Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Red Carpet

I resisted wearing this for pretty much forever until this post on LacquerandLattes happened. (Go check out that blog -- it's new, but it's verrrry promising! Some great pics and more recipes to come!) At the time, I was plugging away with my Christmas movie posts, so I couldn't break it out.

But it just so happens the Golden Globe Awards are tomorrow night. It's funny, because I find that I care less and less about awards shows as I get older. The only reason I actually prefer the Golden Globes to the Oscars is because television is included as a category and until recent years, I could count on the Hollywood Foreign Press & Co. to drum up some solid nominees. Also, Ricky Gervais is back to host. I love him, but damn. After what I caught on TV last year, I didn't think they'd have him back, LOL!

So ... Red Carpet. My aunt, whose birthday is today (yay!), really liked this one. And let me tell you it sparkles in low lighting like nothing else I have.

The last two pics are the most color-accurate I could get; the first two attempt to show how crazy the sparkle is in sunlight.

Three coats with SV.

Red glitter suspended in a red jelly base = pure awesomesauce. The formula was great and it was easy to control even with the long brush stem, and it dried it quickly with SV to a smooth finish. I had a little shrinkage after one day. (None of these pics show the depth of the red jelly base -- I think the red sparkle was freaking out my camera and making the sparkle orange.)

Dupe-wise, I think this is the cheapest alternative to China Glaze Ruby Pumps, butter LONDON Chancer, and OPI Speak for Your-Elf! (a limited edition holiday 2011 Ulta exclusive). There may be some minor differences with formulation, ease of application and jelly-to-glitter ratio, but I don't know precisely what those would be. My bottle came from Walgreens during a B1G1 50% off sale, though I don't think XtremeWears are ever more than $2.99 regularly, so they won't break the bank.

What do you think of Red Carpet? Do you find the word "nominee" as hilarious as I do? (It has the word "nom" in it ... NOM!) Any particular nominees you're rooting for tonight***, or are you just in it for ~The Fashion~? (Or Ricky Gervais?)

I might make a half-assed attempt at watching it, but let's be real ... I'll probably end up turning the TV to PBS if "Downton Abbey" is on. (I'm not in love with "Downton Abbey," but I am having major "Masterpiece" withdrawal!)

***Idris Elba and "Game of Thrones" better take some awards home. I also would be rooting for Jeremy Irons because my love for him is so enormously inappropriate (he can read me the phone book backwards and forwards), but "The Borgias" was just embarrassingly bad television and honestly, he's done better.


  1. I'll be casually watching the Gold Globes, mostly to root for Game of Thrones and possibly throw things if they don't get an award.. But no big deal. Have you read the books?? They completely consumed me for months till I finished all the ones that are out.

    & this is a great polish on you! I have Ruby Pumps, but I'm pretty positive they're complete dupes like you said. I have a layering combination formulating in my head for it, though it's not completely there yet..

    1. @Sarah: I don't even care any more, the best clips will be on YouTube in the morning! And yeah, I read the first book a few years ago and I'm in the process of finishing up the 2nd book (I'm taking it slow since it'll be YEARS before GRRM writes the next one, if history is any indication).

      Thanks! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


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