Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A crankypants NOTD: MAC Deep Sea

Great balls of fire. In case you're wondering how Cupcake Camp turned out on Saturday, I'm right there with you! After an unfortunate turn of events with our transportation, we weren't able to make it out there. :( That was incredibly disappointing -- I was excited about the event and although we weren't able to participate as bakers, it would have been nice to be there as regular attendees for a good cause. (Here are some pictures on their Flickr. I'm getting the beetus just looking at 'em! I haven't yet been able to find any information as to how much money was raised for DC Candlelighters, but I'd love to know!)

I still managed to eat more than a few cupcakes anyway -- if I eat another one before the end of this year, it will be too soon. Since that day trip fell through and I didn't make any other plans to roll with my homies, I wound up spending the weekend watching TV and a bunch of movies with the old balls and chain. That wasn't too bad.

I was a little cranky, but not cranky enough to go out and BUY ALL THE THINGS. (Don't act like you've never been there!) Having said that,
here's a polish I acquired on one of my infamous "I feel awful, let me run by Nordstrom and Panda Express on my way back from DSW" shopping days last month.

Profuse apologies for the bubbly top coat. :/ It's most likely thinner time. Too bad this is the only top coat that my MAC polishes will dry with!

Two coats with Poshe.

Is this the most original take on teal? No, but I love it! I wasn't planning on getting this one, but decided when I saw it in person that it was different enough from RBL Teal/OPI STWD, CND Urban Oasis and Zoya Cynthia to be worth the splurge. Though I consider it a blue teal at heart, Deep Sea has more green in it than those others I just mentioned, and in low lighting you can tell that it's not black. Yay for that!

Like most recent MAC polishes, this one is highly pigmented. Two thick coats is all I needed for opacity, but make sure to wear a good base coat combo and be careful to avoid pooling in the cuticles -- you'll have a heck of a time getting that out! That's the only reason I took pics of my bubbly left hand. My right hand only had one huge top coat bubble, but you would slap me if you saw the clean-up job on that hand. The brush on MAC polishes is a little awkward to hold to begin with, specifically if you polished the way I did (that is, in bed and jittery due to slight caffeine withdrawal), so try to attempt to polish at a table or on a stable flat surface.

Deep Sea is one of the four polishes from this fall's MAC Me Over collection. The collection is supposedly limited edition and the polishes cost a ridiculous amount of money (I think I paid $30-ish for Deep Sea and my other pick from MAC Me Over). I loved the colors in the collection even though they might be a little basic, and I thought they looked good together. If it weren't for the price tag and my army of potential dupes, I probably would've bought them all as they are fairly flattering colors on me.

Again, apologies for the bubbly top coat! Did you pass on Deep Sea, this entire collection, or MAC polishes in general? What do you buy when you're cranky? I feel like some of my other cash-worthy pastimes (knitting, TPBs, DVDs) should come with a warning along the lines of "Please budget responsibly." *pats wallet*

This has nothing to do with anything, but I watched "The Lion King" in 3-D on Saturday afternoon. IT WAS AWESOME, better than a lot of the movies made in 3-D, to be honest. It hit me that kids today have really awful, less-than-substantial movies -- studios are just in it to make an easy buck and hope we don't notice mediocre celebrity voicework and weak stories. "The Lion King" was one of the last great animated (Disney) movies of my childhood, and the fact that the movie as a whole (animation, score, story) still resounds so powerfully is a testament to old-school quality. Plus, Uncle Scar! Jeremy Irons ... woof. [/tangent]

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