Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Jersday dip in Urban Outfitters Hot Tub

Some of you may be aware of my abiding love for "Jersey Shore." Even less well-known is my deep affection for a good deep neon pink, and I spent a lot of this past spring and summer hunting for my holy grail. October doesn't exactly scream "neon pink" to me, but what other color is there to mark tonight's "Jersey Shore" season finale in Italy?

Three coats with SV.


I think even with these photos, you have some idea of where the color fell short for me. Hot Tub turned out to be one of those neon pinks that is more like a highlighter kind of pink, which isn't what I wanted. I'm still hoping to find a shade a little less pinky coral-ly and a bit more rosy! :/ Guess I'll try this one again with two coats before I keep on trucking.

I am kind of digging these repackaged Urban Outfitters polishes. The colors are pretty on trend with the season (I picked this one up over the summer) and they apply well, as was the case here. For a neon, I was impressed! The polish applied smoothly and evenly and you DON'T need to use super-thick coats to get it opaque. However, I forget if it dried to a satin finish (sorry!). I don't see these on sale at the Urban Outfitters website, and I don't remember what they cost individually, but I seem to remember that in-store you can buy two for $8.

I think my only issue is with some of the polish names. Yeah, I know Urban is the kind of store that pushes the whole "kitschy edgy ironic hipster" thing and I'm just as guilty as the next girl of popping in every now and then. But even taking into account all prior controversy regarding the company, given the current conservative political views of its founder, it's kind of weird to me that Urban would have a house line of polish with names like "Plan B" and "Hangover." Just sayin'. Also ... "Plan B"? Really? It's not often that I take issue with polish names (there are much bigger things in the world) but that one is really getting my goat today.


Speaking of ~conflicting feelings~ ... anyone else have some about this season of "Jersey Shore"? I felt like it was more roommate conflict, less motherland (even with the language and culture barriers). It was kind of crazy how the house dynamic improved drastically without Sitch being a creep (or to quote Sammi, "a fucked-up individual"). I mean, Jenni and Sam making Sunday dinner together? WHO SAW THAT COMING?!??! But in general, I think this .gif can show you my overall opinion of this season.

Oh well -- time to put this season to bed and hope for some good stuff next year. :)


  1. This is gorgeous....neons are hard to photograph - try putting your hand underwater ;-)

  2. @Kristy: I cannot believe I completely forgot about the water trick, I'll have to try it sometime! Thanks lady! <3


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