Monday, December 31, 2012

Gift of Fab: Essie Leading Lady

A while back on Twitter, Madeline confessed she'd turned into the kind of person who enjoys giving people presents from her pets. I said I would totally love a present from Maeby and Shirley (her rat babies) and that by "I," I meant Sterling Meowlory.

I received her/their package in the mail a couple of weeks ago. My evening had not been off to a good start -- sometimes my dad's "you should become a speech therapist just like Geoffrey Rush in 'The King's Speech'" thing makes me laugh; other times, it makes me rage cry. Guess which one it was for me that night. I totally was on the rag, too, so I was a hot emotional mess. When I came home and saw this package, I almost cried again because ... well, look at it.

These are some of my favorite things: novelty Christmas collars, Clinique Dramatically Different (my HG facial moisturizer), a box of Trader Joe's holiday tea (considering how quickly my store sold out of these last year, it's always good to have an extra box!) ... and a bottle of Essie Leading Lady, straight off my wish list.

Thank you, Madeline, Maeby and Shirley! (And Wolfman.)

Three coats with Essie Good to Go.

As soon as this polish came out, everyone immediately wondered whether it was a dupe for Essie Ruby Slippers, which I think of as Essie's second hardest to find shade (the first being SSN, of course). Several comparisons have been made that show Ruby Slippers is warmer than Leading Lady, so while they're not 100% dupes, Leading Lady is as close as a lot of us are going to get to it.

The formula on this one was sort of gummy the longer the bottle was open. It wasn't hard to work with, but I think it would benefit from some thinner the next time I use it. Since the glitter is a little bigger and coarser, it doesn't dry completely smooth on the nail (but it does dry fast). It's a little bumpy and gritty, but not to the point where China Glaze Ruby Pumps or even China Glaze Blue Sparrow were. I should have put Gelous over it before I applied top coat, though. Next time! BTW, removal suuuuuuucks. You should prepare to foil this one off.

Leading Lady is the eponymous polish headlining this year's Essie winter collection, which is available pretty much everywhere -- my gifted bottle happens to be the retail version, so I guess it's up to you to decide whether you'd like to go retail or salon with your bottles. If history is any indicator, I think this collection will be added to Essie's core line, as previous holiday polishes have been in the past.

I FINALLY sat down and watched the TV version of Ingmar Bergman's 1982 creeper holiday classic (to me, at least) "Fanny och Alexander" recently, and was trying to figure out how to work it into the blog. Since I don't have a Christmas ghost/Christmas spirit-themed polish, I thought Leading Lady would be perfect because Fanny and Alexander Ekdahl's father managed the family theater company. Their mother was an actress in the company, as was their grandmother, in her youth. The movie begins with the theater's Christmas pageant and their Christmas party, followed by the Ekdahl family Christmas party.

Let me say a couple of things about these Christmas party scenes. One, I am forever fascinated with how other cultures celebrate Christmas (shockingly, I remain ignorant of how the motherland does Christmas), and this was a LOT of fun to watch. You think the "Downton Abbey" Christmas dinners are elaborate? LOL ... not even close. Watch this. Two, party scenes are great for introducing characters -- in "Fanny och Alexander," you might as well take notes because there are just about as many characters here as in a Russian novel. Three, all the adults seemed so OLD. The kids' dad was SO OLD. I almost thought he looked older than his mother. And his wife was a total babe. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Is it the lure of the theater? Is it Magic? Is it ... Sweden? No, tell me!

"Fanny och Alexander" is said to be Bergman's "swan song" and his most autobiographical film. However, I've only seen two other Bergman movies in my life, "The Seventh Seal" and "Wild Strawberries," so I can't give you a quick analysis of how "F&A" fits into his ouevre. It's probably not a huge observation in the scheme of film appreciation, but this was the first Bergman movie I watched in technicolor, as the other two I named were shot in black-and-white. It was, however, just as eerie. There are ghosts. There's magic. There are creepy puppets and, well, Ismael. I can't say anything more than that. Just expect THE CREEPS. You'll know when you get to it. IF you can get to it.

Here's the Criterion trailer. It more or less shows you everything that happens in the movie, but ... hey.

If you're going to watch this movie, please do yourself a favor and rent the TV version. Yes, there are two versions of this movie: the 188-minute feature film version, and the 312-minute, two-disc TV version which was broken into four parts and televised as a miniseries in Sweden. (Netflix has both versions available as DVD rentals.) I do feel that the TV version fleshes things out a bit more to my satisfaction than the feature film does. Just be mindful that unless you are dedicated, you are not going to finish watching this in one night.

