Monday, August 22, 2011

Stash Swatch Swap: A fall fling with butter LONDON Wallis

It's slowly beginning to feel a little bit like autumn in Virginia, but I'm not completely ready to relinquish my brights! However, I received this shade on loan from my friend Courtney at Polished Casual in our stash swap, and instead of holding on to it for another couple of weeks, I thought I'd wear this while visiting some friends this week. If any polish is going to turn any heads, it'd have to be Wallis, right?

These are the first pictures from my new phone, by the way! What do you think? Sorry about the cuticle oil ... I was trying to get it in as many lights as possible because Wallis changes with the light.

Two coats with Essie Good to Go.

The bL site describes Wallis as "tarnished, metallic olive gold." Well, that's pretty on point. The finish is unique to me -- it's a sort of foily in texture, with the metallic olive shimmer particles suspended in a smoky black base. I needed two coats for full coverage. I put it on on Saturday night, and am just now getting a little bit of tip wear. Whoohoo!

This polish photographed a bit more olive green in many official press releases and some bloggers' photos, but it really is more of a tarnished yellow gold in person. I actually saw this for the first time at Nordstrom during their July anniversary sale and passed. Admittedly, department store lighting is not the best for polish or make-up in general -- what's up with that? :/

Wallis was custom created for Betsey Johnson's show at New York Fashion Week, which is coming up soon! I think it matches Betsey Johnson's design aesthetic, just as butter LONDON Marrow was perfect for Vena Cava last year. I feel obliged to say that I think bL's fall collection this year is a little weak, with only three original shades. No More Waity, Katie was supposedly limited edition this spring, and Knees Up was from a previous holiday collection, from two years ago I believe. It's great that you can get these colors if you missed them the first go-round, but I would have liked to see something new.

You can buy Wallis from, Nordstrom, Ulta and It sells for $14. Some say that's a bit pricey for a Seattle-based polish company and I know some people hate the brush. I love Seattleites, I love most things U.K., and I have no problems with the brush, so it's worth the $14 to me.

Just as bL creator Nonie Creme has a penchant for naming her polishes after very British Britishisms and cultural icons, my inner Anglophile has a penchant for providing a little bit of commentary about each one --

The first time I had ever heard of Wallis Simpson, I was in grade school and I was reading
this magazine. I don't know if the copy has changed since then, but I always remembered the very tiny blurb about Edward VIII of England abdicating the throne to marry this American socialite. I didn't think much of it until a few years ago when I briefly thought of renting the Acorn Media movie "Wallis & Edward" and even more recently when I saw "The King's Speech" this February, where this relationship was flat-out ballyhooed throughout the entire film. I had never seen quite a reaction like that before, probably because I had never sought out more of the history, and mostly because I would rather romanticize the idea of Stephen Campbell-Moore or Guy Pearce giving up the throne and -- ahem -- royal corgis for me.

But yes. You can see how this unusually captivating polish (to me, at least) was appropriately named after an unusually captivating woman who led a very colorful life. You either hate it, or you love it. I happen to plead guilty to loving it, even though I can't decide if it looks good on me. Thank you, Courtney, for giving me the chance to try it!
(This is how great Wallis looks on her. I'm jealous.)

A little bit more now about the stash swap, if you haven't read about it already on Polished Casual:

As a girl who enjoys enabling, I HAD to let Courtney try OPI Conquistadorable Color after she commented on it in my post a couple of weeks ago. How could I not, right? I LOVE enabling, I love Conquistadorable Color and I suuuuper love Courtney. I've gotten to know her through MUA over the past year ... she's funny, also loves "Jersey Shore" and "BSG" and (OMG) she's semi-local -- I hope to meet her IRL one of these days! :)

So I sent her this and two other colors, and she kindly offered to send me three of hers as well. The idea became to send each other colors out of our comfort zones, and we both wound up sending each other two polishes we usually wouldn't pick for ourselves, and one polish in our favorite finish. In her case, I sent her two cremes and a shimmer, while she sent me two shimmers and a creme. The ones she sent me are all so gorgeous and fall-ready that I feel like I'd be jumping the gun to put them on!

This "stash swap" miniseries was not one of the features I'd alluded to in my one-month blogaversary (ugh) post, but I'm very excited to be bringing it to you all the same! I'll be wearing the other two polishes next week, so please check back for those posts.

In the meantime, you can see Courtney rocking the hell out of Conquistadorable Color here -- I told you it would look stunning on an alabaster goddess! ;)


  1. Wooooo!!!! Wallis looks AWESOME on you!! I'm so glad you love it!! *throws confetti*

    And yes, we WILL meet IRL (to talk of VERY important things like Jersey Shore and BSG, of course)! :-D

  2. Sigh, it is so pretty, but foil-y shimmers like this don't always look good on me. Whyyyyyyy ;_______;

  3. @Courtney: THANK YOU so much for giving me the chance to change my mind about it! I will have to pick this one up soon. :)

    @Lauren: I think it's the finish and our coloring. A lot of the ones with prominent silver foil look like ass on me. Also, my skin tone does not like certain types of golds -- I'm pretty yellow with a bit of red. This one, ChG Midnight Kiss and Orly Luxe work best for me ... I wonder if a more yellow gold would do on you? This might be OK since you're tanner than I am.

    @Kristy: It is, isn't it? I love it best in afternoon light. :)


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