "A Juniper Creek Christmas" in December 2009 to promote the fourth season, I literally cannot think of any other phrase to adequately describe our excitement and amusement other than "we lost our shit." --But to be fair, if you were a slightly bigger fan of the Grants than the Henricksons, you would've, too.

Anyway, let's let (Prophet) Roman Grant make the introduction ...

You can go here to download this song as well as the other seven songs on the album. I have fond memories of my ex-roomie and me putting on "We Three Wives" and "Deck the Compound" and giggling so hard we could barely breathe (this goes double for every time we saw a Hummer). I think she even burned these onto CDs as gifts for some of her friends, LMAO.

Any thoughts on Orly Meet Me Under the Mistletoe? Do you miss "Big Love" (or just the first three seasons, as I do)? Now I want to bust out my Seasons 1-3 DVDs and have a "Best of Roman Grant" party! Who wants to come over?