Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stalling all summer with OPI Stranger Tides

Thor's balls. Work has been crazycakes for the past few days because of the back-to-school rush -- you would never believe how many people have ALL FREAKING SUMMER to do something really, REALLY important, yet wait until school practically starts to do it.

Wearing OPI Stranger Tides was a lot like that (minus the urgency, depending on how you are about polish). I took off AA L'Esprit and wearily slapped this on late Tuesday night before bed. I bought this in MAY. What the fack was I thinking by not wearing it?! This is perfect creamy pistachio goodness on me ... and reminds me of this awesome pistachio cake my aunt in Montreal brought last September ... oh no. I would really like some pistachio cake now. *stomach rumbles*

I don't know what that white stuff is on my pinky. Weird. And I apologize if my cuticles look a little bit jankity. I have no idea why -- I put on some Mango Mend before snapping these pics starring the return of my dominant hand:

Three coats with SV.

Ah, another satisfactorily slain lemming from kittytokaren on Polish or Perish! Seriously, so many of my lemmings come from that blog and from her, it's ridiculous. But they cannot be (and usually are not) denied.
Anyway, it's a great polish! No complaints. Formula was good for an OPI pastel, not that that says a whole lot. Maybe it was my jankity "I AM LE TIRED" application, but I needed my usual three coats to smooth it out. I think SV makes it dry a hair darker than it is, though that actually works to my advantage on my skin. :)
Stranger Tides is from the "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" tie-in with OPI's summer brights collection this year. I think it's still very ETF at places like Trade Secret, Ulta, local beauty supplies and e-tailers. If your skin tone favors yellow and you do not have it (or a similar color like Essie Da Bush and Sinful Colors Seaweed), it is worth trying! I love, love, LOVE Stranger Tides and I am ecstatic that it wasn't fail whale on me, like Planks a Lot. That always helps.
In other news, I have a new phone and we're going to activate it tonight. It's a used Droid Incredible, the same phone my boyfriend has. While I'm excited to have a fully functioning phone again, I only hope the photo quality is as good if not better than my Eris, otherwise I'm gonna be saving up my birthday dollars for a new camera! >__<


  1. LMAO @ "Thor's balls"

    I looooove Stranger Tides! I didn't expect it to be so awesome, since it's such a strange color. Looks great on you!!

    And you're right...k2k inspires WAY too many lemmings. lol

  2. I have this on my toes right now and it makes them look really red (lobster toes, how nautical) but I don't care 'cuz it's fantastic. Also my boyfriend said it looked like a booger so that made me love it 8 billion times more.

  3. @Courtney: It was Thursday! :p If it had been the day before, I would've gone with Odin's ... and thank you! Planks a Lot was so gross on me that I was over the moon about how much I loved this! Yeah, it's funny how she does that.

    @Madeline: LOL that counts as nautical, doesn't it? And a booger? OMG. Shrek booger, maybe ...


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