Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The lone survivor of my Sonia Kashuk 2010 Lend a Hand Nail Trio

Fair warning: this is not my greatest post ever. :/

As October nears to an end, it occurs to me that I have not really done much in the way of supporting breast cancer awareness this year (nail-wise, that is), so I'm correcting this today with a vampy violet creme.

Yup, a vampy!

Last fall, Sonia Kashuk came out with a trio of nail polishes for her Lend a Hand Nail Trio collection at Target. The trio, which sold for $9.99, was part of her partnership with Target in creating and selling a special limited edition product range for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. I forget what? which? (uh-oh) percentage of the proceeds went to the foundation but when I learned that Ms. Kashuk is a breast cancer survivor, I had to buy this!

The collection is simply known as the Lend a Hand Nail Trio, and none of the polishes have any names. I never saw anything on the press releases, so when I got mine, I checked the box (nada) and looked to see if there was a sticker/label on the bottles (nope). This set also came with a metallic pink foil and a mauve creme, but I have since RAOKed the foil and banished the mauve creme to my swap box as it doesn't look great on me. Apologies for the messy cuticles and overall lackluster pics*! -- as much as I have the occasional problem applying vampies, I can never own too many of them, especially one for a good cause.

*These shots were snapped after one day of wear. Methinks I should try a better top coat next time. Also, the Ott-Lite pics are a little more color-accurate than the sun ones. (Dear Santa -- or Boyfriend, in the event that he is cyberstalking me and reading this -- please bring me a real camera for Christmas. Love, Rach)

Three coats with Essie Good to Go.

Oh hello, right hand!

One thing I love about vampies is that they usually apply ridiculously well, as this one did. In a lot of ways, this particular polish reminded me a lot of Essie polishes -- great formula, and easy to apply with a short brush stem, although the Sonia Kashuk polish brushes are a *touch* more girthy (heh heh) than Essie brushes. I had a couple of bald spots, but I think it was more user error than the polish itself.

However, the main thing I don't love about vampies is how messy they are to clean up. Whether it's because the formula or your application is responsible for any of your polishing troubles, clean up is usually staintastic and simply not a good time! And that certainly goes for this polish.

Sure, I wish this had a name and that I had used a slightly less shrinky top coat, but I still plan on keeping this vampy on hand for a little longer. :)

Despite the photos, I think this base color is a necessary evil for tomorrow's Halloween-based (and rather tame) layering experiment. (Yes ... another.)

Did you buy this trio last year? I really like the idea behind this one but I think if I had known that I would only be keeping one, I would have just made an actual small donation to BCRF. Oh well. You live, you learn.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Two things!

    My birthday was October 1, so it's old news by now, LOL. Just that the package in question came from Ireland, so it took a while to get here.

    Second thing... I bet I'm stuck in your spam filter again. >.>

  2. This is a lovely vampy color. I need to try these polishes. Do you have any favorites from them?

  3. @Noelie: !!!!!!!! Also ... <3

    @Let's Get Nailed: Thanks! I appreciate that so much because these were terrible pictures. Two of my favorite SK shades are from this past spring, Fatigues and Violetta -- so lovely! I have yet to find the perfect top coat for these, though. :)


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