And so ends another (if somewhat abbreviated) year of Stuff's Christmas polish and movie posts. I hope you enjoyed them! If you have Leading Lady, what do you think? Is it a great polish? Can you live without it? Is it a good choice for "Fanny och Alexander"? Are you a Bergman fan? Do you think that this movie should have been called simply "Alexander" because it's really about him and not Fanny?

Thanks so much again for sending me this polish, bb! <3 It's going to become a favorite, I can tell.

One last thing ... I'm sure you're dying to see Sterling Meowlory Archer in the collars Madeline sent. One of them had tiny jingle bells affixed to the front, so BF and I couldn't get him to wear that one -- Sterling was more interested in playing with the bells than wearing them. Here's best picture I got of him wearing the other collar.

SO HAMSOME. So dapper. Thank you, Madeline!

I am slowly getting back in the swing of eating solid food, OMG YAY. But I'll be spending NYE with my parents at their home. I think I may journey up to see BF, Sterling and a friend of mine tomorrow -- we'll see. In any case, thank you for reading my blog in 2012! I wish you all a healthy, prosperous 2013 full of attainable lemmings.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a 2012 blog wrap-up! You can expect swatches to resume in the next few days. Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

All I want for Christmas ...

... is to not be a mouthbreather.

I would have posted my Christmas nails today, but I am too sick for nails.

Yesterday, I got the flu. I think it started when I shivered so hard the other night, I couldn't sleep. I shivered the entire drive home to my parents' house -- so badly, in fact, that I may or may not be guilty of knee driving. (I know we all do it ... we shouldn't.) By the time I got home, I could not get warm. I went out to dinner with my family and shivered the whole time. It probably did not help that I was seated near the window. The pharmacies had closed by that point, so my dad hooked me up with some Tamiflu after dinner.

This has been such a weird Christmas. My mom and my aunt are in the motherland, and my cousin did not come home. Oddly enough, as disappointed as I am about not partaking in our unofficial family tradition of going to the movies on Christmas Day, I think I'm actually more bummed about missing Christmas Mass. Left to my own devices, I never go to church, but Christmas Mass is one of the best church celebrations. I also think this is the first Christmas that I won't be seeing any friends at home, so it's a little lonely in that sense.

HOWEVER. I may be hacking up a lung and burning up in my pajamas, so I can't spam you with nails ... but I can spam you with shots from the botanical garden holiday light show. BF took me there on Saturday night. After seeing my friends' photos pop up on Facebook over the past month, I'd been wanting to go. This year's theme was East Meets West, and it was beautiful.


As we got to the unicorn, a small child shrieked, "A UNICORN! I LOVE it!!"

Part of the Children's Garden, lit up

After freezing and taking eleventy billion pictures at Lewis Ginter, we went to go look at tacky lights. In Richmond, the Tacky Light Tour is a huge deal during the Christmas season. A list is posted of all the houses in the city and immediate surrounding area with tacky light displays. Some people even go balls out by renting limousines and drinking bubbly. It's a lot of fun. I didn't have a car in college, so after that I've made a point to drive through some West End and Southside neighborhoods. There are some pretty incredible (and incredibly tacky) displays, but our favorite one is in Southside, in the Brandermill area. This is why:

Who doesn't love a Yeti? His house wins all the awards in his neighborhood.

We saw this in a different neighborhood, and we had to stop and get out of the car to take this picture.


I hope you all have a very merry Patrick Swayze Christmas at your (road)house with your next of kin. I hope I'm recovered enough to hit the after-Christmas sales tomorrow, but until then, I'll be here, drinking chamomile tea from this here vessel ...

One of several Christmas gifts from BF.
Chelsea, I think you need one.

I am far away from Sterling Meowlory, but he would like to wish you a very Meowy Christmas, too.

Cat bow tie from Parkside Design Studio

Thursday, December 20, 2012

They serve pancakes in hell: Nicole by OPI Faux Fir

It turned out the second time was the charm, because Morgan e-mailed me on Tuesday with her contact info. Yay! I ordered her DVD and I shipped her prizes yesterday. Thanks for reading my blog, Morgan! Enjoy your goodies. :)

It's also my parents' 30th wedding anniversary, so snaps to them. This year is a little sad because my mother is still out of the country, and we can't celebrate together, but my dad and I were able to Skype with her last night. I have no strong desire to get married and have children, but if I do, I hope I am as patient with my kids as my parents have been with me for the past three years.

