Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day! -- Eyeko Military Polish (for Brave Nails)

It's Veterans Day! (And 11/11/11 ... oooooooooh.)

As you can probably surmise, I have not ended up in the hospital (... yet) -- this week, I was hit with an infection (and when I say "hit," I mean "body-slammed"). Painting my nails is the last thing I want to do -- all I want to do is stay in bed with books, a heating pad and a British model/actor. But I thought I'd suck it up today so I could do this mani.

I wanted to do something for Veterans Day and knew I had a few untried army greens in my stash. I think my selection speaks for itself.

Three coats with SV.

You definitely need at least three coats to build it up to a murky, deep olive color -- if you stop at two coats, it still looks kinda brown. (I need to start taking pictures along the way so you can see what I'm talking about!!) However, I am totally digging it on me and I know I am going to be sad when I finish up this tiny bottle!!!

About that bottle ... it's tiny. It's .30 fl oz, and even with only three coats I still managed to put a little bit of a dent in it. The bottle shape is thin and reminds me a little bit of small vials in terms of relative size, and the brush stem is long but the bristles spread easily and are of an average girth. The brush is pretty easy to work with, although I was worried about tipping the bottle over because of its narrow shape!

I got this polish, along with four others, in an amazing multi-swap last year with a seriously amazing NBer who ordered them from Sadly, I think Eyeko discontinued their polish sometime late this summer, so these are pretty HTF now. This information makes me even more grateful to my swap partner for these polishes!

I can't believe how much I actually like Military and am smacking myself for not trying it earlier. What's that? It's .gif time, featuring one of my favorite TV vets, James Doakes!

Please take a few moments to consider what this day really means -- it's more than just a department store sale day! There are other bloggers who posted far more eloquently about Veterans Day, and here is a post by Maria (R3 Daily blogger, Cult Nails founder, and military wife) that I really liked.

Hope you (and your vets) have a good holiday weekend!


  1. lemming this big time. this color looks great on you!

  2. This is THE perfect military green! The hubby is a marine (well, technically former marine, but "once a marine, always a marine..."), so he'd love this! Hmmm...this may have to go on the list for the next stash swap! ;-)

  3. I absolutely love this polish! Murky greens are always some of my favorites-I'm wearing China Glaze Westside Warrior right now, in fact!

    Also, I watch Dexter with my dad and he seriously loves Doakes. Doakes and Masuka are his favorites.

  4. @Sarah: I hope you can find a dupe or something! I super love this. Thanks :)

    @Courtney: I didn't know your man is a marine!!! ... So ... how 'bout Justin Timberlake in Richmond last weekend @ the Marine Ball??

    @Chelsea: Westside Warrior looks great on you! I have FAR too many untried olive greens, but there's a reason I keep buying them. :) And OMG, my mom totally thought Masuka was the Ice Truck Killer, haha!


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