Monday, September 19, 2011

RGB Deep: my post-Emmy NOTD, also "What would Kalinda wear?"

The words "Emmy winner Kyle Chandler" put a big dumb smile on my face when I woke up this morning. As a loyal and long-suffering "Friday Night Lights" fan, I almost cried when he was presented with the Outstanding Lead Actor award last night (and if I keep watching YouTube clips, I'm liable to keep doing so). What a great birthday present for him!

This was funny to me because I wasn't even thinking about Coach Taylor around 2 a.m. when I finally went to bed after marathoning the second season of "The Good Wife." I bought that season on DVD two weeks ago as an early birthday present to myself (seriously, I have GOT to stop using my birthday as an excuse to buy shit) and have been watching these episodes in an effort to catch up before the third season premiere on the 25th.

The terrific actress (and 2010 Emmy winner) Archie Panjabi plays a character named Kalinda Sharma, the in-house private investigator for the show's fictional law firm. Kalinda is as BADASS as she looks and I sort of want to be her when I grow up. The closest I can get to channeling Kalinda at the moment -- without the cryptic looks, boots of justice and a baseball bat -- is by wearing my hair up, dark clothes ... and dark polish.

Though I don't think Kalinda's been shown wearing polish more than a couple of times, I like to imagine she's got more than a few vampy shades of her own, similar to this one.

Three coats of RGB Deep with Essie Good to Go.

Deep is one of RGB's original ten colors and the RGB website describes this as a dark purple, but on me it was a vampy reddish plum -- or is it prune? I was apprehensive at first because the bottle color seemed almost like a deep brown; when I started polishing, this wasn't the case at all. The reddish tones build up to that lovely vampy, deep plum/prune color.

Deep's formula was a creme lover's wet dream to work with. I used three thick coats for total opacity and coverage, and it was quite glossy before I even put on top coat. The brush stem is short, but the brush itself is really easy to work with -- it's a little thicker and stiffer than, for example, a Rescue Beauty Lounge brush.

Despite the price (first $14 when I heard of them two years ago, now upped to $16), I happen to be a huge fan of RGB polishes. To me, they're worth the price because they apply well and wear well on me -- sure, the colors and finishes may be a little too boring and basic for most polish fiends, but you know I'm boring as hell. I'm one of those shoppers who prefers to see the goods in person before plunking down cash, so I ordered Deep on a whim (a half-price whim) and I think that was a pretty good decision because I happen to love vampy cremes.

The only way to see all the colors RGB offers is to check out their website which offers free shipping; select colors may be available at Urban Outfitters, and you also can check the RGB site for retailers in your state. The nearest one to me is Need Supply Co. in Richmond (down in Carytown -- they also sell a few NYX Girls polishes), which is where I got my first two RGB polishes, Minty and Haze. I bought this one and a few others from the RGB site two weeks ago for half off with a Lucky Mag code, only operable for one day.
I wish I had enough pictures to substantiate all this rambling, so here's a picture of two classy ladies from "The Good Wife" so you can see what I'm talking about when I gush over Kalinda's wardrobe. She's the one on the right.

SIGH. LOVE. And how awesome is it that Archie Panjabi won the Supporting Actress Emmy last year for her work as Kalinda? Fierce bitch is fierce, y'all. I'm one disc away from finishing the second season and I CANNOT WAIT for the season premiere this Sunday.

Do you guys have any RGB polishes you like or love? Any thoughts on the Emmy broadcast last night? It was unevenly paced, but it wasn't the host's fault for once. While it would have been a dream for my girl (and Virginia native) Connie Britton to win in her category, I'm more than OK with Julianna Margulies taking it home ... but oh lady ... what was that DRESS? Also, Steve Carell's loss was the biggest damn snub of the night. WTH.

What about the TV characters who are your fashion inspirations -- or hell, lifespirations? I think I managed to hit most of mine in this post: Kalinda and Alicia on "The Good Wife," Tami Taylor on "FNL," and occasionally, Fiona from "Burn Notice" and LaGuerta from "Dexter." Must be that sassy Miami style. IDK.

Wow, this post was a major fail. I meant to talk about Kalinda and instead all I've done is practically sob over Kyle Chandler (and "FNL" writer Jason Katims' win for his work on the series finale). I cannot get over last night and how sweetly art reflected life, and back again -- for "FNL" fans everywhere, clear eyes and full hearts finally didn't lose! As Tami Taylor would say, "Thanks, y'all. I appreciate that."


  1. Lovely polish ! I love vampy colors. You're right Kalinda would definitely rock that kind of color. I can't wait for the 3rd season premiere. One of my fashion inspiration would definitely be Carrie from SaTC but as I'm planning on doing an internship to become a lawyer, one of my newest inspiration would be the classy Diane from The Good Wife ;)

  2. @Honey_lili: Hi! Thanks for reading & commenting. :D I always enjoy hearing about others' favorite TV characters ... Diane is a great one! I've come to like her more in Season Two than I did in the first one. The storyline with McVeigh always makes me laugh, and I hope we see more of him. :)

  3. I always use my birthday as an excuse to buy things.

    My vote for biggest damn snub of the night goes to Nick Offerman not even being nominated because he is freakin' fantastic on Parks and Recreation and Ron Swanson is everything I want to be in life. He is my second biggest lifespiration.

    The first biggest is Bill Haverchuck from Freaks and Geeks. The coolest dude.

  4. @Madeline: LOLOLOL I think I may have gone a little ... overboard this year. Oops?

    Based on what I saw of "Parks & Rec" this year, I think it had a pretty strong season. So while I am disappoint that Nick Offerman wasn't even nominated, I am even more disappoint that Amy Poehler didn't win. I like Melissa McCarthy but let's face it, that award was for "Bridesmaids."

    Do you too have a thing for brunettes serving you breakfast food? LOL FOREVER.

  5. Yes! I like pretty dark haired women and breakfast foods!


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