Friday, August 12, 2011

Layering with Sally Hansen CSM Model Behavior + Sally Hansen HD Spectrum

The more I thought about My Birthday of Impending Doom (I think about things too much), the less I was really feeling Conquistadorable Color. In the interest of wearing blue and de-duping my collection, I thought I'd take Sally Hansen Model Behavior for a little turn on the catwalk. *snort*

PLEASE tell me I am not the only one who IMMEDIATELY thought of the Disney TV movie classic "Model Behavior." You know what I'm talking about -- Justin Timblerlake's ~acting debut~. I actually don't remember too much about that because I was more horrified/transfixed by Kathie Lee Gifford and her son. (That kid ... eughhhh. Apart from being portrayed in a Zac Efron "SNL" skit, I guess they were never able to make him happen! How awful. NOT.)

I must've been really tired, because I went to bed wearing Model Behavior without top coat and woke up with sheet marks and a little bit of bubbling. I wasn't going to take pictures of it, let alone take it off, and it really needed fixing, but what to do? My newly-clearanced bottle of Sally Hansen HD Spectrum came to the rescue, and like any good NBer, I thought I'd give layering a try.

My right hand is going to make an appearance for a change! Lefty got messed up when I accidentally smudged Poshe on a couple of fingers.

Two coats of Model Behavior and one coat of Spectrum with Poshe. I think two coats of Spectrum might have been better for full coverage.

This is just a fraction of how VIVID this is for reals. Holy cats.

I really liked the effect of Spectrum as a layering polish. It's a bit sheer and takes something like four coats for opacity on its own, but when layered, you can totally see the depth a base color brings to the turquoise glass fleck. It's got a little bit of duochrome in it, but not so much that it would make creme hoors like myself antsy. I'm stoked to layer it over other polishes. Definitely, DEFINITELY the best Target clearance purchase I've made in a while! I picked it up as a possible swap extra, but it never made it to the swap box. :)

Model Behavior was from this summer's limited edition Complete Salon Manicure collaboration with Tracy Reese and Prabal Gurung. I really want to say Model Behavior is a Prabal Gurung shade, but I don't have any proof to back this up. :/ I liked the color a lot, but I thought it was too dupey to Sephora by OPI Slushied to keep. That, and more practically, I really can't hang on to a dupey shade with a wide-ass brush -- a skinnier brush that can double for easier pedis will almost always be guaranteed a spot in my collection, "Glee" hatred notwithstanding. (Don't even get me started on this. Just ... don't.)

Just so's you understand how big of a deal this layering experiment was for me -- I'm a creme hoor, and I'm not too big into layering. I also really don't like the idea of owning polishes that aren't opaque and awesome on their own. I got lucky this time on almost every level -- I found an epic color combination, killed two untrieds with one mani, and most importantly, stopped thinking about Birthday of Doom for a little while! Not bad for a Friday. :)

And if you want to relive the magic that was "Model Behavior" or want to experience the crazy for the first time, I believe someone has uploaded it in segments on YouTube. I'd say there goes my afternoon, but I have to catch last night's "Jersey Shore"!


  1. *steps out from the Embarassment Closet* Yes...I thought of "Model Behavior" too. I'm happy to say that JT's acting abilities have come a long way since then. Though, that's really not to say too much. ;-)

    I don't have Spectrum, but that looks fabulous! You should try DVD too! *enables you to more layering combos* LOL

  2. @Courtney: LOLOLOL I'm not sure about Maggie Lawson's either ... she's still cute on "Psych," though!

    DVD didn't speak to me as much as Spectrum! However, I do have ChG Lighthouse. ;)


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