Friday, September 23, 2011

BB Couture Junk in the Trunk, and a Very Good Cause

Hello, friends and new readers! Thank you for the follows -- I do appreciate it a lot, and I know there are so many nail blogs out there, but if you stick around, I'll do my best to make it worth your while ...

... starting now.

Tomorrow afternoon, I am going to be in D.C. assisting my Virgo soulmate J, who's competing at CupcakeCamp DC. More on this after I do a quick review! Anyway, if the event's Facebook page is true, there will be more than 1,144 cupcakes. I'm more of a muffin lady myself, but I will Do Things for a good red velvet cupcake.

Clearly, BB Couture Junk in the Trunk was the obvious choice for my weekend mani. I took pictures on my right hand this time because I had massive top coat bubbles on my left index finger and a chip on my ring finger, but the chip was 100% the fault of a troublesome zipper and I didn't feel like painting that hand over. I had THINGS TO DO, you know? And if it EVER stops raining, I would love to get some shots of this in the sun.

Three coats with SV. In person, this is a touch greener than what you're seeing here.

I would describe this as a cerulean/cyan blue with shimmer that isn't metallic, but not quite glass-fleck (think of the shimmer in Essie Coat Azure). IT'S SO PRETTY. When I got this one, I thought it looked similar to Illamasqua Fern -- it's super close, but not 100% a dupe.

Junk in the Trunk applied easily and dried VERY quickly with SV -- after about twenty minutes, I was able to put boots on without denting my mani. My only issue with the formula was that it didn't level out, but if that was my only problem, I'm going to STFU and drop it. This is the third BB Couture I've used, and while I like the length of the brush stem and the thin brush, I have to say that the brush itself isn't the most pliable (for me, a "pliable" brush would be something like Orly/Zoya/Essie). Again, an extremely minor gripe.

This polish is part of the Ladies' Eye Candy collection from BB Couture for this fall. According to retailer Overall Beauty, this is a limited edition collection, so if you want any of these polishes, grab 'em while you can! The whole collection is $49.99 on Overall Beauty and Junk in the Trunk is $8.95. I have another polish from the Ladies' collection and one more from the Men's, and I'll get to those ... er ... before the end of the year. Yes.

So how do we feel about Junk in the Trunk -- the polish, or in general? Har har har.

Okay, before I go -- here's more details about DC Cupcake Camp.

You can buy a ticket and donate here:

We'll be at Table 14 with the chocolate mint and lemon blackberry cupcakes. Hope to see you there! :)

Hope you guys have a great weekend, too. :D


  1. Gorgeous mani!! I'm so sad I wasn't able to go to the Cupcake Camp! I had completely forgotten that some friends of ours were having their housewarming/engagement party yesterday. *sad* Looks like I owe you a red velvet cupcake sometime!! :-D

  2. @Courtney: Thanks lady! We ended up not being able to make it out there (LONG story), so it looks like you and I are fated to meet another day ;) Hope you had a good time at the party, at least!


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