Monday, December 19, 2011

Essie Going Incognito

The only reason this polish won out over Essie Smokin' Hot was because I'd worn this one as a pedi last year, but never as a full mani! And after one year, it's high time Going Incognito was taken for a holiday spin.

Don't you agree?

(I'm so sorry these photos look super grainy. I even re-did my nails to see if I could take better photos, and ... I couldn't. Maybe if I stopped buying polish and DVDs with my mad money, I could get a decent camera, but that'll be the day!)

Three coats with Essie Good to Go.

I'm not sure which kind of deep green this really is -- emerald? Forest? Hunter? Pine? Bottle? Whatever it is, this polish is a little lighter than these pictures make it out to be. However, you can see that it's got a kiss of teal in it to make it look bluer in low light. That can be nice, depending on whether your skintone can carry it off. It's such a gorgeous color. Ughhhhh.

This is a creme finish, but it's one of those slightly watery cremes that lacks the thickness of typical cremes and even some jellies. It looks kind of sparse on the first coat, though three will get it opaque. I would do the last coat thicker than the first two to cover up potential bald spots.

Going Incognito also was part of Essie's 2010 A Winter's Tale collection and one of my favorite winter pedi shades last year. (Hmm, if I keep blogging, maybe I can do a round-up of some of my favorite pedi shades, too ...) If you missed out on this polish, it's definitely available online, as well as the core Essie display at Ulta.

You can see that this polish made me die -- well, so did this movie! What are your feelings about Colin Farrell?

No, seriously, I'm going somewhere with this. Like Bruges. (It's in Belgium.)

The plot of "In Bruges," in a nutshell: A few days before Christmas, two hitmen are instructed by their boss to leave England and temporarily hide in Bruges after one of them botches a job. While biding their time, they take in Belgian cultural attractions and ponder matters of morality, guilt and redemption. They also run into Fleur Delacour and a dwarf actor on a movie set, which leads them to stir up even more mayhem during the short time they are supposed to be lying low.

I'm not sure what made me love this so much. Was it was Irish director/playwright Martin McDonagh's observational, dark humor, or the loltastic, winning performances by some of the greatest contemporary film actors across the pond? Ralph Fiennes clearly has the greatest time being nasty in this movie. Brendan Gleeson's performance basically reminded me why I love him to bits. Colin Farrell's, on the other hand, made me realize that he could in fact get IN my girly bits ... as long as he has a prescription for penicillin, because let's face it, YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE THAT'S BEEN.

This was kind of a big deal for me because most "bad boy" characters (who are not Taylor Kitsch in "FNL," George Clooney in "ER" or RDJ in general) are not my cup of tea. Never have been. For the entirety of his Hollywood film career, I thought Farrell was talented and charming but mostly kinda gross, and I mean ... "Alexander"? Really? But "In Bruges" was the movie that singlehandedly changed my opinion of him for the better. As far as I'm concerned, he deserved the Golden Globe he won for this movie. Also, he looks super fly in glasses, and I can always get behind that in a man. --Or under it, as the case may be. Ahem.

I couldn't decide which of two clips to post, one with Brendan Gleeson's character and a dwarf, or another with Colin Farrell and some American tourists. The Gleeson clip is a little bit funnier, but I've been waxing poetic enough about Farrell so I'll show you the one with him first.

... I want to go to there. (And by "there," I mean Bruges, not Colin Farrell. Yep. Totally what I meant.)


  1. I love Going Incognito! It's a shame Essie doesn't do more greens because the ones they do have are really cool. I've never seen "In Bruges" but it's a favorite movie of two of my old roommates. I am also of the opinion that Colin Farrell is *unclean* but maybe, like you, I'll have a similar change of heart about him if I watch this.

  2. I have this and just love it! Smokin Hot is on my wish list-thank you again for the surprise gift! You are so awesome!

  3. @Chelsea: Yes WATCH IT. I think this is the "cleanest" I have ever seen him look in a movie for a long time. Rent it, though -- totally worth it.

    @Fingers: You're so welcome. Can't believe you don't have Smokin' Hot! Seems like something you would have!

  4. @Selene and Theia: Thanks! It's a great polish. :)


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