Thursday, August 4, 2011

Essie Punchy Pink: It's Jersday (bitch)!

First order of business: My sweet friend Noelie just broke 100 followers and is having a giveaway with some pretty rad gifts. If you aren't already following her, go do so, and enter the giveaway here. You still have four days to enter! (LOL this is in no way my entry -- I'm just really excited for her!)

This is less of a confession, more of a proclamation, and certainly nothing to be proud of, but I love, love, LOVE "Jersey Shore." IT MAKES NO SENSE. All I have to say to that is, hey ... sometimes love doesn't make sense, especially at the Jersey Shore. Ronnie knows what I'm talking about. (Also, because we can't have nice things in American television and primetime's comedies are painfully unfunny, "Jersey Shore" fills that slot for me.)

Tonight marks the show's fourth season premiere, with the kids heading off to wreak havoc in Italy. (I'm sorry, Italy.) Since I wasn't about to get duck nails for the occasion, I thought a neon pink would be quite apropos, as the girls usually sport neon pink acrylic horrors. First I pulled out China Glaze Shocking Pink, but oh no.

No, no -- the color for me was definitely going to be Essie Punchy Pink.

Punchy. Literally. Like something J-Woww and Sammi would wear to a girlfight. This was too good NOT to happen.

Four coats with SV.

Heyyyy. The neon freaked out my phone, but not as badly as I thought it would! I'm kinda impressed.

Formula wasn't too bad. It wasn't typical neon (thin and watery), a little more pigmented but still streaky, and you can see my bald spots in my photos. I think the ultimate neon formula belongs to Orly Va Va Voom -- well, it was amazing, for the two minutes I owned it! But Punchy Pink wasn't exceedingly difficult. The only thing that made me go for SV this time instead of Essie Good to Go (I usually use this with my Essies) was SV's self-leveling quality. Like neons, it dries matte, but your top coat will fix that in a jiffy.

I'm not completely sure what compelled me to get this one, since I normally like my neon pinks a little deeper than this, color-wise. The only other Essie neon I've worn before is Bright Tights, which I loved! Punchy Pink is from Essie's Neon 2009 summer collection, and I bought this one on AveYou a couple of months ago when I was buying an f-ton of Essies.

Also, I'm wearing dark clothes today, so this is a quite nice contrast and change for me. :) I need more pinks in my life. I wasn't crazy about pink, and I'm still not, but I think I manage to pull it off pretty well. And can we talk about the insta-tan I get with this polish? I know it's not bronzer and a tanning bed, but I think J-Woww and Snooki would approve. Maybe.

Tell me about your favorite neon pinks! Have I forever tainted Essie Punchy Pink for you? (I'm sorry. Kind of.) If you watch, what's been your favorite season of the "Shore" so far? Who's your favorite cast member, and are you as excited to see MVPD do their thing in the motherland as I am? Will we see the return of Single Ronnie? Will Vinny ever find a nice Italian girl to wife up? Oh my TV gods, I hope so. I HOPE SO.

Couldn't think of my favorite moment precisely, but this video very craftily combines elements of what make this Must-See TV at Casa de Rach.

And because I love it when people combine things I already love: The other night, my friend Matt started comparing the "Jersey Shore" cast members to "A Song of Ice and Fire" characters. The Situation = Littlefinger, Sammi = Catelyn, Vinny and Pauly = Sirs Renly and Loras, J-Woww = Khal Drogo (... I am dying right now. You don't even know), Angelina = Joffrey, Ronnie = Hodor. Not sure about Deena yet, and I don't even know who Snooki would be. Tyrion would be the obvious answer, but ... there are others.

Wow. This post is a little sad, actually. I need my life back! Oh well. *fistpumps*


  1. *puts on shades and fistpumps* That color looks AWESOME on you!!

    I LOVED the first season of the Shore, but then once they realized their own popularity, I felt like it was all a little too "staged" after that. It made me haz a sad. The first season was epic! I can never hear the Bruno Mars song "Grenade" the same again...LOL

  2. @Courtney: LOL thank you! I completely agree. Vinny turned into suuuuuch a douchewagon last season, did you notice that? I think the size of his tattoo has a positive correlation with his douchiness. And I go from hating Sitch to liking him to hating him again. Ha!

    @hermetic: It is, and it totally grew on me after a few days! Thank you! :)

  3. Holy shiz, I just had the best throaty laugh from this post.

    Next time go for the duck feet ... psych *barf*

    Okay I seriously look forward to the weekend so I can catch up on my Jersey Shore. They say the funniest crap, "you dirty hampster" LOL ... I'm still giggling.

  4. @loodie: Really? I think you might have just made my week! :D OH GOD DUCK FEET. Maybe if I make them pink with black tips, would that be OK? Seriously, this show. "I never said anything about checkers, old man!" AHAHAHAHAHAHA. WHO THINKS LIKE THESE PEOPLE!?!?!

  5. Really? It's one of the streakiest polishes ever, it just doesn't want to look decent no matter how many coats I put on. It's a total mess, and I'm quite good with applying nail polish.. It does look decent with a good topcoat though, so I can wear it, and yeah it so bright it glows :D Cute swatches.

  6. @Roblove: First of all, thank you for the comment and for reading! Secondly -- I didn't think it was that hard to work with. I feel like China Glaze neons are worse for me, but I haven't mastered working with the ChG brush and I feel like I've mastered Essies. Yup, this one was streaky and I do have some bald spots, but the color payoff was so good. I get so impatient with neons because I wait in between coats and I want to wear them pretty much immediately!

  7. Where did you find this color? I'm a hairstylist so I get my polish at the beauty supplies but they only carry the current polished :(

    1. Hi Courtney, thanks for the follow! I mentioned it in the post, but I bought my bottle last year online at AveYou. I don't know if they still have this color, though! Sorry if that isn't any help. :(

  8. if you ever want to swap this, please email me!

    1. Hi Jessica! Thanks for contacting me. Unfortunately, I have no plans to get rid of my bottle any time soon -- I like it that much! Best of luck and I hope you're able to find one for yourself :)


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