Now let's kick off this VERY late nail post with a confession: I love buddy movies.

But not, shall we say, the Vince Vaughn or "Hangover" type movies that are so prevalent these days. No. No, fuck that shit. Hells, no. From this day forward, let it be known that Stuff stans for Harold & Kumar. "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle" is one of my favorite movies, so after being underwhelmed by "Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay" -- seriously, I think laughed five times -- I tried not to get my hopes up for last year's latest addition to the franchise, "A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas."

You know what, though? That movie was AWESOME. I loved the throwbacks to "White Castle," the Christmas claymation, the NPH song-and-Christmas dance number, Wafflebot, the return of Rosenberg & Goldstein, and especially Danny Trejo in a Christmas sweater. Yup.

I think I could do an entire week of blog posts on this movie alone. For the purposes of this blog, however, there was no other choice except this lovely NOPI from three Christmases ago.

Three coats with SV. Sorry some of them aren't focused properly, but you can see how rich this color is.

Faux Fir reminds me an awful lot of two polishes: one of my all-time favorites, Nicole by OPI Fell from the Tree, and butter LONDON British Racing Green. However, I don't think Faux Fir is a dupe for either of them. Fell from the Tree is more vibrant and less blue. Sadly, I don't have British Racing Green with me so I cannot make a better analysis for you right now, but it did strike me as pretty close.

Since this is an older NOPI, the brush is skinny. (Yay!) The polish in  my bottle had started to separate, so I had to roll it around for a minute. It was fine after that. The formula was on the thin side, but it covered well enough after two coats, but I would recommend three to get the true richness of this green. Dry time was fast with SV, and I wore this for five days with minimal tip wear. I only had one chip, and that was on the nail that broke a couple of weeks ago.

This shade is discontinued, but I found my bottle a couple of years ago on AveYou for $8. I think you still might be able to get it there if you really want it.

Faux Fir really is the perfect polish to go with "A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas." There's a bit where Carlos, Harold's father-in-law (Danny Trejo in a Christmas sweater) arrives at Harold's house on Christmas Eve, sees Harold's Christmas tree, and asks if it's a fake tree. No, says Harold, it's faux, and then Carlos asks if he's planning to have a faux Christmas. Then he has some family members bring in a Fraser fir he grew himself.

This family-grown tree is tradition, so after Kumar ruins Carlos' tree (not really a spoiler, IMO. Think about Kumar. He WOULD), Harold takes it upon himself to find a last-minute replacement while his in-laws attend midnight Mass. After a few false starts, Harold and Kumar are mistaken for dancers in a holiday musical revue ... and cue the obligatory Neil Patrick Harris cameo. I really think this one of the best parts of the entire movie.

Fair warning: If your sense of humor is a little more highbrow, you might not appreciate what happens 40 seconds into this clip. When I saw this movie in 3D last year, my entire theater just about died laughing at that point.

I've never seen the unrated version of this movie, so I can't recommend that one over the regular version to you at this time. As it is, though, the regular version is great. I know he's pretty respected among the Broadway crowd, but I really think "White Castle" is what catapulted NPH back into the mainstream, which was released at least a year before "How I Met Your Mother" started, IIRC. (Does anyone remember "Stark Raving Mad" and how much THAT blew chunks? Because I do, and ... yeah.)

I guess what I'm saying is that if you love stoner comedies, buddy movies and NPH, then you need to see this movie. (And "White Castle." You can skip "Guantanamo.") I think it hits all the marks it was aiming for, especially with the idea of having a best friend you never talk to anymore. Most 20-somethings have at least one of those. I know I do. And for some bizarre reason, my parents enjoyed "White Castle." I do not understand this. Maybe it was the novelty of seeing a Korean actor and an Indian actor in the lead roles -- which I feel obliged to say SHOULD NOT be a novelty, but that's Hollywood for you. I don't know. But my dad got a little excited about knowing there was a Harold & Kumar Christmas movie, even though the humor probably escapes him.

I'm fresh out of what normally would be my usual attempt at a witty wrap-up. I'll just say I would love to read any comments you have to share with me about this NOPI, any of the Harold & Kumar movies, this clip, NPH, pancakes vs. waffles, recreational drug use in college, the representation of minorities in Hollywood (or lack thereof), whatever. SPILL! And thank you for reading!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New ROYGBIV Holiday Giveaway winner

I know some of us get extra busy during the holidays, which may be why I never heard back from my original giveaway winner. But rules are rules, so for the first time, I had to select a new giveaway winner.

