Wednesday, October 12, 2011

From the desk of Chocolate Columbo ... China Glaze Electric Pineapple

The new season of "Psych" begins tonight on USA at 10/9c. I stopped being a regular viewer last year when I moved and my roommates parents don't have cable, but I catch up when I can. It's a really fun show. A friend of mine calls it "happy brain candy," which about sums it up -- while "Psych" has some basic elements of standard crime procedurals, it never takes itself seriously.

I wanted to do a mani to celebrate, and couldn't decide between Zoya Shawn or China Glaze Electric Pineapple. Once again, I consulted Anna, who picked Shawn. I wore that one for a day, decided I hated it on me (the chipping didn't help ... sorry A!) and changed it to Electric Pineapple.

Ott-Lite pics today, since it's been raining for the past day. But this color sure is cheerful!

Three problematic coats with SV.

(click to enlarge)

Of these three pictures, the last one is the most color-accurate one I could get today. I think what I like about Electric Pineapple's color is that it's greener than OPI Fiercely Fiona, and very bright but nowhere as neon as most neon yellow polishes. The color is the best thing this polish has going for it. :)

Application-wise, not so much. I think I've said this every time I post about China Glaze, but their shimmers and glass-fleck polishes apply dreamily and their cremes apply like BALLS on me. When I say "like BALLS," we're talking about levels of difficulty that I have experienced with older, poorly-formulated polish. I know it's a yellow and yellows are always a PITA to work with, so I'm taking that into account, but still. :/ This one went on THICK and did not smoothen or level out at all, though to its credit it never pooled on the nail. Believe me when I say I needed my SV!

Electric Pineapple is from the Island Escape collection China Glaze released for summer just a few months ago. When I saw the polishes in person (I forget where ... Sally's? Ulta?), I knew this one had to come home with me! It's still readily available via e-tailers and beauty supplies that sell China Glaze, and I think I saw it last month when I was at Ulta.

Oh look, I found the pineapple?

Let's face it, "Electric Pineapple" sounds like one of the many bands Shawn and Gus would front. Did you get this polish, and did you have any spotty application issues like I did? What's been your favorite "Psych" episode, or who's been your favorite guest star? Oh, and which of Gus' aliases is your favorite? My personal favorite is "Ghee Buttersnaps."

Here's one of my favorite promos from a couple of seasons ago -- I was going to post the "Ebony & Ivory" one, but this actually works out better because it was Daryl Hall's birthday yesterday! Watching it now, I'm wondering why Corbin Bernsen isn't in this one. Oh well. Private eyes, they're watching you ... private eyeeeeeeeeeeeeeees ...


  1. I had issues with this when I swatched it the first time. LMAO at Psych. I love this show.

  2. This is the only color I picked from that collection and I love it! Didn't have much trouble with application, not perfect but not too difficult either, sorry about yours

  3. @L: LOL did you watch last night? I bet you did. :D I'll see if I can catch it online.

    @hermetic: Hey hey! I think I am willing to work with mine ... it's so ridiculously pretty. I really love it!!!

  4. I emailed you. Did you get it? Huh huh, did you??

  5. omg, I'm SO behind. On all the things.

    But I totes agree, Shawn does chip like a mofo. Tsk, Tsk Zoya.

    I'm SO excited that Psych is back. Did you catch this week's episode? lololzzzz

  6. @Anna: You are just living your life and not being boring like me ;)

    Zoya and I have yet to reach an agreement, LOL. One day I will find a cooperative top coat! (Or more cooperative than Poshe ...)

    I haven't seen it yet! I'll probably try Hulu or my BF's OnDemand this weekend. :D

  7. loving it & seriously you are my soul sister :)


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