Saturday, December 17, 2011

China Glaze Midnight Kiss

While featuring a different holiday movie in each post is a great way for me to get through some of my holiday polishes, I feel like I took on more than I'd originally planned. Do you ever get that feeling? :/ Oh well. Here we go!

For the past couple of days, I've had on this lovely gold foil -- the first gold foil I've worn since Courtney let me borrow butter LONDON Wallis. Gold is a fairly difficult color for me to pull off because I have such a strange skintone, and my fingers have an unfortunate tendency to get lobster-y.

After obtaining four gold foils in the past year, I've learned that cooler, yellow/champagne golds look best on me. Besides, what's a Christmas season without one gold manicure? ;)

This is three coats with Essie Good to Go.

I guess the amount of pictures I'm showing you is a reflection of how much I liked this polish. I didn't think I would! I thought that I simply owned Midnight Kiss because I'm a sucker for Christmas polishes. Sure, gold foils are about a dime a dozen, but this one is the yellowest one I have. And boy, do I appreciate that.

The formula on this one is a little thick, but if you use thin coats, then you should be all right. This does get a little brushstrokey, so be mindful when you polish!

There's no particular reason as to why I chose Good to Go for my top coat. It was just sitting there and I grabbed it. As I said, this is the second foil I've used -- I don't know why I feel like applying top coat to foils seems different from what I'm used to, but it does. And as a result, I need to be more careful, now that I've noticed part of my top coat is cracking in some areas. This did dry very quickly with Good to Go, but it wasn't 100% dent-proof when I went to bed, as I found some minor denting when I woke up the next morning.

Midnight Kiss is from last year's China Glaze 'Tis the Season to Be Naughty and Nice collection. I bought way too many polishes from that collection, and go figure -- I kept the most 'boring' colors! I can't remember where I bought mine, but it was either from Head2Toe or 8ty8beauty. I just did a Google search for it, and it's still floating around on Amazon if you want it!

And now for today's Christmas movie!

"I'd always thought what you did with Christmas was sort of a statement about where you stood in life. I was going to spend this Christmas the way I usually did: watching videos and getting drunk and stoned."

A lot of you named "Love, Actually" as your favorite holiday film in my giveaway entry form! I used to LOVE that movie until a few years ago, when I realized I actually (HA!) can't stand it. In any case, I'd rather talk "About a Boy" instead!

I think this may be the best film Hugh Grant will ever make. It's a credit to the source material, Nick Hornby's wonderful novel, and does a stellar job of staying true to the essence of the book and the characters even though the movie is set nearly a decade after the novel. It looks thoughtfully at relationships, and candidly depicts the subject of depression. It's moving and funny and so very British -- what's not to love?

If you need more swaying, look no further than Toni Collette. Flawless actress is flawless, y'all. And the music in this movie, written and performed by Badly Drawn Boy, has become one of my favorite albums. It's perfectly put together and I've been listening to it since I was 16!

Plot-wise, Hugh Grant's character, Will, leads a sleazy and posh but emotionally meaningless existence thanks to his father's royalties from a one-hit wonder Christmas song. After Will decides to start dating single mothers, his meeting with a boy named Marcus eventually makes him start to evaluate his own life. As Will bemusedly narrates, "Once you open your door to one person, anyone can come in." (Hence the "midnight kiss" -- Will meets a woman named Rachel at a New Year's Eve party.)

"About a Boy" sees Will through two Christmases. The script drills the point that "no man is an island" -- I love that message, and I especially love that this film reminds you that sometimes letting people into your life enriches everyone involved in a relationship, if you're willing to take that chance. It's something worth remembering whether you're at a high point or a low one in your life.

Here's one of the best scenes, where Will is confronted by Marcus' depressive mother, Fiona.

Another bonus is that if you're anything like me and tend to get your Pedobear on occasionally, you'll be happy to note that Nicholas Hoult, who plays Marcus, has grown up rather nicely. (See: "Skins" UK Series One, "A Single Man," and "X-Men: First Class.") But it's always nice to know that he has the talent to back up his good looks!


  1. I've looked at this polish many times but I'm not sure how close it is to my beloved OPI Glitzerland. It's the only gold foil I have but lately I've been wanting another one... Addiction is a terrible thing haha.

    And OMG the kid from "About A Boy" is Beast in "X-Men: First Class"?! MIND. BLOWN. I'm not sure how I feel about this haha. It's so much easier just to lust after Michael Fassbender in that movie! :)

  2. I think this gold looks fabulous on you! I know what you mean about golds and skin tones though, but this one looks great!

  3. YES. love that movie. plus i feel the same way about love, actually. i just can't do it..

    & this looks great on you! i barely wear gold/silver on its own, there's always something on top or marbled, though.

  4. @Chelsea: I don't have Glitzerland, but I really think it's less yellow than Midnight Kiss. Glitzerland would serve more as a neutral gold foil, I imagine. And YES. I liked "First Class," but I wasn't as in love with it probably because it wasn't my first X-Men movie. (This is not to say the first one could not have been improved significantly, but I still watch the shit out of it when it's on TV!)

    @Anne: Thank you!! It's so #firstworldproblems, but I guess it was worth the trouble. :)

    @Sarah: IDGI. I like Richard Curtis for the most part and I love the cast, but I cannot with that movie any more. Who knows? And thanks! :)

  5. Lovely looks great on you (and I think I got the same issue with my skin tone), do you think it´s similar to Orly´s Luxe? Julie

  6. @Julie: Hi Julie! Thanks for the comment and compliment! I also have Orly Luxe -- I think Midnight Kiss is a *bit* more yellow, but they're very close. Here's a comparison photo from AllYouDesire, hope it helps!

  7. Thanks a lot, love your blog, greetings from Argentina, Julie


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