Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NEW: American Apparel 7th and Alameda

This is another polish from American Apparel's new fall line of colors. I wasn't planning on wearing this so soon, but I wanted to wear a grey creme and this one won out as it was NEW NEW NEW (at least, to me).

Remember how much I adored The Valley? This one ... well ...

Two easy coats with SV.

I gotta tell you -- this polish applied beautifully, and I think out of all the American Apparels I've tried, this is the only one I remember leveling out. That's pretty amazing, which is why I was bummed to find that the color was kind of ... off on me.

Dupe-wise, it's closest to but lighter than Nina Ultra Pro Ink-Ling. I think I've mentioned it before, but my skintone favors neutral greys as well as greys with green tones. I figured that since 7th and Alameda was a cooler but darker grey, I would be able to pull it off. You can see I was wrong -- while this grey is darker than a medium grey, it's not dark enough in most lights to look good on me. It doesn't matter if a grey is cooler or warmer toned, but it will look good on me if it's super dark. That is so weird.

I've already swapped my bottle off to a loving new home, but 7th and Alameda is available at American Apparel stores and online at, one bottle for $6 and three for $15. Despite my issues with the company's marketing, I have been a fan of their polish since buying my first three colors early last year: Peacock, Factory Grey and Manila.

I think this was named for the location of the American Apparel Factory Store in Los Angeles. Funny, because my first impression of this color was that it seemed like American Apparel Factory Grey's older, more sophisticated sister, and I believe Factory Grey (my first American Apparel polish, btw) was named for the color of the floors of either company stores or warehouses.

Any thoughts on 7th and Alameda, or any plans to purchase any of the new American Apparels? If I don't end up in the hospital this weekend, I'll show you my last pick from the new colors soon. Not-so-helpful color hint: It's pretty much my favorite. ;)


  1. I love this color, but I already have Ink-ling... so I guess shouldn't get this?? maybe?

  2. What about ChG Concrete Catwalk? Do those two look familiar?

    I love that AA reminds me of L.A., but they also remind me of how sleazy L.A. can be. :P It's so weird! I'm like HEY I KINDA KNOW WHERE THAT IS, but then I'm also like >:(

  3. @Sarah: I think this one applied a little better than Ink-Ling, if that helps you out any. ;)

    @Lauren: I don't have that ChG! Sowwy, lady! I haven't been in L.A. proper (just Burbank and Chinatown, basically), but I totally believe you.


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