Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stash Swatch Swap: China Glaze VII

This is the last polish Courtney sent me in our stash swap, the surprise throw-in in our favorite finish! This is one of Courtney's favorite cremes, and it's extra special to me because it was the polish featured in her blog's inaugural post. GIRL, you slayed me with this one. SLAYED. I never would have known how fantastic this color is if you hadn't sent it to me!

I've come to like China Glaze a lot more this year than I have before, but the brand still hasn't totally won me over. They have great formulas on their shimmers and glass flecks -- their cremes, though? Not so good, at least not for me.

VII, however ... OH MY GAWD.

... I was so impressed with VII that I feel the need to whip this amazing "Dexter" .gif out again. (You may remember it from my post on Essie Beach Bum Blu.)

Anyhoo, this is two perfect coats with Essie Good to Go. This next picture is closer to what it actually looks like on me. It's darker and quite delightful IRL.

VII is a lush, brownish plum creme. It dries darker on the nail with top coat than its bottle color, but it is so unbelievably glossy.

I need you all to know right now that this particular bottle of VII was the BEST creme formula I have ever used with any China Glaze creme (and that includes my favorite ChG creme, Secret Peri-wink-le). Not too thick or too watery, just perfect! It applied easily in two coats -- I didn't need three to cover up any unevenness with color or bald spots. Part of the reason I love this color so much is because it
reminds me of my beloved OPI Boris & Natasha, but I don't have that one on hand at the moment to compare.

VII was part of China Glaze's X Anniversary Collection from Fall 2007. According to the China Glaze wiki, the X Anniversary was the first collection released in B3F formula. That's interesting, considering that I just gushed over VII's formula and have had several less than complimentary experiences with ChG cremes in the past couple of years. (Seriously, this wiki is a great resource for ChG collections! Also, I bet my friend Gia, who is a major contributor, would love to know that her work has helped y'all out!)

All in all, I'm more than pleased with how my first stash swap experience turned out. As ever, THANK YOU, COURTNEY! <333333 Two out of three ain't bad! OPI Russian Navy wasn't a winner for me but there were too many fail whale variables that day. I'm just glad I got a chance to try polishes I would never have picked up on my own, and I hope I can do it again with Courtney (so ... around Super Bowl, yes? *wink*) or even another one of my favorite MUA ladies!

Here are Courtney's three blog posts for the polishes I sent her. LOOK AT HER NAILS. I like short nails for myself, but damn, her nails are GORGEOUS!

Thanks again, lady! Mwah!


  1. Good gravy, Rach. That's freaking incredible on you. O.O

  2. @Noelie: LOL thank you! *squish* You should have seen my jaw drop. If I didn't I have Boris & Natasha, I would be ordering this with the quickness!

  3. *throws confetti* YAY!!!! This looks every bit as beautiful on you as I thought it would!! It's funny, 'cause it pulls a little more brown on you than it does on me. :-) LOVE it!!

    I'd love to swap with you again!! But I must be missing something, why around Super Bowl time? (Anytime is fine with me, I was just curious lol)

    MUAH!!! :-)

  4. Damn, it looks great on you! Had this one, but gave it away, because it was very "nonono" on me. Don't make me regret that! :>

  5. OMG I'm totally loving this color! It does remind me of OPI Boris and Natasha but I think it's a bit more red than the OPI. I may be adding this one to my lemming list!

  6. @Courtney: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! So much loooooove. ;) You did an awesome job picking this one out! And I would be honored to do this again. <3

    @Pani: Sorry! ;) ;) It's funny how some shades that look good on others don't look so good to you! Happens to me all the time with certain greens. :/

    @ProudMary: OMG, I love your username. Thank you for the read and the comment! I also think Boris & Natasha has a touch more purple in it, you know? Either way -- SUCH a beautiful shade!


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