Monday, November 7, 2011

NEW: American Apparel The Valley

Upon arriving in Richmond last weekend, I braved the cold (and the hipsters) after my eyebrow wax and hoofed it to American Apparel to see their new fall polishes in person. I feel like there weren't as many people in the store this year looking for last-minute Halloweekend costume fixes as there were last year -- perhaps everyone is busier stalking the cast and crew of the Steven Spielberg Lincoln biopic, which is currently shooting around Richmond and Petersburg. (I CANNOT BELIEVE I MISSED JAMES SPADER, JOHN HAWKES, WALTON GOGGINS AND TOMMY LEE JONES. KILL ME NOW.)

I don't know if my Googling abilities have worsened since college or if no one's posted any swatches yet, but apart from press releases, I haven't seen much of the newer fall colors online. I know I need more American Apparels like a bullet to the brain (or polishes in general, for that matter), but some of the new shades were too much for me to resist.

... especially if one of the new shades is a lovely Tiffany-ish blue. Beteedubs, I am really sorry about my cuticles, dudes. I blame the cold weather. This always happens for a week when the weather gets cold, but after that, it's all good.

Two coats with SV.

Yup, two coats! The formula on this one erred a little bit on the thick side, but it wasn't too awful to work with. American Apparel formulas are always 50/50 with me, since I usually find the not perfect ones chalky or thick (I think it's the long-stemmed brush). This color is very bright but not quite pastel, which I also like.

I've gotten great weekend wear out of this polish. I put it on Friday night after taking off Zoya Racquel, and it's stayed on the most securely of any American Apparel polish I've worn in a while with no chipping and practically no tip wear. I credit my base coats, Instant Artificials (pink bottle) and Gelous. As for top coats, I think SV is still the best to use with American Apparels because SV will level these puppies out.

In terms of color comparison, I would say The Valley's closest relative is Orly Frisky. Frisky is brighter, while The Valley has that ever so dusty quality that American Apparel polishes carry off so well! If you missed out on Frisky, then I would say this is a great alternative. :)

The Valley is currently available at brick and mortar American Apparel locations, and online at Polish is still $6 a bottle and three for $15, which isn't bad at all.

So what do you think of The Valley? Was I able to twist your arms and/or wallets? I have two other new colors that I'll do my best to share before the end of this month -- you'll just have to wait and see what they are!

I wonder which valley this polish is named for. I'm assuming San Fernando, but which nickname, really? "Porn Valley" or "Silicone Valley"? Either way, it seems to suit American Apparel "sexcellently" well. ;)


  1. Oo0oh, it's like For Audrey's grown-up, sophisticated older sister!

    Oh, and you forgot to mention DANIEL DAY-LEWIS and JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT! *dies* I need to come to Richmond.

  2. @Courtney: LOL I didn't think of it that way ... but yissssss.

    Also, the celebs I mentioned are the ones who were spotted out and about town. I'm still riding high from "Captain America" so TLJ is my 2nd priority. Lee Pace is #1, but there have been no reported sightings (so far). I love him so much.

  3. looks great on you!
    & I've had such good experiences with AA polishes, I NEED to check these new ones out! :]

  4. I don't have any AA polishes, mostly because I don't make it out there too often-a girl only has so many occasions where she needs a crotchless leotard or some of the other AA clothing oddities haha, although I do like their jeans a lot. I agree, I'm loving the dustiness of The Valley. It looks very lovely on you. I'll have to check their polishes out next time I'm out doing some clothing shopping!

  5. Dammit. I don't need another Tiffany blue. No really, I don't! I swear I don't!

  6. Ugggggggggggh American Apparel needs to cut it out with creating polish I want because AA makes me wanna puke but this rules!!! I have a blue problem. :/

  7. @Sarah: Thank you! DOOOOOOO EEEEEEEET.

    @Chelsea: Thanks! And, LMFAO, I completely agree. Also, I'm allergic to most of their clothing and am probably a bit too big for it. But yes, definitely check the polish out if you get a chance!!!

    @Noelie: I ALMOST PUBLISHED THIS POST WITH "Noelie, I think you might like this." NO JOKE.

    @Madeline: #firstworldproblems, #whitegirlproblems, or both? :-P

  8. ahhh don't tempt me haha.
    @madeline, I agree, I hate that their polish is so good.... stupid AA:[

  9. You kill me with your dusty light blues! I want all of them, and this is no exception!!


  11. #firstworldwhitegirlproblems, obviously

  12. lol at the comments on this page! And yes- I want this color now, too. Groupons are calling my naaammmeee!!!!! ah!!! =)

  13. @Lacquerish: Thanks for adding to 'em! ;) Yay, if I've enabled you, I've done my job. :) Can you redeem the groupons for polish? I was wondering about that ...


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