Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nicole by OPI Call Me Classy

I have a terrific lack of self-control when I see things on clearance, especially if said things are limited-edition polishes. I went to Target to buy a gift bag for my friend Krysi's birthday present last February, detoured by the main polish aisle, and walked out with this. (And the bag, of course.)

Four coats with SV.

If you're thinking that this is not the kind of polish I would usually wear, then you're right. It's not super-unique, either, but that's the power of clearance, I guess! Also, at the time I was still coming down from my four-month-old discovery of the beauty of super glowy shimmer finishes.

This is delightfully glowy. It's a cool-toned pink shimmer that appears warmer in sunlight and more magenta in artificial light. I tried taking pictures when I finally got some sun, but they were so washed out I didn't include them here. This polish applied easily, even if the formula was a little watery. I prefer the regular skinny brushes on the Nicole brand, which this collection has. I don't know why they switched to their new broom of a brush!

Call Me Classy was one of my three picks from last year's Shades to Crave holiday collection by Nicole by OPI. I believe this was available exclusively at Target. However, like I said, this is a pretty standard color -- I have no idea what a dupe would be, but I'm positive you could find one easily.

Switching gears now for the beloved holiday "classic" on tap for today --

-- THE. BEST. TEEN. HOLIDAY. MOVIE. EVER. Much like Kansas Hill, I will fight you. That's how strongly I feel about "Sugar & Spice"! In case you're wondering, Call Me Classy was the perfect polish to pair with this post (a nod of the head to Marley Shelton's character in the movie).

Even if you don't like teen movies (I generally don't -- I've only watched three others that I actually liked), I recommend this one to you solely because of James Marsden's adorable face. This man is a national treasure, even if, to quote a brilliant ONTDer, he's "the Ralph Bellamy of his generation." I love you, Prince Edward Scott Summers Corny Collins James.


The Christmas aspect of this movie is fairly light -- the A-squad of a high school cheerleading team plans a bank branch robbery for the day after Christmas. Can you feel the holiday cheer? My only quibble is that there's no way anyone can be seven months along with a pregnancy from a relationship that probably couldn't have been consummated before the start of the school year (I know, I think too much about dumb things ... like getting knocked up by James Marsden) -- but I don't know, I can't really turn down a movie with James Marsden AND a character who says things like this:
"Can you imagine Conan's head on Keanu's body? UNSTOPPABLE."

Now there's a girl after my own heart. GO WATCH THIS MOVIE.

(source, as far as I know: perpetually handchuffed)


  1. I love Sugar and Spice! Love this mani too, this color is right up my alley =)

  2. glowy polishes = love.
    & i've never seen that movie! you're adding so many different movies/shows to my viewing list... so much to watch over winter break! haha

  3. My fave teen movie is Breakfast Club-but I am way older than you! And I tend to veer off into the polish aisle often as well!!

  4. @Jacqui: This movie kills me with its hilariousness every time. LOL.

    @Sarah: I am a TV/movie enabler of the worst degree. Just warning you!!!

    @Fingers: I love watching movies no matter what the decade, and tried watching "The Breakfast Club" but couldn't get into it -- to be fair, I have that problem with John Hughes movies that aren't "Home Alone." LMAO.


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