Monday, December 5, 2011

Essie Masquerade Belle

Did you all know that today is the 220th anniversary of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's death?

I spent the morning doing some chores with the film "Amadeus" on in the background. I saw it for the first time when I was seven and I will never forget how much Commander from the "Don Giovanni" scenes freaked me the hell out (though in a not unpleasant way). Also, I'm pretty sure this movie was responsible for instilling in me the idea that masquerade parties and opera went together perfectly.

To better tie this polish with opera, I wore it
on Saturday when I attended the Met Opera's Live in HD broadcast of Handel's "Rodelinda," starring Renée Fleming. I'd never seen it before, and I don't think I've seen anything with countertenors featured quite so prominently. That was interesting. I generally adore whatever Ms. Fleming does, but something about the entire performance just felt ... off. The story seemed less like it was about Rodelinda and more like it was about everyone else vs. Grimoaldo and Garibaldo. I'm not completely sure which one of those two Gs is the Diet Coke of evil, but my gut says it's Grimoaldo.

Anyway ... Masquerade Belle.

Three coats with Essie Good to Go.

This is a lovely vampy red jelly with a good deal of brown. Here's what it looks like on the first coat.

It does build up to what you see in the pictures above. Three coats will make this more even; it wasn't a problem to apply at all. Essie makes divine jellies! I do think the smaller brush makes them easier to polish with, but that's just me.

The good thing about this polish is that it doesn't look like a blackened vampy, unless you have low lighting. Otherwise, it always looks red ... red with strong brown tones. The bad thing is that I don't think the brown tones work too well on me, so this one also goes to the swap box. I prefer the cooler reddish vampies like Essie Wicked, RGB Deep, butter LONDON La Moss, or even Rescue Beauty Lounge Moulin Rouge. --The closest dupe cousin I can think of RBL Moulin Rouge, but even that has stronger red tones.

Masquerade Belle is another Essie offering from last year's A Winter's Tale collection. The only two colors I haven't worn as a full mani or pedi so far are Luxedo and Silken Cord, and given my track record of sometimes not wearing polishes until two years after I get them, I'd say I'm doing pretty well so far, LOL. #firstworldproblems

And now for today's Christmas movie!:

Until Saturday night, I hadn't watched "Joyeux Noël" since discovering it three Christmas seasons ago. This sounds a little morbid, but I enjoy period war films. Historical accuracy is appreciated, though I certainly understand taking creative liberties as long as the filmmakers don't go too far or get too preachy. Preachiness is a dealbreaker for me -- I will take all the cheesiness given me as long as you don't get overly preachy. (A well-rounded cast doesn't hurt, either. Don't get me started on "Band of Brothers" ... LOVEEEEEEE.)

The events of "
Joyeux Noël" are based on the Christmas truce of 1914 (World War I) on the Western Front among the Scottish, French and German troops. The movie does a pretty good job of showing characters who are still having trouble adjusting to their lives as soldiers in the trenches. One of these men is German tenor Nikolaus Sprink. In addition to missing his Danish soprano lady friend, Sprink's commanding officer does not care for him as he thinks Sprink's artistic contributions to society rank lower than those of working men like farmers and builders.

This scene shows you the beginning of the truce on Christmas Eve. I started giggling toward the end of this clip, where Sprink
, singing "Adeste Fideles," picks up a Christmas tree and starts walking into no man's land. I don't know, I thought that was pretty cheesy. --Crucial, but cheesy.

If you like opera singers, bagpipes, Daniel Brühl and Guillaume Canet, or the softer side of war movies, definitely give
"Joyeux Noël" a watch. By the way, the opera singers featured in this movie are tenor Rolando Villazon and soprano Natalie Dessay, both of whom I love. :) Hooray for opera!


  1. I LOVE AMADEUS both the man and the movie!! He's my fave composer!! I am loving this Essie-it's going on the wish list!

  2. Haha I told you about my Amadeus obsession on twitter =) This color is TDF! A brown vampy jelly? I'm in love with it. I agree with fingers, this is going straight to the wishlist!


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