Thursday, December 1, 2011

Orly Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

I'm having a hard time getting used to the idea that 2011 is almost over, which is highly ironic, considering that I've spent all of 2011 wanting it to be over. (And I do mean *all* of it ... since January 1st!) I don't mind saying to you, dear Internet, that this year has been downright horrible to me in the relationship and career sectors, and I'm more than ready to move the heck on!

In an effort to boost my mood (and maybe even yours), I'll be posting little Christmas-y tidbits on ye olde blog(e?) this month ... and that means I'll be digging into some of my holiday polishes! :)

I actually wore this one on Tuesday when I went out to dinner with my parents and their friends. There were so many hot topics of discussion at dinner that evening that their friends failed to comment on my nails -- I'm usually the recipient of some good-natured ribbing concerning my choice of colors. After what I got for SpaRitual Solitude, I thought I might have to spend approximately one course of the meal defending this polish. As it turned out, I didn't have to!

Three coats with SV. Could've used four.

Sometimes I run across some polishes that make me wish I had a better camera, because these pictures do not show you the full extent of the sparkle ... which oddly enough, didn't bother me!

I needed three coats because of the deep teal jelly base. Although this dried fairly quickly, I went ahead and waited in between coats because I know how gummy jellies can get, and wanted to avoid bald patches. As you can see from my ring and pinky fingers, that did not exactly happen! To be safe, I would recommend four thin coats.

At first I was worried that the glass fleck glitter wouldn't blend with the base color and this polish wouldn't really look green on me. WRONG! For some reason, it just works and I am not going to complain. The glass fleck glitter is distributed quite evenly throughout the polish, so it's just a matter of getting your coats to your desired opacity. As with all jellies, the more coats you pile on, the deeper your color will be. Depending on your angle, the glass fleck goes from greenish gold to a light blue teal, which is ridiculously pretty.

I have no idea how this compares to China Glaze Glittering Garland or even Zoya Ivanka. However, I'm willing to bet that this Orly has a base color with more teal than the China Glaze, and I'm most likely way out of the field with the Zoya.

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe is from last year's 'Tis the Season holiday collection from Orly. I bought my bottle earlier this year when it was on clearance at Sally's, thinking it would be a good swap item. Obviously it never made it to my swap box!; not too long after purchasing this bottle, I discovered this color was added to the core Orly line at Sally's. Sally's is my favorite place to get Orlys, since they sell them for $5.99 and have the best B2G1 deals! I might have said something about it before, but I love the core Orly line at Sally's much more than the core Orly line at Ulta. There's just more win to choose from. :)

This polish is not the only Christmas-y thing I've got in store for you today! No, I have some Christmas music. Sort of. GET EXCITED.

This time three years ago, my ex-roommate and I became huuuuuuge fans of the HBO drama "Big Love." We'd blown through the first two seasons via OnDemand in order to get caught up before the third one premiered, and it did not disappoint. When HBO released "A Juniper Creek Christmas" in December 2009 to promote the fourth season, I literally cannot think of any other phrase to adequately describe our excitement and amusement other than "we lost our shit." --But to be fair, if you were a slightly bigger fan of the Grants than the Henricksons, you would've, too.

Anyway, let's let (Prophet) Roman Grant make the introduction ...

You can go here to download this song as well as the other seven songs on the album. I have fond memories of my ex-roomie and me putting on "We Three Wives" and "Deck the Compound" and giggling so hard we could barely breathe (this goes double for every time we saw a Hummer). I think she even burned these onto CDs as gifts for some of her friends, LMAO.

Any thoughts on Orly Meet Me Under the Mistletoe? Do you miss "Big Love" (or just the first three seasons, as I do)? Now I want to bust out my Seasons 1-3 DVDs and have a "Best of Roman Grant" party! Who wants to come over?


  1. Duuuuuude, get outta my HEAD! Not suggesting that I may or may not actually have a calendar of manis planned out for December (spoiler alert: I do!), but MMUtM is slated for next Monday's mani! Or maybe the week after. I dunno, but it's coming soon, and I'm excited!!

    Also excited for Richmond playdate! *dances and throws confetti*

  2. you're right, Glittering Garland is definitely more green than blue. so i can justify having them both ;]

    also, in reference to "ye olde blog(e)", i used to pronounce that extra e on the end of words like "shoppe" = "shop-ay" when i was younger..

    another also, i really want to start watching Big Love. maybe i'll start over break! :]

  3. @Courtney: I'm REALLY excited! I meant to tell you that your boy JGL was spotted at Ipanema a few nights ago. ;) I have NO IDEA what I'm going to wear when we meet up! Red? Blue? Please advise! Also, I have no idea if this blog still will be kicking in a year, so I'm going to have my fun now.

    @Sarah: Ahaaaaaa. Don't twist my arm or anything! ;) ;) LOL that reminds me of "Psych," when Shawn kept going on about opening up "Ye Olde Ice Creame Shoppe." I think it was an amazing show up until its last two seasons -- they had a shorter episode run, so too much got crammed into each episode and not enough was resolved properly, if at all. But it was really something!

  4. OMG I LOVE BIG LOVE!!!! The series finale kind of ruined it for me, my husband had to all but hold me back from punching the TV, lol! So yes, the first 3 seasons were fantastic =)

    And I love this polish, it looks fantastic on you! I'm not sure why I don't own it yet, but I'm glad to know that it is core at Sally's. I will definitely pick it up on my next trip!

  5. I LOVE Big Love! Nicki was my absolute favorite. She always got into so much trouble and refused to own up to it haha. The scene when she shoves Roman down the stairs was the best.

    I would also agree with you (and Sarah) that Glittering Garland is greener than this polish. Both are so beautiful though!

  6. @Jacqui: Okay. I'll come to your house, then. We can snuggle with your dogs, yes? :-P And you so need to pick this up next time you go! :)

    @Chelsea: That scene where she was on the phone with Suze Orman was GOLD, I tell you! I loved watching her crazy parents and Alby, but damn if the series finale wasn't a f***ing cop-out!!!

  7. @ Rach, I feel the same way about Psych.. I miss it, I think I might start from the beginning and watch them all.... hmm, so many shows to watch!

  8. I have both MMUM and Glittering Garland, and once I wore GG I knew I had to do a comparison. I blogged about it last week. I do love this kind of green, don't think anyone should have to defend it!


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