Thursday, August 11, 2011

A touch of Spain: OPI Conquistadorable Color

My mother is the lone Gemini in our family. My younger sister, my father and I are all Virgos whose birthdays fall with five days of each other's. (Fun fact: I was originally due on Sept. 11, which I guess is pretty freaky now when I think about it.) Mom wants to do a huge birthday blowout -- but not the DJ Pauly D kind of blowout -- for Dad's 60th next month. Since partying is not his preferred type of fanfare, she's decided that while we can afford it and while we can still stand to be together, our family needs to jet off to Spain for a few days. Where exactly, I don't know, but that's her pet cause right now.

I wasn't totally in love with the idea, mostly because living at home and working for my parents makes me spend more time with them than I like sometimes, but I'm slowly warming up to it.

One, I'm not paying for this trip. Two, Spanish shoes. Three, polish. Who needs Spanish polish when you can have SPANISH SHOES!?!?!?!? Clearly, I have priorities. But I also have a pair of Gaimo espadrilles I bought at Marshall's, of all places, that make me feel like I can walk all over D.C. and it wouldn't be a problem. (For the record, I have done this. That's how good those shoes are. Those Spaniards know what they're doing, I tell you.)

I thought this would be the perfect excuse to bring out one of my OPIs from the Espa
ña collection, Conquistadorable Color.

Two luscious coats with SV. Conquistadorable Color is deeper in tone than it looks here.

Ah, what lovely creamy OPI goodness! This polish practically applied itself and I hardly needed any clean-up, which is amazeballs for a red creme -- they tend to be messy. Also, I think the color is deep enough to be part of a fall collection, not spring or summer!

Oh man. Sometimes I'm convinced I'm too vanilla for the nail board, but this polish is so fan-fuckin'-tástico. I wasn't wearing this color family back when this collection debuted, so I
didn't get Conquistadorable Color until this spring when I was placing a humongous order from that-which-was-formerly-TD. I'm glad I have it now. It's quite delicious, and the perfect raspberry creme on me. It'd be stunning on my alabaster goddess friends!

I know sometimes OPI goes overboard with naming its polish, but "Conquistadorable Color" is ... well ... conquistadorable. And it's kind of funny to me on a personal note, because we also have Spanish ancestors on my mother's side of the family. Very cool, right? I'll probably want to investigate this later, but honestly I'm at the point in my life where I kind of just want to stay up late, watch TV and eat cheetos. I know. I've sunk so low, you guys. But there's a new "Jersey Shore" tonight, soooooo ...

Poor España collection. Sure, it's not as epic as OPI Russia, and I remember it getting a lot of flak for being "boring" when it came out, but I thought the rich, sultry shades were very fitting and cohesive. I only wish there'd been a couple more shades referencing sunflowers (my favorite flowers) and Valencia oranges. Two years later, though, it's nice to see shades like Ate Berries in the Canaries and Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees getting a bit more love.

Confession: I've never been to Spain, let alone Europe (Busch Gardens DOES NOT COUNT). After all this time, I'm sort of scared to go for a number of reasons, including my vexing transformation into a reluctant traveler and a picky eater. This is sad, considering my sister studied abroad in Granada for a semester, majored in Spanish and is fluent in it. I haven't used my Spanish in quite some time, but we'll save that story for another Espa
ña polish.

Maybe it's time to brush up. ¿Qué piensan, amigas? What's your favorite color from OPI Espa
ña? Also, if this trip actually materializes, how many pairs of shoes do you think I can bring back without getting badgered by customs? I mean, damn. I just really love shoes, you know?


  1. Duuuude...SPAIN for a birthday blowout?! HAYULS YES! I'm so jealous! My great-great grandfather was fresh off the boat from Barcelona, so I'd kill to visit!

    Clearly I need to get me some Spanish shoes for walkin around DC, 'cause I can't even walk around in my super comfy Nike running shoes without getting blisters. >.<

    Conquistadorable Color looks awesome on you! I don't own it myself, but perhaps I should check it out! My favorite from the Espana collection was Ate Berries in the Canaries! But don't even get me started on my arch nemesis,

  2. I fell in love with this shade late in the game. But it's one of my go to reds now when I don't want a screaming in my face red, or one that harkens to holiday time, or is so deep it looks major vampy. This just fits in my collection of massive reds in the middle ground and it goes well with my skin tone. Thanks for giving credit to a kind of underplayed shade from the Espana collection.

  3. @Courtney: It's not ~officially booked~ yet! It may not materialize. ;) But I would still LOVE to go! I think my issue is that I'd like to go with friends or a group I'm not related to, haha.

    And you NEED some Gaimos! OMG. They really, really shape to your feet and they're so soft. You don't feel like you're wearing espadrilles! (They weren't high, maybe an inch and a half.)

    I'd love to send you my bottle if you want to take it for a test drive sometime. Whatcha think? :)

    @beachgal: Thanks for the comment! I guess you can tell I love that collection, too, and I'm sure I'll post my other faves. I think CC is a great red with a pop of berry -- it stands out and I also love that it's not vampy in low light!

  4. Oh, wow! You're so sweet! That sounds great!!! You can PM me on MUA if you want for my address. Or email. Whatever. LOL :-D I'll send you the link to my spreadsheet so you can borrow something too!


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