Morgan H. (mhouston1861), come on down!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations, Morgan! Morgan's favorite holiday movie is "It's a Wonderful Life." (Maybe I should consider popping an Adderall and watching this someday.) Please e-mail me within the next 24 hours with your address to confirm your win, so that I can get these goodies and your brand new copy of "About a Boy" on DVD to you by Christmas!

So that's that, and to cover my bases, here's the screenshot from Sunday, when I announced the original winner. I hope I hear from Morgan soon so I don't have to choose yet another one! :/

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rach's 2nd ROYGBIV Holiday Giveaway winner is ...

Congratulations, Tanya P.!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please e-mail me within the next 24 hours to confirm your win and send me your address!

Tanya has won a copy of "In Bruges" on DVD in addition to all these goodies. I'll order this as soon as I hear from her. And in naming her favorite Christmas movie, she had this to say: "I've wanted a mogwai ever since I saw Gremlins. I love that movie. So campy, so 80's."

Tanya. SERIOUSLY. You are a girl after my own heart. Let's be friends.

Thank you to all of you who entered this contest and pimped it out, and also for reading Stuff. It means a lot to me! I know this isn't the most srs bidnuss nail blog out there (really, it's a nail diary) but it's fun, which is all that matters. :) Also fun: hosting this giveaway and hearing everyone's favorite Christmas movie. Please don't hurt me for never being able to make it through "It's a Wonderful Life." I've tried, and I can't do it. (And I LOVE Jimmy Stewart.)

In closing, an observation: I happened to notice that I had less entrants in this holiday giveaway this year than I did last year. I wonder if that's because (A) this blog is a more casual nail blog than most, and more of a niche thing than a thing thing, (B) because I didn't pimp it as much as I could have, or (C) simply because there are more nail blogs now than there were a year ago. Whatever the reason is, it's still very interesting to think about. Real life hasn't permitted me the time I need to seriously consider what I would need to do to help Stuff grow, but perhaps the holiday will be the right time to think about any short- and long-term blogging goals, or whether I have any in the first place.

Although I now have this holiday giveaway under my belt, I plan on having four more Christmas polish and movie posts up before the end of the month. Call me delusional, but sometimes I think I could give ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas a run for its money with my own Christmas programming!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Monet mani: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Plaid About You + ROYGBIV Holiday Giveaway reminder

Last reminder: My U.S. readers have until 11:59 p.m. to enter or complete entries for my 2nd ROYGBIV Holiday Giveaway! I plan to announce the winner tomorrow afternoon, but if I get stuck at work, that announcement will come tomorrow evening. Please be patient. Thank you all for entering and reading -- I appreciate it. :)

On to the post:

To me, no color scheme or pattern says Christmas quite like plaid -- or tartan, as it seems to be known outside of North America. In addition to gingerbread and truffles, I have a terrible weakness for Walkers Shortbread biscuits during this time of year. (You should see me at TJ Maxx ... whooboy. No clothes, just a box of Walkers and a bag of Lindor truffles.)

Last holiday season, Sally Hansen released a limited edition line of Christmas- and winter-inspired patterns in its Salon Effects line of nail strips. I remember taking essential items like dryer sheets and laundry detergent out of my basket at Target so I could purchase the Plaid About You set.

I've never used nail strips before, so I wasn't expecting an easy time of it, especially when considering the fact that I have a way of complicating the simplest things. And as you're about to see from my results ... yuck.

So here's what the set looked like in the box and with its contents removed:

A lot of you might have used strips before, but some of you may be n00bs like me and have not. According to the instructions, you're supposed to match each strip to one that would fit your nail plate, and there are at least eight sizes per packet for you to try. Once you've done that, you can peel off the backing and apply each strip to the nail plate, one finger at a time. Then you file off the excess strip with the smooth end of the enclosed file. Simple enough, right? Not if you're me.

I topped each finger with SV, and opted to skip using base coat on my left hand, although I used it on my right one. I will say that while base coat isn't necessary, it does help the strip adhere much better to the nail plate. It does, however, make the removal process -- which is the same as you would remove nail polish, with a cotton ball/felt strip and acetone -- a little harder. That's just my observation.

I started with my right hand and pretty much botched the strips when I tried filing the excess off.

