Tuesday, December 13, 2011

FingerPaints Winter Sky

Although I no longer frequent the MUA nail board, I miss seeing the regulars from last year who have become friends to me. However, I'm lucky to live near some great local nail board ladies, and I got to hang out with three of them over the weekend!!! I did some shopping with my favorite Miss LizzardVanReptile, watched 2/3 of "The Tenth Kingdom" with Tara and her kitty cat, and FINALLY got to meet Courtney for lunch! (More on this later. She's such a doll, in case you were wondering! I'm surprised lunch actually was eaten, because there was SO. MUCH. TALKING.)

I did this mani Saturday night when Tara and I were doing what my boyfriend snickered and described as "girl stuff" (so basically -- TV, nails, noms. Boys are so dumb. It's not like we had a pillowfight in our underwear, geez). It was mucho fun and I hope we can do it again soon! Plus, you really can't go wrong with a giant bag of Twizzlers and Cherry Coke Zero for a snack. (By the way, T is having a blog sale to help pay for a new car since her car got totaled in a storm last week -- please check out her blog and see if she can hook you up with anything nice!)

My nails look horrible in these pictures -- I was having one of my "I HATE FILING" nights.

Two coats with Essie Good to Go. Sorry the last shot is so off-center, but it was the best one I could get in the sun. :/

This is a lovely aqua-leaning teal/turquoise shade with silver shimmer. The shimmer is so subtle that it gives off more of a pearly effect indoors than a shimmer like China Glaze Frostbite, for example. Unless you are right under a light source, you can't really tell it's even there.

The formula for Winter Sky was thick, but totally manageable. It's opaque in two medium-thick coats; I honestly feel that I should have used three thin ones. It dried quickly with Essie Good to Go as a top coat -- there was little shrinkage, but gross chipping after one day!!! I'm not sure if the chipping can be attributed to the two thick coats I used or the one thick coat of top coat. :/ I remember using Good to Go with another FingerPaints a few months ago, Carnation Creation, without chipping for a few days, so I'll have to test this one again.

Also, this polish is super pigmented, so polish carefully to avoid stains! I double up on base coat -- I use Instant Artificials under Gelous when I'm afraid of stainy polishes and I've never had a problem.

Winter Sky is part of this year's FingerPaints Merry and Bright holiday collection, which is limited edition and currently available at Sally's. (GO GET IT BEFORE IT'S GONE!) This isn't a color I would usually think about during the holidays, but that (and my tens of other teal/turquoise shades) didn't stop me from buying it!

You know what this polish actually reminds me of? This Pipettes song. (
Yes, I own that CD. Yes, I listen to it in the car. Yes, it's terribad. I say this mostly because I'm more than okay with the harmonies and the melodies of the songs, but the lyrics are garbage.)

Now that I've established that I don't think Winter Sky is considered a "typical" holiday color, let me tell you about "Eastern Promises," a movie that I don't think would be considered a "typical" holiday movie.

First of all, no, this is not an indirect result of three years of seeing Viggo Mortensen on a movie screen during the holiday season in the Lord of the Rings movies. I just really like Cronenberg movies, and though I wasn't the biggest fan of "A History of Violence," I was excited to see Viggo star in another Cronenberg picture. The nekkid fighting scene in the sauna didn't hurt my eyes too much, either. Not. At. All.

This is not that scene, but it's the first one in which you can see that there's more to Viggo's character than you think. If you're doubting the Christmas tie-in, please note the lights behind Viggo's head. (The movie begins five days before Christmas, and ends on New Year's Eve, I believe.)

Aside from one pretty awful scene with Vincent Cassel being creepy about a prostitute, it's a good movie. (Hey, if my parents can like it ...) There's some great acting not just from Viggo, but also from Armin Mueller-Stahl and Vincent Cassel. Don't get me wrong, I love Naomi Watts, but her character isn't quite on the same level of badassery as these guys'. So if you like Russian mafia stories, tattoos, or Viggo doing naked sauna fighting, you'll LOVE this! Heaven knows I do.

By the way, I shouldn't be looking forward to seeing "A Dangerous Method," but I so am. For Viggo and Fassy, I'll put up with some crazy Keira Knightley.


  1. hah, i feel the sameeee way about the pipettes' lyrics. but they're so much fun to dance ridiculously to! and those harmonies make me happy.

    also, i like this, but not total love. i think i'm on an extended glitter kick and basically nothing else does it for me right now. sad for my poor cuticles, removal SUCKS lol

  2. @Sarah: Haha, I didn't think anyone would know what I was talking about when I mentioned them! Awesome! :D Yeah, you're probably foil methoding the shit out of your hands every time you put on the glittah. I could never!!

  3. Pull Shapes & Because it's not Love are my worst offenders haha. and either foiling or picking it off in class... both are not ideal haha


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