Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pumpkin Spice: major layering WIN! :D

This mani is scary ... scary in how bad it looks! I blame the shrinkage. :'(

If you know me from MUA or have been following my blog for a little while now, you'll know that I'm pretty heavy on cremes and not so much with glitter. It turns out that I can handle glitter, but in EXTREMELY small doses, and especially when used in the occasional layering experiment. Creepy Pumpkin was pretty but didn't exactly blow my hair back, but I do believe that I have found a layering glitter I can get behind in Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pumpkin Spice (whew, these names are wordy).

One coat with Poshe over the unnamed Sonia Kashuk polish I posted yesterday.

This dried to a smooth finish with my Poshe top coat. That was REALLY exciting! I don't know about you, but having grainy or bumpy nails is weird to me.

In terms of choosing the best polishes to layer with Pumpkin Spice, I've come to a conclusion with which you may or may not agree--

See, Pumpkin Spice has that murky, black/green jelly base, right? It actually reminded me of my Dior Rock Coat. Based on some undocumented experimentation as well as this post at Fashion Polish, Rock Coat's smoky effect shows up best on medium-to-dark base colors. I figured this might be the case for Pumpkin Spice, and this logic seems to have served me nicely. This was pretty much why I opted to go with a vampy -- the dark base also helps the orange/copper glitter pop.

I'm going to continue to find other combinations for Pumpkin Spice -- I'm glad I took the plunge with this glitter! It doesn't overwhelm me and it's festive enough to make me enjoy doing something different. For $2 and change, I can live with that!

I got mine at Ulta, but I saw it at Target, CVS and Walgreens in late August. It came out with a bunch of other fall Xtreme Wear shades that I passed on. I hope this isn't limited edition because while I doubt I'll ever use up my bottle, I still want to layer this over EVERYTHING. :)

This is definitely a surprise favorite -- you know what that means?

Did you get this one too, or others from that collection? What's your favorite polish with the word "pumpkin" in its name?

Thanks for reading! I'll be back soon with my favorite orange polish of all time (so far).


  1. This looks awesome! I actually had this IN MY HAND the last time I was in Richmond, but put it back for some reason. D'oh!

  2. Oh, this looks so pretty! I've been looking everywhere for this, but couldn't find it:[

  3. I love the cooper glitter. Another nice laying glitter is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Set the Stage. Its a lovely gold glitter with both larger hexagon glitters and small gold glitter. Its nice and not super overwhelming for a glitter polish. Its perfect for layering :)

  4. I love Pumpkin Spice. Mostly because I love all things pumpkin, but also because it's really awesome!

  5. @Courtney: WHY DID YOU PUT IT BACK!?!?!? LOL I actually picked this one up as a potential swap item, but decided to keep it for myself. Funny how that happened ... ;)

    @Sarah: Awww, I hope you're able to get a hold of this one! I didn't expect to love this as much as I do.

    @Let's Get Nailed: I think I have to walk before I run. ;) Baby steps? I've seen the pics, though, and they are lovely!

    @Madeline: I love lots of pumpkin things ... coffee ... pie ... muffins ... OK, now I'm getting hungry, thanks! :-P


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