Friday, September 30, 2011

Only blue talk and love ... Models Own Beth's Blue

After wearing dark colors and fall shades for my last few manis, I needed something lighter and brighter ... and apparently, also something that is full of B3 stinkiness. (Which I love, don't get me wrong!) I was epically torn between Lippmann Waking Up in Vegas and Models Own Beth's Blue, and asked my equally-indecisive-and-total-enabler friend Anna to help me out. I think she chose well. :)

Please forgive the weird squiggly-ness of my sunlit pics. Apparently my phone, much like myself when I worked in TV, hates the sun.

Two coats with SV.

Beth's Blue is a lovely light blue-leaning periwinkle, pretty close to the Crayola definition of periwinkle and more blue than AA L'Esprit (you can barely tell from those pics, but yes). It's a gorgeous color, not so much a fall shade to me, and more of a winter/spring one. You know I love SV, so I obviously don't care about the stench (as long as it's not scented polish or, even worse, a KleanColor ... good heavens).

Now for the not-so-gorgeous part of this polish: the formula. I swatched Beth's Blue on a nail and found that it went on a bit thick; when I started the actual polishing process with my base coats, I found it went on a bit chalky and streaky. UGHHH. I used a few drops of Seche Restore and needed two thin-medium coats to get the polish even. BTW, it took me about two failed attempts to realize this. >__< But the color payoff is totally worth it. And it dried quickly, so there's that.

I used to use NailTek Foundation II as a base coat last year, and the Models Own bottles remind me of my old NailTek bottles. (I think NailTek changed its bottle shape last year ... they made the cap skinnier.) Its white cap and white lettering make the MO bottle is the most adorable non-square bottle I have in my collection. The brush isn't hard to use at all, as it's a thinner brush along the lines of China Glaze and Essie.

I'm curious to see how this wears, so after the weekend, I will give you a status report. :)

Edited to add that this polish wore really well for three days until I chipped it on one finger at the end of the third day. This happened when I stopped adhering to the "jewels, not tools" mantra ... like a genius, I decided to peel open my ChapStick seal instead of twisting it like the instructions say. I'll definitely wear Models Own polishes with SV again!

If you're brave enough for pastels, B3-full polish, and international shipping, you can find Beth's Blue on the Models Own website. I *think* Urban Outfitters also sells MO on their website, but they only sell a few colors and AFAIK, Beth's Blue isn't one of them. I got this polish last August during a MO World Cup promotion ... was it 50% off? I don't even remember. I just remember hauling ass!, which means there may be more MO posts in the future. :)

Do you have any favorite Models Own polishes? Good weekend plans?

Thanks for reading! I'll see you next month. ;) I cannot believe September is over and fall is finally here. WTH. But here, have a video I meant to post last week and totally forgot about. It kind of works with how very ... twee this color makes me feel and kind of matches the puppet in the video. I don't care. I love Pomplamoose. Judge me. And we all know the original version of this song is pretty baller anyway.

... how cute is Jack's grandma?! Stop being so damn cute, Pomplamoose.


  1. Ba-di-ya-di-ya say do you remember? Ba-di-ya-di-ya dancin' in September.

    I'm kind of in love with this color. Periwinkle is my Waterloo. I will never win my fight to stop accumulating periwinkle nail polish.

  2. I really like this kind of colours, and this one looks great on you :)

  3. @Madeline: Waterloo ... couldn't escape if I wanted to ...

    I bet this color would look killer on you. Not snotty at all. :D

    @Elsa: Thank you! I'm glad there are so many lovely shades like this out there. :)

  4. Totes catchin' up on all my blog reading.

    Loooooove it! :D

  5. @Anna: YAY! <333 Thank ya! You never steer me wrong. :)


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