And here's the left, which did not fare much better. It is less heinous but still undeniably janky.


Obviously, all unsightliness you see here is 100% user error. Depending on how you look at it, this mani was either a fantastic fail ... or, to borrow from Cher Horowitz, a Monet (all right from far away, a hot mess up close). But would I use nail strips again? I don't see why not. Practice is supposed to make perfect, or pretty close to it. It's not like I don't have back-ups of these strips from the clearance bin or anything. ;) I do think it's worth noting that nail strips are more problematic for those with curvier nails. I also think that top coat is necessary and that should you choose to apply it, you should treat your nails the same way you would if you had polish on (that is, give yourself time to dry so you don't dent your strips up). Lastly -- and this is probably my reluctance to do nail art/strips/embellishment speaking -- immediately while the strips are drying post-top coat, they just feel WEIRD, like little bits of tape stuck on your free edges. It took me an evening to get used to it. I put these on last night, but I'll probably remove them tonight after church.

Like I said, I found these strips at Target last year, but if you want this particular pattern, try checking Five Below, where I found different patterns from last year. I did hit up Big Lots earlier this week to buy gift bows and found a box of ONLY Plaid About You sets for $3 each, which is as good a deal as you would have gotten from Target clearance.

The real question is probably why I opted to do nail strips ... in PLAID. In short, the answer: "Return to Cranford."

A lot of Christmas movies and television specials are about the family you're born into. "Return to Cranford" strikes me more than its predecessor as being about the importance of community and about the friends who are family when you are old. To me, there's something very beautiful about the idea of growing old in a place you love, among your oldest and dearest friends, the people who know you best. This .gif from years ago nicely sums up my post-"Cranford" feelings BEFORE I found out "Return to Cranford" was happening:

(source: fandomsecrets)

YOU GUYS. MY HEART. I DVRed "Return to Cranford" on PBS that winter and later bought the DVD as a present for my mother (translation: for me), so now I can watch it whenever I wish. And after the horrific events in Connecticut yesterday, I really needed Miss Matty Jenkyns and her delightful friends to cheer me up.

"Return to Cranford" is a two-part miniseries that takes place one year after the first series ended, but it nicely updates you to what has happened to the town and its inhabitants since the events of the first series. I have a slightly softer spot in my heart for "Return to Cranford" now because I am, shall we say, more of a Miss Matty than a Miss Deborah; I think "Return to Cranford" was criticized for lacking some of the sharpness from the original series, which I interpret as being part of Dame Eileen Atkins' character (Miss Deborah), who "set the standard" for the main characters' "small society." On the other hand, Dame Judi Dench's character (Miss Matty) is the heart of "Return to Cranford," which sees her struggle with being alone for the first time in her life and make decisions she never had to before.

If the arrival of the railway is the catalyst for not only economic and industrial change in Cranford, but also social change, then how the characters adapt to such changes is the underlying theme. One of the best bits involves Barbara Flynn's character (the widowed Mrs. Jamieson, who dresses her lapdog similarly to herself) snubbing her friends by telling them not to call on the widowed Lady Glenmire, Mrs. Jamieson's sister-in-law visiting from Scotland. Prior to this injury, the ladies had been planning to wear shawls and hats with plaid to celebrate Lady Glenmire's visit and Scottish heritage. Lady Glenmire eventually discovers the reason for the absence of social callers and invites the ladies over one night, and everyone is friends again until she marries an upstanding member of the town, which Mrs. Jamieson and Miss Pole cannot accept. This clip shows a little of the party, and is one of the best scenes in "Return to Cranford."

Why yes, that is Miss Marple (Julia McKenzie, playing Mrs. Forrester in "Cranford") singing.

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that "Return to Cranford" was my introduction to Disney prince Hiddles (Tom Hiddleston), who went on to play Loki in "Thor" and "The Avengers." If you had told me back in 2010 that he would be Loki, I wouldn't have believed you. This also was my introduction to Michelle Dockery, or Lady Mary Crawley from "Downton Abbey" (ugh forever at that series). Overall, there are a lot of familiar faces from British stage, film and BBC productions, which I feel helps drive home the coziness of Cranford society and being amongst friends. (Like you needed more proof that I AM actually a spinster in training ...)

SO. What do you think these nail strips? I think the pattern is cute, though I could use more practice. Have you tried Sally Hansen's strips, or another company's?

