Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Orly Stone Cold, and a birthday shoutout!

First of all, this manicure is dedicated to all my fellow September Virgo babies, especially the lovely Steffels. She is one of my favorite nail bloggers and MUAers, and I'm glad to know her. Though her birthday is tomorrow in my U.S. Eastern time zone, it's already her birthday in hers. Happy birthday, Stef! :)

I like wearing blue polish not only on my birthday, but also throughout the month of September as sapphire is the birthstone for us September kids. Orly Stone Cold certainly fits the bill -- it's VERY blue, and from Orly's Mineral FX collection! After a couple of weeks of hemming and hawing, I finally got it. Good decision, or what?

Three coats with Essie Good to Go.

The best way I can think of to describe the finish of this polish is "glass fleck ON STEROIDS." Holy sparkle, Batman. I'm not sure whether this is too much for me yet -- I'll know by my next post! The color is so vibrant -- think China Glaze Frostbite, but a little lighter -- and the glass fleck just adds to it. I know I was whining about MAC Ming Blue not being "loud" enough, but this polish is almost ... too loud. Yeah, call the wahhhh-mbulance. I'm such a polish wuss.

No problems with the formula. I was concerned initially that it would be either thick or runny -- not at all! Use a good base coat combo, though, because I bet it stains.
I could have done with two coats but IMO the shade starts to look deeper and more complex with three. I think I could have used a different top coat as well, because glass fleck finishes usually don't dry as smoothly as, say, foils. They do feel a little bumpy, and Stone Cold is no exception.

Stone Cold is part of Orly's Mineral FX collection out this fall, which I believe came out sometime late last month at Sally's, where I got mine. I also was interested in Ember Stone, but that turned out to be more orange than red, and Rock Solid had more holo glitter than I was comfortable with (see: this entire blog so far), leaving Stone Cold as my only pick. I think at Sally's it was $7.99 (I had my Sally card as well as a coupon, so I probably got it down to a little less) but otherwise retails for nearly $10.

What are/were your picks from Orly Mineral FX? You need to get this baby if you love blue polishes. Also, please wish Stef a happy birthday if you haven't already! :)

On an unrelated note, if any of you live in the D.C./MD area and are looking for something fun to do this Saturday, I'll have a suggestion in my next post. ;)


  1. A very pretty shade of blue.......

    Happy Birthday to you & Stef

  2. Thanks for the gorgeous sentiments Rach :)

  3. This is so, so gorgeous, I love it on you. I can't wait to get my own bottle!

  4. Dude. This looks AMAZEBALLS. It's like you have sparkling sapphires on your fingers! Love it!!! <3

  5. @Kristy: Thanks! <3

    @Stef: But of course! :) Anything for a fellow Virgo.

    @Nola: Thank you!!! I can't wait to see this on you, either! :)

    @Courtney: I KNOW RIGHT??? Even the BF was diggin' it, haha.

  6. Psssh, too loud? No such thing!


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