Friday, November 18, 2011

NEW: American Apparel Imperial Purple, or "I Hate You, Ice Cream Sandwich!"

My deepest apologies for these pictures -- in addition to my inability to capture purple accurately, Android's Ice Cream Sandwich update is doing me no favors in terms of battery life. These crappy photos are the best of the experimental ones I was able to upload to Flickr before Ice Cream Sandwich took a giant dump in my plans for the day! Can you say, "Re-swatch"? Because that's going to have to happen!!! ...

This is the last of the new American Apparel polishes I have for you! I know I said this color was "pretty much my favorite" -- wasn't that helpful? (I love ALL THE COLORS!) I'm sure the boyfriend would say that was about as helpful a hint as when I whine to him about being hungry, so we should go somewhere with food.

Two coats with SV.

This last photo is the most color-accurate. I HATE THESE PICTURES. And I was so excited for this post, too. :(

No, it is not an exact dupe for OPI Sapphire in the Snow. Sapphire in the Snow has a bit more red in it. However, for your money, I think this and Orly Wild Wisteria are your closest (as well as more widely available) bets!

Formula on this one was lovely and a little bit thick, or perhaps it just seems this way to me because of the American Apparel brush stem. I'm still working on getting just the right amount of polish on the brush (it varies from bottle to bottle) without glopping it all over the bottle neck. As with any long stem, you have to take extra care for the polish not to drip and that's never a good time. Luckily, I didn't have to work too hard here.

Imperial Purple is available for $6 at American Apparel stores and on (The site picture for this polish? SOOOO not accurate, but you can't win them all!) In case you bought the American Apparel Groupon that's $25 for $50 (or $50 for $100), I did check out the Groupon FAQ. Yes, the Groupon may be redeemed for polish, but not the multipacks.

Did I manage to sell you on Imperial Purple, or would you rather grab The Valley? Any general purple lovers out there? I really don't remember when I got on board with purple -- I've always liked it, but I think as soon as I got out of college, I wanted ALL THE PURPLE THINGS. And then my ex-roommate and I practically ODed on purple a few months before the "Watchmen" movie came out.

Although I'm not a psychopath, I love Adrian/Ozy. He's smart, pretty, and pretty fucking fabulous. Veidt's purple '80s bidnuss suit in the movie is awesome and cancels out the fact that Ozy's suit has, um, nipples. But you have to admit it's far more appropriate for him than Batman ...

(source: Texts from the Owlship)

Thank you for dealing with this craptacular post, and have a good weekend! :) Stay tuned, 'cause I got some good stuff for next week ... if my phone can be fixed quickly, anyway!


  1. I love this! It reminds me a lot of OPI Road House Blues, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite cremes.

  2. @Chelsea: Yay! It's in the same vein as RHB and I do adore any/all colors like this. :)

  3. This is so pretty! I love American Apparel bottles, and you definitely sold me on Imperial Purple!!

  4. @Lynn: Hooray! You have no idea how much I appreciate your comment -- even more because these pictures are truly hideous and don't do this polish justice. I hope you love it! :)

  5. I hate photographing purples, they never turn out right! Anyways, this still looks gorgeous and definitely along the same vein as Sapphire in the Snow. I have yet to try any AA polishes, but every single picture I see of them makes me want to!

  6. @Jacqui: Thank you! <3 YES, definitely try them out -- I wasn't crazy about them at first but I've come back around to loving them again. They make some awesome cremes. :)


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