More importantly: If your mom/aunt/grandma/loser friend has a copy of any Cranford DVDs, you should borrow them and report back to me. If you've seen either or both of these series, tell me what you thought. It's always nice to connect with other "Cranford" lovers. One last note: If you watch "The Hobbit" this weekend and cannot get enough of sexy dwarf Richard Armitage, I insist that you watch the 2004 "North & South" miniseries, as he's perfect and the end is so romantic and it's a great introduction to Elizabeth Gaskell's work. From there, you can move on to "Cranford" (it was based on some of Gaskell's Cranford stories) and "Wives & Daughters." You can thank me later.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to see if I can find a seafoam green turban like the one Miss Matty so longed for. I think I could pull it off.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pink Wednesday, holiday edition: OPI You Only Live Twice

Real life hasn't left me much time to blog over the past few days. But here we are ... another day, another OPI Skyfall. I thought OPI You Only Live Twice was the less flaky-looking counterpart of OPI Meep-Meep-Meep from last year, and though I don't have OPI Let Me Entertain You, this strikes me as a deeper, richer shade.

Here, have some pictures. I had trouble picking out the usual 5-6 best ones, hence the TEN you're about to see.

It's not as red on me as it looks. I've seen this polish pull differently on different skin tones, so it can look anything from red with berry sparkle (warm) to berry with pink sparkle (cool). Also, You Only Live Twice is a BEAST to capture on camera because of that AND the glass fleck. I haven't seen a blogger capture it to its fullest yet. If you have this, then you know I didn't, either!

Three coats with SV. Apologies for the dry cuticles. I have no idea why they look like that, because I moisturized. Whuh?

If you love berry shades, glass flecks, and holiday OPI exclusives, you 100% need this polish. This is so beautiful. I put on three coats, but you could get by with two. I just think three really brings out the glass fleck. I had no formula or application issues, and I've been wearing this for two days, so whoohoo. Nothing groundbreaking to say on that front.

Now if it's "another day, another OPI Skyfall," then ... another day, another Criterion DVD. Today's selection is "Cronos," a 1993 Mexican vampire movie, director Guillermo del Toro's first feature film and completely a Rachel Christmas movie. In fact, I wanted to blog this movie last year, but I ran out of time and figured seven movies was a good enough number for the month.

I passed up OPI Die Another Day for leaning too orange, or I would have paired "Cronos" with that polish. As it is, though, I think You Only Live Twice will suffice nicely for a vampire horror film. I'm not huge on horror films (I just never got around to really making a thorough study of the genre) and admittedly I haven't watched too many Mexican films, but if there are more good ones like "Cronos," SIGN ME UP. It took me a couple of watches to catch on to the vampire thing, because it was actually really ... subtle. I find most movies tend to hit you over the head with the vampirism, or get too bogged down presenting their own twist on it, so kudos to GDT. Real horror fans might find the pacing and buildup too slow, but they worked for me.

Here, peep the trailer.

If you're not a GDT devotee or *that* into vampire horror movies, then at least watch this for Ron Perlman. Confession: I LOVE GDT's Hellboy movies -- sure, they were great visually, but Ron effing Perlman, you guys. Ugh. He's the best. Anyway, after the "Beauty and the Beast" TV show (the one with Linda Hamilton, and the one where he lived in the sewers) and long before he became Hellboy for GDT, he was Angel de la Guardia in "Cronos." NGL, his character is a dick, but also provides some of the humor and comic relief in what is otherwise a pretty honest and touching movie. With corpses. And subtitles. Oh, and some good old-fashioned thematic symolism: the main character's name is "Jesus Gris," and I just said Ron Perlman's character was named Angel de la Guardia. And did I mention this takes place between Christmas and New Year? --Good God, it's been nearly ten years, but IB English has done a number on me.

SO. Any thoughts on You Only Live Twice or why it's such a beast to photograph? Anyone else seen "Cronos" or think GDT needs to make JUST ONE MORE Hellboy movie before Ron Perlman gets too old? (JUST ONE MORE.) Who else agrees that "YOLO" is for kids who are too dumb for "carpe diem"? Sigh. Thanks for reading, and if you decide to rent "Cronos" on Netflix via DVD ... you're welcome. I forgot to add that even my father liked the movie, so there's that.

Just thought I'd plug my 2nd ROYGBIV Holiday Giveaway again -- you've got just under three more days to enter!

Also, I just realized this OPI works for these purposes:

Time to do a skanky victory dance to "Jingle Bell Rock." Now THAT truly would be a holiday horror movie.