Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Essie Meet Me at Sunset

Short story: I might need a new phone, and I might be getting one in the next couple of days. :( (The "long story" version will be at the tail end of this post.) I don't think that'll change too much about what I do here, except for perhaps the quality of my photos, but I didn't want to not blog in the meantime.

On to the polish!

I'll be honest, the promo pics for this one didn't blow my hair back. I was --and am -- pretty happy with the "turban orange" color from the StrangeBeautiful Vol. 4 set. In fact, that polish immediately leapt to mind when I first saw the Essie Braziliant collection at Rite Aid! I passed on it and contented myself with Smooth Sailing.

Fast forward a month or so later until I saw my friend Anna's pics of Meet Me at Sunset on MUA and my grabby hands needed it! Funnily enough, I finally watched "Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars" yesterday (and yes, this reminds me of the warm-toned Martian landscape) wherein The Doctor said something about water being patient and eventually wearing you down. Sounds a lot like a lemming, doesn't it? Luckily, I was able to swap with a total sweetie pie for it. And I pretty much love it. Yes. Yes, yes I do.

Please note that my skin is a lot more "yaller" than these pictures make it look! I think what makes Meet Me at Sunset so striking to me is that it goes really well with my skin tone and while it brings out the yellow, I don't quite look jaundiced. I don't know how to explain it, LOL.

Three lovely coats with Essie Good to Go.

If this polish had a drop more red in it, I would say it's what I hoped Essie Vermillionaire would be! One finish Essie does exceptionally well is the jelly-creme hybrid, and Meet Me at Sunset is no exception. I say "jelly-creme" because it's a creme finish, but it's got a little jellyish squishy goodness going on, too (other Essies like this include Pretty Edgy and Turquoise & Caicos). If you stop at the first coat, you'll see the jelly factor.

I'll even venture to say that this is a fairly work-appropriate orange, as it's surprisingly subtle for something in that color family. I don't know how else to describe it other than to say, yes, it's orange, but it's not ... WHAMPOW! ORANGE! It's a tad muted, which makes it pretty wearable, and while it's not completely a burnt sienna/fall kind of shade, I'll probably pull this one out again in a couple of months. It reminds me of leaf piles and pumpkin spice coffee and my favorite corduroy blazer and outlet shopping in Williamsburg (...) and knitting and football (...) and oh my god, I'm getting so excited for fall already!

Meet Me at Sunset is from this summer's Brazil-themed collection -- I'm not sure if this was a retail-only collection while the Resort collection was salon-only. I say this only because I noticed that Essie also put out two summer collections last summer, in addition to the yearly wedding collection. Last summer's were also a 4-piece Resort collex (Lapis of Luxury, Turquoise & Caicos, etc.), and a 6-piece unnamed summer collection (Pretty Edgy, Demure Vixen, etc.). So I don't know what the deal is this year, whether anything was spurred on by the L'Oreal takeover or something e
lse entirely! It also turns out that this Braziliant collection has been released in the usual salon version (no "Essie" sticker on the bottle, just the usual embossed E cap), in case you were wondering. :)

OK, so here's the deal with my phone.

Long story: My beloved little Droid Eris started behaving on the fritz eleven days ago. It does everything it needs to do (accessing mobile web, apps, texting, pictures and voicemail? A-OK!) except for letting me make calls where the person on the other end can hear me. >_< The Verizon store hasn't really helped, and my tech-savvy BF lives 2.5 hours away, so my tech-savvy dad thinks it's time to get a new phone.

It was kind of funny at first because I thought it was a BF-only problem. I was leaving my friend's engagement party across town and called to ask if I should pick anything up for dinner on the way back. The phone call went something like this:

Me: "Hello? I saw a corgi! Did you get a cat? ... hello?" (We'd gone pet-gazing at PetsMart, as we do on Saturdays, and he joked he might get a cat when I came back)

BF: "Hello? ... (pause) ... hello?"

BF: "... hello? Um, I can't hear you, so if you're talking to me ... hello?"

Me: "Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?"

BF: "... hello? SHIT."

Me: "Helloooooooo?"

BF: *proceeds to leave me something like a voicemail even though it's ... not
exactly a voicemail*

Initially I thought it was because coverage can be spotty where he lives, but nope! I was inconvenienced on a few other occasions -- for example, when I couldn't talk to my sister about meeting up, or listen to my friend tell me about a disastrous date, or call another friend when I saw his car in the parking lot for the midnight "Captain America" showing (which was amazing, BTW). I had to text all of them, much to my annoyance. The Verizon store I went to didn't really help ... I'll go to another one and see what they have to say. I've had my phone since April of last year, so we've been through a lot together! Poor little soldier. :(

As always, thank you for reading!


  1. Hey now! Don't hate on Vermillionaire! ;-) Just kidding, LOL! Great minds think alike with orange polish! :-D

    I may need to pick this one up, as I'm kinda feeling an ombre mani coming on with this one, Vermillionaire, and maybe OPI Mon-Sooner or Later (not sure how close this is to Meet Me at Sunset)?

    Looks fab on you!!

  2. LOL! *fistbump* I think MonSooner or Later might work. It's closer to Too Too Hot than MMAS & Vermillionaire. :D

    Thanks lady!

  3. I have been lemming this shade too. I gotta get going on what I want to part with in my stash, get it into a spread sheet or at least Word, and figure out how to do a profile on MUA. I need to start to find some good trading partners I can trust via that site.

  4. Awww this polish is adorable on you! I love your pictures too btw :)

  5. @beachgal: It's worth the lemming, I promise! And get on MUA. It totally changed everything about my polish obsession ... and by "changed," I mean it amplified it! Thank you for reading. :)

    @tasha~: Thank you so much! :) I appreciate it. Hope you'll be back for more.


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