Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Some November birthday shout outs, and Barielle Aura Angora

I'm sorry I haven't been around as much! But before I get into that, I'd like to take a minute and send out a few November birthday shout outs. :)

  • First, a belated happy birthday to my sweet friend Anna -- baker, future business lady and grand enabler.
  • Second, a happy happy birthday to my long-time friend and fellow British period drama lover, Lauren! Please go on over to her blog and wish her happy birthday if you haven't already.
  • Third, and at the risk of sounding like a "Dexter"-style stalker, a super-early happy birthday to my first follower and one of my absolute favorite nail bloggers, Stephanie of Short n' Chic.

It's also my boyfriend's birthday today, but ... I've already dealt with him, so ... yeah. :-p

I have nothing in my stash remotely close to topaz, the November birthstone, and sorry, ladies, but you'll have to settle for my Rather Unreasonable Facsimile. Despite all of that (and the occasional lobster hands), I happen to love this one, so never fear!

This is the polish that was, in my opinion, the star of last year's Style in Argyle (or, as the MUA nail board called it, Shades of Poop Fall) collection by Barielle. It's so very cozy and golden and just, well, fall. Depending upon my mood, it will remind me of either food or fall foliage (but mostly, food). How could I not love it??

Two coats with SV. Now I am craving honey mustard. I frown on O'Charley's but I love their honey mustard, damn it.

After a year of sitting first in photo storage boxes and eventually my Helmer, this polish made like a celebrity couple and began the process of separating. That's what all that red business at the bottom of the bottle is about. So I had to give it a roll and an impatient shake, and it was mostly fine. (I say "mostly" because it was a leeeeeeeeetle goopy -- not enough for me to want to thin it, but enough for me to mention it.) It dried very quickly.

This is the first full Barielle mani I have ever done. Aside from the minor degree of goop, I had no complaints. The brush stem length was not too long or too short, and the bristles spread polish pretty evenly. Not much to say in that department.

I bought this bottle at Ulta last fall, when it began selling Barielle polish. I remember thinking back then that Shades of Poop Fall may not have been the best collection for Barielle to debut at Ulta if they wanted to stick around, and what do you know, I'm right. Last month, the clearance section had what was left of the already-small core Barielle display; I saw Zoyas in the racks where the Barielles had been. However, if you still want this polish, you can still find it for $8 at Barielle.com. The site has free shipping for purchases over $50, and polishes are currently buy one, get one half off. That's not too shabby, really.

What do you think of this color? (I totally love it -- no surprise there.) Did you guys pick up any of last year's Shades of Fall? I also grabbed Cowl of the Wild, but that turned out to be a dud on my skin tone so I swapped it away.

As you know, I was sick last week. I'm happy to report that I am much better now! So if you bought the American Apparel Groupon that's floating around, you'll see my last pick from their new polishes at the end of this week. I'm also putting something cool together for next week, which I think you may like. ;)

Thank you for reading, and happy birthday, ladies!


  1. Mmmm...O'Charley's honey mustard....Stupid Maryland doesn't have any O'Charley's, but thankfully there's one like RIGHT next to my mom's house in Richmond - what up?!

    I totally passed on the Shades of Poop collection. In hindsight, I think I might could totally rock some of those shades, but at the time I just thought they looked like...well, poop. LOL

  2. THANK YOU! That was so unbelievably sweet of you. People keep reminding me about my birthday and I keep forgetting. It's on Thanksgiving this year (annoying). I'm too busy for birthdays (I'm not; it's a trick. I want cake). But thanks, really. You're so lovely.

    Also, I love that polish. Gross mustard colors and crap greens are the best.

  3. i passed on this too, thinking it wouldn't do too well with my skintone. still not sure about it. it looks really good on you though!

  4. I like this - it reminds me of CG Classic Camel, but without the shimmer. I can't fault your for wanting a birthstone polish. I don't even like duochromes and I bought Chanel Peridot just because it was named after my birthstone! It doesn't look anything like Peridot, but I can't think of how a nail polish could.

  5. @Courtney: Sounds like I know where we're going when you & I meet in Richmond. LOL! :-p

    @Stephanie: Well, depending on how many people you'll be Thanksgiving-ing with, that'll make it more convenient for you to pick up your presents. Presents and cake. Winning!

    @Sarah: Thanks! I'm no color expert, but if your skin leans a little olive, this *might* just work. ;)

    @Grace: Hi! Thanks for commenting. :) I think this is a little warmer and dijon-looking than Classic Camel, or what I can remember of it (I don't have it). I see what you mean re: Peridot, and you're right, it's a really weird color to capture in a polish. Makes me feel lucky that sapphires (my birthstone) are fairly aptly represented!

  6. I. am. in. love. with. this. polish! I am now kicking myself for not picking these up when they were on clearance at Ulta, I had this very one in my hands!! Ugh! I may have to drop the $8 on this (or at least wait for a half off sale). I can't get enough of these ugly/pretty "poop" colors for fall.

  7. @Jacqui: LOL, I feel like they were on clearance for FOREVER!!! *Nobody* wanted them! Hope you can get this one soon -- it's pretty fantastic. :)

  8. I'm so behind on all the things, thank you dahhhling! <3

  9. Heh, just getting through all the posts that I wanted to comment on. Thanks for the birthday wishes <3


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