Thursday, August 25, 2011

OPI Houston We Have a Purple, a great gift from a great friend

I think "Apollo 13" was probably responsible for showing me my first Kevin Bacon shower scene and definitely responsible for my short-lived Ed Harris fixation, but this post is not about that.

No, this post is about the ultimate act of enabling. Do you have some friends who are first-rate enablers? It so happens that my friend Krysi is Olympic-grade! I find myself needing her opinion when clothes shopping, although our tastes are on different ends of the spectrum. I think this is pretty significant, because she's like a Disney station on Pandora -- she has never steered me wrong.

One Sunday my boyfriend and I didn't get out of bed until later than humanly acceptable (I'm pretty sure a "Dog Whisperer"/"House Hunters" marathon was involved). When we finally got out of the house, I didn't think I could persuade him to gun it to Ulta before it closed. I missed my chance to see the then-new OPI Texas collection in person, resulting in -- of course -- a bigger lemming. A couple of weeks later, after I told her about a JCPenney BOGO half off deal, Krysi scooped up a few shades ... including Houston We Have a Purple ... for me! I merely mentioned the deal out of my duty as a fellow enabler, my only intention being to share the joy of a good deal on a new collection. I must have squeaked on the phone when she told me about this, because I remember my boyfriend rolled his eyes at me. (OK, I kid. He rolled one eye. The lazy one.)

I'm wearing this one because, weather permitting, I'm planning to hang out with her tomorrow. She's about to get her master's degree in bioinformatics and I'm so proud of her! This polish is just one of my many reminders of our mutual love for our favorite fictional Texan, Tim Riggins, and a reminder that I'm lucky to have her as a friend. Thanks for this one, Krysi! I <3 you, girl. TEXAS FOREVER.

Edited to add: HOLY SHIT SHE GOT ENGAGED. Congratulations, lady!

Three coats with SV.
OMG, this polish is squishy.

You can click on this last photo to make it bigger!

I'm sure every polish enthusiast, blogger and NBer who knows about this polish knows that it doesn't show up as "purple" on the nail. I was pretty impressed by my boyfriend's assessment of HWAP: "It's purple! ... it just has a lot of red." (Believe me, this guy is not good with colors. We have been looking at paint samples for his living room for a year now.) Like the rest of the OPI Texas polishes, it's not the most unique color or the most unique take on it if you have a fairly extensive collection already. That's just my opinion. Still -- it makes a bitchin' gift if you're an OPI purple hoor. *delicate Zoolander cough*

I'm also sure (ah, split verbage -- somewhere, my Intro to Newswriting professor just spit out her coffee ... or wine ...) that nearly every polish enthusiast, blogger and NBer who knows about the Texas "sorbets" knows that they are really jellies. Oh, Suzi. Nice try. I mentioned this in my Orly Green with Envy post, but I like my polishes very opaque and I generally do not go gaga over jellies. I get the appeal, and the squishiness is kind of nice for a change. However, as with all polishes that are not two- or three-coater cremes, I have to be in the mood to deal with them first. HWAP had one of the best jelly formulas I've ever used in terms of consistency, ease of application and opacity. I wasn't expecting that!

So what are your feelings about this or any of the other Texas sorbets? I've got two more waiting to be worn, and for now, let's just say I ended up with those two purely for their names.

For the record, I don't think this iconic phrase ever would have been uttered if Kevin Bacon hadn't messed with the service module -- think about it. You *know* Gary Sinise would
never fuck with that shit!


  1. Waaaaaa~ this polish looks so so so pretty! I still don't have it but so want it!

  2. So pretty on you. These have driven me nuts. I want them, but I am skeered of VNL!

  3. it's a pretty color but I wouldn't go for sheers, I simply dislike VNL on myself too much

  4. @Nailderella: It's very pretty! I hope you're able to get a hold of it soon!

    @Noelie & @hermetic: Thank you! I was afraid of VNL too, but three coats get me where I need to be. Also, I keep my nails short, so it's never really been an issue. :)

  5. I have two of the "sorbets" (c'mon, Suzi, really?) but not this one. I wantsssss it. I have Do You Think I'm Tex-Y? and Y'All Come Back Now Ya Hear and whenever I wear them it's really hard for me not to put my fingers in my mouth because they look like little gummy candies.

    P.S. My boyfriend has a lazy eye too!

  6. Your nails are gorgeous! I love this color!

  7. @Madeline: LOL @ our bfs. I have Do You Think I'm Tex-y, too but haven't tried it yet ... though I totally understand the gummy candy urge. Holy crap. Thanks. I want some Welch's gummies now! :-P

    @Emily: Thank you for the compliment, comment and follow! That was nice to see after the post-Irene power outage. :)


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