Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My "Hurriquake" Haul

Greetings, friends and new readers! In case this is TL;DR ... there was an earthquake, therefore I bought a lot of polish. I apologize for the odd picture quality -- I'm still on a ridiculous learning curve with this thing! I debated sacrificing pictures and not posting, but what is a haul post without pictures, even if they are not good?

I'm sure you might have experienced or heard about the East Coast earthquake yesterday afternoon. Incredibly enough, it turns out that the 5.8 magnitude quake's epicenter was in Mineral, VA (Louisa County), about half an hour away from Richmond, where I'm visiting for the week.

I was actually dustying -- of all things -- with T, a local NB friend, when everything started shaking. We thought it was an eighteen-wheeler, but the force of the quake was much stronger than that! It was kind of hilarious that T's immediate reaction was to put down OPI Glacier Bay Blues and grab me. Isn't she sweet? LOL. (I have no idea if my own stash suffered any casualties at home ... it can't be too bad, but we'll see in a few days.)

The dusty owners ushered us outside to wait it out. The next two minutes were a little scary and exciting, but after checking in with people to see that they were OK, we decided
TO HECK WITH IT, WE ARE BUYING SOME POLISH, NATCH. Not our exact words, but my friend walked out with Glacier Bay Blues and I with this little beauty:

OPI At Your Quebec & Call, Zoya Kotori (this one was an early birthday "stash donation" from T)

This polish has never really appealed to me before, but after wearing butter LONDON Wallis and loving that olive-gold foil, I decided I needed AYQ&C in my life. Also ... um, earthquake.

I didn't have cash on me, but luckily T did -- the phone lines were down, which subsequently meant that registers were down and weren't taking our cards! I bought her Zoya Neeka later that afternoon to make up for it. :) But, lesson learned =

In addition to what local Tweeps are dubbing as the "hurriquake" (Hurricane Irene threats + the surprise quake), I've been Cranky Crankerson McCrankyPants for the past two and a half weeks. When I am in a bad mood, I either hunker down in bed with junk food and DVDs ... or if I'm feeling like getting out of the house, I buy things. Lots of things. Like polish. Plus, T and I are each other's "lucky charms" when shopping for polish -- we score more than we don't together. So yeah ... I bought some stuff.

For the record, I didn't buy any polish this month. And unless something crazy unique or LE comes out, I won't be buying any next month, either!

Ulta Trip #1 (solo excursion Mon. afternoon):

OPI Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window, Zoya Cynthia, Essence Choose Me!, CHI Sultry Nights (on clearance for $3.99)

Ulta Trip #2 (Tues. afternoon, post-earthquake with T):

Orly Lucky Duck, Orly Sea Gurl (no Fowl Play or Sweet Peacock, but I can wait.)

Forever21's Love & Beauty polishes (names in parentheses are what I could get from the F21 site):

Hot Pink (Hot Pink), Purple/Gold (Violet Shimmer), Purple (Royal Purple), Blue, Sage, Dusty Blue


Claire's Mood polish in Hyper/Relaxed (a.k.a, the Story. Of. My. Life.)

Then T and I parted ways and I sped off to happy hour with a college friend ... with a little Target detour:

Nicole by OPI Green Up Your Act!, I Love You Cherry Much

And then as if that hadn't been enough, I went back to my BF's house (no quake damage, whew) and spent every penny of my AveYou Groupon that I'd bought in July. I'm not going to bother posting that list right now, but I will say that many SpaRituals and OPIs were involved for a wonderful price. :) I also caved this morning to a terrific Amazon Gold Box deal -- the complete DVD set of HBO's "The Wire" for ~$72.

I enjoy haul posts as much as the next person on the NB. I used to share mine more often, but have fallen out of the habit and only have been posting my purchases from sales from brands that are fairly new to me or hard to get a hold of (Cult Nails, BB Couture and Illamasqua). I don't think they make for the most substantial blog posts, at least not for me, though I'm thinking it's all right if I don't do it every time I buy something. Do you have any opinions on haul posts? Honestly, I'd never considered them until now.

Thank you for reading! But more importantly, I hope you, your loved ones, and your polishes fared well in the quake, and that you stay safe if you're in Irene's path this weekend! <3


  1. I don't normally show my hauls because A) I'll get the "HOW MUCH DID YOU BUY" talk, and B) I don't think I've hauled since I really started collecting nail polish!

    I mean, unless you want to see my frankenpolish hauls. Yes, I can show you a ziploc bag filled with stainless steel balls. I know people will get excited, damn it!!


    Now that I got that out of the way ...

    I'll just pop in and be like, "I bought this with the sale code!" and that's usually the extent of it. Lately, the general tone of haul posts has gotten OUT OF CONTROL (as you know).

  3. I like seeing haul posts...sometimes. Sometimes it just seems less like people are really stoked about what they bought and more like they are showing off (such as the numerous Look At All My HTFs posts, blegh). I like to see them on blogs because it's sort of like a "coming attractions" thing. Like Look What I Bought And Am Going To Show You Soon, Yay!

  4. @Madeline: You took the words right out of my mouth!!! HTFs are overrated ... I like spreading ETF lemmings, personally. And oh yes, I will be wearing these soon! I was pretty excited to find the Orlys & NOPIs, but I'm weird like that. :) Thanks for the comment!

  5. I haven't found the NOPIs yet, so I'll be excited when they finally show up at my massively behind-the-times Target


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