Thursday, January 12, 2012

BB Couture for Men Sexy Centerfold

Continuing my (apparent) trend of square bottles in the new year, here is a polish I've been waffling on for some time. IDK, you guys.

Three coats with SV.

If you really like grass greens or even military greens, you need this Sexy Centerfold! This is a beautiful grass green with a pinch of grey-blue in the base and threaded with lovely silver shimmer that BB Couture does so well. Its formula was on the thick side (perhaps it's the shimmer?) but very workable, and I used three medium-thick coats. It dries quickly with SV, as most of my BB Coutures do.

Sexy Centerfold was part of the limited edition Eye Candy for Men collection that debuted last summer. I don't see this listed on OverallBeauty's site, but it is on the BB Couture site. Alternately, your best bet for this polish would be to stalk swap lists, blog sales, or even close dupe Barielle Positive Zen-ergy (check out this comparison on Kellie Gonzo's blog).

I like this, but not enough to keep it -- in addition to how this polish brings out all the red in my skin, I don't see myself saying, "YEAH BUDDY, LET ME SHOW YOU MY SEXY CENTERFOLD! ... no ... not that kind ..." in the future. So away this must go.

What do you think about this color? I have one more pick from the Men's collection that I hope to show you next month. Don't tell my bottle of Silver Fox, but I think this last one may be my favorite of the Eye Candy for Men collection!


  1. i really like this! i like the shimmer in it! very pretty!

  2. Square bottles rule. They fit so much better in my Melmer. Imagine the amount of empty space I waste!

  3. @Morgan: Thanks! It's lovely but not quite my speed. Maybe it needs more yellow?

    @Lauren: YES. Right? Especially because you don't need a second Melmer ... nope ...


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