Monday, September 5, 2011

(I love a good) BB Couture for Men Silver Fox!

There are currently two and a half silver foxes in my life. This one ...


This one ... (he bats for the other team, but really ... he's so awesome at life that I AIN'T EVEN MAD)

And the other one is my boyfriend, but you don't need to see a picture of that. You don't. He's half a silver fox because he's not totally there yet (read: equal bits salt and pepper at the moment) ... but he will get there. And I hope I'm still around, because IT WILL BE SO GLORIOUS. Every night and twice on Sundays. Yes.


When the reviews for BB Couture's Eye Candy for Men collection came out, I did the Balki Bartokomous dance of joy after seeing that there was indeed a polish bearing this very silly moniker. After what you've just read, you know there was no way in the Seven Hells of Westeros that I wasn't going to get it.

Three coats with SV.

Man, was the formula on this one disappointing! I used three thin, streaky coats on this one: the first coat went on rather thin, and though I got it opaque in three coats, I could have used a fourth. Additionally, the polish did not level out. It was somewhat bubbly, though I am not certain if that was because of the polish or my SV, which needs some Restore. HOWEVER, it is extremely worth noting that this polish held on like iron for four days with no chipping and very minimal tip wear.

The color of this one confused me a little. It's a light grey with just enough blue to separate it from Zoya Dove and China Glaze Pelican Grey -- or perhaps that is the pearlescent silver shimmer coming into play. It's subtle in low lighting, enough to separate it from other light greys, but if you have ChG Pelican Grey, you probably don't need this one. Pelican Grey pulled a touch too blue to look as good on me as this did!

As I said earlier on in this post, Silver Fox is from BB Couture's limited edition Eye Candy For Men collection, released last month, I believe. Not to worry -- supposedly, the scuttlebutt on the absence of their trademark blue bottlecaps is due to a manufacturer shortage, so those should be back soon. :) I have few other Eye Candy shades from both the Men's and Women's collections, which I hope to get to one of these days.

Verdict: Unless you are so in love with greys, BB Coutures, or sophisticated-looking older gentlemen that you cannot stand it, you can pass on this silver fox.

Speaking of sophisticated older gents, my bb Anderson Cooper's new talk show, "Anderson," debuts on September 12. You can check your local cable provider for listings. If you're in NYC or you're headed there and want to go to the taping, tickets are free! Let me know if you go! He is the *only* thing makes this broadcast journalism burnout regret NOT getting a master's degree.

Hope y'all have had a good Labor Day weekend! Family Birthday Week is in effect at Casa de Rach -- we didn't make it to Spain in the end, but we had a nice food-filled, heavy shopping & crafting weekend together. That's what's important, right?


  1. Dude I love your nail shape and HELL YES ROGER STERLING!!!!!!!!

  2. @L: Thanks lady! OMG I love him. Of course in RL I'd probably end up with someone like Harry or Ken ... but forget Don Draper, this man is what's up.

  3. Roger Sterling...sigh. I wish I didn't work all the time and had time to watch Mad Men all day like I used to, during my fleeting week of unemployment.

  4. @Madeline: Gawd, I haven't watched "Mad Men" since Unemployment, Part 1. I think it was the last time I made time for it ... it's a good show but I don't think it's THA BEST SHOW EVAR -- sorry, Matt Weiner!


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