Monday, August 8, 2011

Tuesday on a Monday: Funky Fingers Mint Montauk

I've been pretty bad about wearing neons this summer and after loving Punchy Pink, I wanted to wear another one. As I was about to keel over when I made this decision, I didn't want something that would take four (or more) coats -- I'm looking at you, China Glaze neons! I hadn't worn green in a while, so I giggled at Funky Fingers Mint Montauk and called it a night.

Why the giggling?

The summer before I began junior-level coursework in my undergraduate program, I got a summer job working for my university as an orientation assistant. Apart from my ability to talk while walking backwards, I couldn't tell you now if I was any good at it, but I remember that was an exceptionally fun summer. To this day, some of my fellow OAs (and one of my freshmen) are among my closest friends, and even though I haven't talked to our boss lady in forever, I know she's there if I need her.
We wore five different colored shirts each week, depending on the day. I think Monday was light cornflower blue, Tuesday was lime green, Wednesday was royal blue, Thursday was a burnt orange, and Friday was yellow. I wasn't into polish then, but I used to coordinate my fishnets and sneakers to every shirt. I used to tell my kids that if they ever lost me, they could find me easily because quite simply, NONE of the other OAs were dressed this ridiculously.

When I saw Mint Montauk last summer at Five Below, it immediately reminded me of our t-shirts, and I pretty much had to have it!

What you're about to see is what happens when, in my opinion, neons decide to be like petulant pets or children who don't want to be photographed properly. Here the neon doesn't show up, and this looks more like a mint than a neon. POOP. :(

Three coats with (top-bottom) Poshe, Essie Good to Go, and SV. I'm testing to see which top coat lasts the longest.

My super apologies for these pictures, y'all! This is by far the worst neon I've tried to photograph, and of course the one I'm posting about. BLEH. I've got to go back and try these again when I can. :(

I actually like the Funky Fingers brushes, though because of the way the bottles are shaped, how I'm going to get to the polish when I make serious dents in my bottles is going to be a doozy! The polish applied well with the three coats I did on my left hand, which is about when it started to streak and lump a little. Before I started on my right hand, I grabbed my thinner (Beauty Secrets thinner, B3F, available at Sally's) and added approximately ten to eleven drops until Mint Montauk reached a nice, creamy consistency. I polished with a medium touch and made sure to wait to do my next coat to cut down on mega bald spots and bubbling. This unsurprisingly dried matte, but that's par for the course with neons.
I bought Mint Montauk last summer at Five Below, where they sell Funky Fingers polishes with a 3 for $5 deal. (I have no idea what they cost individually, $2? I always buy three at time.) As far as I know, there wasn't a name for this particular collection, but the other colors available at the time all tied in to a "Hamptons" theme. I also have Cottage Stripes and Southampton Seafoam.
Most, if not all, Funky Fingers polishes are repackaged Color Clubs, and if you are closer to Five Below than TJ Maxx or Ross, you might be able to score certain colors from recent Color Club collections there. I'm not sure which Color Club is the dupe for Mint Montauk, but it's either Twiggy or Rebel Debutante. I don't own those, so I can't tell you. Also, I think Five Below rotates their Funky Fingers stock, because it changes every season. The last time I went (this June), they had scented neons. If you see something you want, you'd better grab it while you can!
I love this color! It reminds me of slightly more carefree summers (man, you know when getting up at six was your worst problem, you had it good) and I think it looks smashing on me, though these photos aren't the best indicators. Not too much yellow. Awesome! Not-so-funny story: for the longest time, I kept calling this "Mint Me in Montauk" in my head ... but I think that was all "Eternal Sunshine." IDK. Montauk in general always makes me think of The Long Secret, the sequel to Harriet the Spy. (The book is more about her mousy rich friend Beth Ellen than it is about Harriet, but she and her family definitely have a presence.)
The thought didn't occur to me until this morning, but this little blog has been up and running for a month! I still don't think of myself as a blogger -- and I'm probably not -- but I'm getting used to the process and aside from obvious camera issues, I'm ironing out kinks as I go. I've got a lot to learn yet! Thank you to each and every one of my followers for indulging me and making me feel like I have something worth sharing. I don't get that feeling much, and it means a lot! :)

Sorry about that super awkward hug! ;) But I do have a couple of new features in mind that may start in the next couple of weeks, so please check back in for that.

Hope your week is off to a good start!


  1. I really like this one! No Five Below where I live, so I'm glad they're just repackaged CCs. It looks great on you. Also, it's too bad that being able to talk while walking backwards isn't a more coveted trait in the non-college job world.

  2. Green and neon? Fuggidabout it. You're never gonna get that bish to photograph right!

  3. @Madeline: Do you have Twiggie? Thanks! If you everrrr need a Funky Fingers swap buddy, I do drop by one once a month. ;) LMAO, I can schmooze with parents, too! "Yes sir, your daughter will be living on a mixed floor with boys ... and showers for boys ..."

    @Noelie: Sometimes I console myself by saying that even Scrangie couldn't get this one to photograph accurately. LOL. I mean, hey. Right?


    You're welcome.

  5. @Stephanie: OM-FUGGEN-G. LMFAO. Thank you for posting that! I laughed so damn hard I was afraid I was going to wake up my dad. :)

  6. And faking enthusiasm in the wee hours of the morning! That is a skill I have yet to master...what is the point of being at work at 6:30 if no one even comes by until 8, if at all?

    I do have Twiggie, and I would love a FF swap buddy. I don't know if there are any stores that carry polish in Washington that aren't in Virginia. Fred Meyer, maybe? They have Essence and LA Girl.

  7. @Madeline: Oh man oh man oh man. See, I could do it at 8 a.m., but getting out of my bed at 3 a.m. to be in the building at 4 a.m. proved to be too much for me in the end over at both of my Job Fails!

    I think I'm heading to a Five Below the week of Aug. 22nd! I don't know about stores carrying different polish brands, but the regional distribution HAS to be different for sure! We can mull this over later if you want. :)


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