Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Showing my spirit fingers: Revlon Royal Cloak

October seems to be a month that is pretty cause-heavy and apparently tomorrow, October 20th, is Spirit Day. I've already removed this polish but I have plenty of purple in my wardrobe and may or may not leave the house looking like a giant grape. :)

Every now and then, the MUA nail board will go B-A-N-A-N-A-S for a limited edition drugstore polish. I haven't *really* been on for a couple of months, but there was a LOT of buzz for Revlon Royal Cloak the last time I was around. I wasn't sure what to think. History has proven that the more in love the NB is with a polish, the more likely I am to find it either out of my comfort zone, or simply not my bag, baby! However, after seeing a bazillion sweet pics of Royal Cloak, I thought I'd better get it. The hunt was on, the quest began, ThunderCats were go, etc., etc.

Luckily, I didn't have to look far -- I found a huge display at my Ulta the day before my birthday and snapped it up, justifiying it with my infallible "it is my birthday and I must BUY ALL THE THINGS" logic. Okay, the board wins. This is a lovely polish, dammit.

No sun today, so we get indoor and Ott-Lite pics again.

Three coats with Poshe.

(click to enlarge)

I think this last picture is the most color-accurate to what this polish truly looks like on me.

While this is an extremely gorgeous polish, I feel like it it looks a lot better in these pictures and on others than it does on my nails. I've come to appreciate a good glass fleck, but I think this polish contains more tiny flakies than glass fleck (which is why I'm tagging it under "flakie"). I'm not used to wearing flakies, so this ends up looking too busy for me and I think this is going in my swap pile. I'd make more of an effort to keep this one if the base color had more blue in it.

The formula was fine, not too thick or thin at all! I have had trouble in the past finding a good top coat that plays well with Revlon polishes, but over the summer discovered that Poshe is what I need. Together the polish holds up well and doesn't shrink or chip.

Royal Cloak is from Revlon's limited edition Masquerade collection, out right now in drugstores. As I said earlier, I got mine at Ulta, but I also saw this at CVS (I'm on the east coast), so it could be floating around in a different drugstore chain.

What's your Spirit Day mani? Any thoughts on Royal Cloak, or nail board hits and misses? Or thoughts on the new "ThunderCats" reboot on Cartoon Network? I watched a couple of episodes last month ... more accurately, I was falling asleep when my boyfriend put it on and I willed myself to stay awake for both episodes because I actually kind of like it a LOT. The new Snarf ... OMG. SO FUGGEN CUTE! I want one. --The not talking doesn't hurt, either. :D

See, isn't he cute? :3


  1. I just bought this polish. Its so pretty :) I love it and the coverage was great.

  2. @Let's Get Nailed: Thanks for the follow! :) Yeah, I am loving Revlons now that they dry on me, haha! If this purple had leaned more blue, I would've kept it.


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