Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weekend Nail Fail Tale starring American Apparel L'Esprit

Yeah, no catchy title today. I'm all out.

Polish-wise, not a whole lot has gone right for me and lot of other folks this weekend -- the phrase I keep seeing on Twitter is "Mercury in retrograde," whatever that means in astrology-speak. To me, this roughly translates to
"Y U NO WORK, NAIL POLISH?!?!" Pretty much right after posting about SH Model Behavior and Spectrum yesterday, I removed it. Later that night, I was so crampy and lazy I didn't bother eating dinner. I had, like, a banana and crawled into bed ... and decided to do my nails. It took me more time to crawl in and out of bed than it took to choose a polish for once, which was kind of nice. I wanted to use FingerPaints Aren't You Gladiolus? but that was too far in the back of my Helmer drawer, so I grabbed American Apparel L'Esprit instead. I told you. Lazy Rach is lazy.

But not too lazy to thin it, apparently. Believe me when I say YOU NEED THINNER for this one ... but the color payoff is beyond worth it. --Not that you can tell here, because it looks way too blue! It's more lilac/lavender on my wackadoo skin tone. And absolutely gorgeous.

Two coats with SV. It's an overcast day in Southwest VA, y'all. Boo on that, too.

And now for something SHOCKINGLY a touch more color-accurate:

I took a shower this morning, and noticed two tiny chips. FAIL.
This didn't surprise me, since AAs tend to chip very quickly on me. I don't think I should have used SV as a top coat, but because SV is self-leveling, it really smooths out difficult polishes. This goes doubly for L'Esprit because it's a pastel.

I have such mixed feelings about American Apparel. Yeah, their CEO is sketchtacular and their ads are like softcore porn. Yeah, hipsters (but I used to live in Hipster Central, VA, so nbd). Yeah, the polish wear time on me isn't so good. But I love the color range, I love the creme finishes (no glitter or shimmer, MWAHAHA) and I love the formulas, when they get it right. I remember Poppy being rather perfect. I'll have to wear it again and see. Darn. ;)

L'Esprit was released last summer with four other American Apparel colors, but all are now part of their permanent collection. You can get it for $6 online and in-store -- I don't think they do this online, but in-store you can buy three AA polishes for $15. If you can brave the hipsters, it's worth it. I am too chubs for and too allergic to AA clothes, but this I can do! (It also helps that my closest store is located next to a chocolate shop that sells my favorite Dolfin masala-flavored bars, but ... hey.)

Also, I think this might be dupey to Essie Lilacism as well as my FP Aren't You Gladiolus?, but I don't have the Essie and ... yes ... my FP is way too far back in my drawer. Let's add this one to my future comparisons list. Not sure how the formulas on those two are, either, though I'm willing to bet the Essie is streaky and thin, and the FP might need more thinner than this did.

On an unrelated note, thanks to Madeline over at
Girl Germs, I have had Britney Spears' "Lucky" stuck in my head since yesterday afternoon. 0__0 OMG. I hated that song when it came out. HATED it. That song was a cry for help, yo. And "Lucky" is a dog's name, not a girl's! Let's be honest. But now, it is catchy as hell. Someone please stop me from myself before I start listening to "Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know." PLEASE.


  1. 1. I love this color and basically 95% of the AA colors but I refuse to give any of my money to that company because it makes me wanna puke.

    2. Masala-flavored chocolate? I want to go to there.

    3. Iiiiiiiiiiiisn't she luuuuuuucky, this Hollywood giiiiiiiiirl! She's so lucky, she's a star. But she cries cries cries in her lonely heart.

  2. That's really pretty on you! I have some untried AAs in my drawer, I need to finally use those.

    Oh, and P.S. - I'm a huge fan of your nubs, really ;)

  3. I wouldn't call Essie Lilacism a dupe but it definitely has that same pastel feel; so I know what you mean! But this color is so pretty & serene. You pull it off well!

  4. I really like this on you. I still only have 1 AA and it's not a color I wear but it works well for konading. Peacock I think is it's name. I only like dusty or vampy teals on me. Love light and bright ones on others though.

  5. Thank you, ladies, for such sweet comments!

    @Madeline: I know. I'm just going to tell myself I'm "supporting my local economy" if that's what I have to do for these colors. Maybe they won't come up with anything nice for a while.

    YES GIRL, masala-flavored chocolate bars. This is what it looks like. IT IS SO GOOD.


    @Nola: Thank you!!! And use your AAs! I bet they'll look great -- what do you have? My nubs are a huge fan of your nails, too. :D

    @tasha~: You're totally right. It's not a dupe. I saw it in the drugstore over the weekend but it's definitely in the same vein, you know? Thank you! You pull off greys and greiges beautifully, too. :)

    @Gia: Hey lady!!! Thank you! Peacock is a gorgeous color -- have you worn CND Urban Oasis? It's amazing.

  6. OMG this looks AMAZING on you!!! I never really looked twice at L'Esprit, but after seeing your swatch, wow, lemming city!! ;)

  7. @NormalGirlNails: Thanks for checking out the blog and commenting! It's a bit more red than the last pic. If I created a lemming, then I must have done my job. ;)


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