Wednesday, December 28, 2011

China Glaze Holly-Day

I specifically saved this polish for after Christmas so I can share my favorite holiday movie with you. :)

Here is China Glaze Holly-Day from this year's holiday collection, Let it Snow.

Two coats with SV.

China Glaze must be stepping up the formulas on their cremes, because my goodness -- the one on Holly-Day is TO DIE FOR. Very pigmented, leaning on the thick side, but so easy to apply. It reminds me of the formula on my favorite Nubar and OPI cremes.

I would say this color is more of a blue-toned forest green. It seems like it would be very wearable for lots of skintones, too. I can't think of any immediate dupes at the moment, but there are a couple of suggestions in this post from All Lacquered Up.

As I mentioned earlier, Holly-Day is one of the cremes from this year's China Glaze Let it Snow collection. You might be able to find it on clearance at your local Sally's at this point, and it still might be floating around at Ulta and definitely online. Against my better judgment, I got mine at Sally's at the beginning of the month when China Glaze was 2 for $10. This might rival Essie Going Incognito as one of the greens I can't go without during the holiday season!

Speaking of holiday goodness that I can't go without, it's finally time to talk to you about the mother of all Christmas movies. (You know, in case the name of this polish wasn't enough of a hint ...)

Only ONE of my giveaway contestants named "Die Hard" as her favorite Christmas movie. Had the basis for winning been "guess Rach's favorite holiday movie," she would have won right away, no question about it!

If you don't already watch "Die Hard" every Christmas (or numerous times throughout the year), I really don't know how I'm going to sell you on it now. It's fucking awesome. I guess I'll just have to threaten you with another Hans Gruber .gif ...

(source: same as above)

Also, if you tell me that you prefer Alan Rickman in "Love, Actually" to Alan Rickman in "Die Hard," I might have to hurt you (a little). There definitely won't be a four, in that case! ;)


  1. Duuuuuuude...that is one DELICIOUS green creme! May just have to add that to the swatch swap list! :-P

  2. I got this as a mini but I've been feeling like I definitely need a full-size of this lovely green in my life. Like you said, definitely wearable on lots of skintones. And how funny-I was just debating with someone the other day that "Die Hard" counts as a Christmas movie hahaha. Great minds think alike!

  3. @Courtney: It IS delicious! You might like this or even Nubar Forest, which is a bit more yellow. Just a bit. LOL, give me your list soon and we can start figuring things out. :D

    @Chelsea: It might be "boring" for the holidays but you really can take this year-round. I have one too many green cremes but this may be my new favorite! Dude, if "Gremlins" and everything else I've blogged about this month counts, "Die Hard" TOTALLY counts. So many Christmas references + music!!!!

  4. love this, i passed up on this for a while till i saw it on clearance last week, and i'm so glad i got it.

  5. @Sarah: Dude, two different girlfriends of mine told me NOT to get it since I had something similar ... but I am so glad I did anyway! It might replace Nubar Forest as my favorite forest green creme! :)

  6. @Shally: Thanks for the follow! And yes ... I'm more of a Jeremy Irons lady myself but I want AR to read me the phone book, Hans Gruber voice optional. :)


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