Wednesday, February 1, 2012

butter LONDON Minger: Good, bad or undecided?

Along with purple, I've had a hankering for orange polish and this one strikes me as one that you can wear during fall and winter (not that we ever should abide by what is considered seasonally appropriate -- I just wanted something less bold, but distinctly orange).

Until three years ago, I had no idea what a "minger" was exactly, apart from a butter LONDON polish. I consume more than a fair amount of movies and TV shows from across the pond, and was flummoxed by the fact that I hadn't once run across the word in anything I'd seen.

Last year, I figured out why I wasn't acquainted with it
: I don't watch a lot of modern-day stuff with mid- to lower-class teenage characters. As it turns out, "minger" is slang for an ugly person. Yeah, I definitely wasn't going to hear that in my precious Merchant-Ivory or Masterpiece Classic programs! (I love the first series of "Skins," but don't recall anyone ming-dropping.)

The real question is just how mingy is this polish?

Three coats with Essie Good to Go.

Strangely, not at all mingy. (If I can get any pics in the sun, I'll add them to this post.)

While Minger falls on the lighter side of the orange spectrum, it's not a vibrant tangerine, yellowish shade. It gives off a slightly dusty and muted, almost burnt hue sometimes, which makes it quite unique from all the other lighter, brighter oranges you'd see in the summer and perfect for fall. Other times, I think it's got a bit of a melon tint to it. And it doesn't hurt that it reminds me of this:

As for formula and application, this went on kind of streakily with two coats. The third coat helped immensely, but I have spots near my cuticle where it dragged a bit, though I suspect I could have waited longer in between coats than I did. In that case, I would use a thicker, self-leveling top coat for this. Dry time wasn't as quick as what I get from shimmers like Knees Up or even Big Smoke, but that's to be expected with weird pastel cremes.

Minger is from butter LONDON's fall/winter 2009 collection, which brought us British Racing Green and for you glitter fiends, Rosie Lee. I scored my bottle in a clearance sale two years ago from Hautelook for $5, but you can still get it at and on Amazon for the full price of $14. Unless you're a die-hard orange fanatic, you can skip this one. For $5, I'm a happy panda.

Any thoughts on this polish? Favorite oranges for winter? Sweet potato or pumpkin pie recipes? Spill!! FWIW, my favorite place to buy pumpkin pie is Costco. I wish it wasn't a seasonal thing, because I'd buy it year-round.

I'll leave you with my favorite song from a movie where teenage characters refer to others as mingers -- because there was more than one with a song, obviously -- although the word itself is not used in the song, it sure gets thrown around during the movie.

I'd never read "Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging" and I wasn't sure if I was going to like the film adaptation ("Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging"). However, a dear online friend of mine has been championing the original source material for almost as long as I've known her, and I only saw this movie last summer!

One, it genuinely surprised me by being a good, sweet movie with the right music. I'm glad it didn't come out when I was as old as its target demographic, or I would have spent my teenage years being even more of a loser than I was. Two, I will never watch "Cranford" again without thinking that Sophie Hutton is a slag. Three, regardless of Aaron Johnson's ~life decisions~ and career, he will never be as adorable as he was in this movie. I just want to butter Robbie the Sex God like a biscuit and put him in a time capsule.

Oh, and the cat in this movie was pretty fricking amazing. This is worth mentioning because I am NOT a cat person. I want a cat like Angus -- say what you like about animal cruelty, but I can't promise I wouldn't try to dress him up!


  1. Reminds me of an Orange Julius. Or an orange dreamsicle. This is all sorts of yummy, but I bet my stomach hates me for thinking of all sorts of food.

    1. Is that the color of Orange Julius? I haven't had it for so long that I don't even remember what that was!!


  2. I was so undecided on this one too! I'm pretty sure it falls on the side of awesome, though. I decided it's a keeper! :-)

    1. I'm still not sure how I feel about it! I was so inclined to keep it because I might change my mind, and it's discontinued ... but still. :/

  3. I think this is a wearable orange for a lot of folks - it's not such a bold statement or a Halloween orange (not that's seasonal to me). I don't see it like the Ginger Bells or OPI and Apple Pie that do look like pumpkin pie to me and remind me of autumn. I also have the issue of Butter's polish. I find much of it chips fast on me no matter what base, topper I use. Their glitter formulas can be way too tick and goopy. All in all, just not consistent and should be for the $ tag it runs. I like this shade - but pretty sure I have or have seen some Essies through the year in this same shade. Fits with the lean of the rush to give us variations on tangerines to coincide with the 'it' Panatone shade of 2012.

    1. I think this might be a little tricky for some skin tones, but it's easy for most. Everything I've read about this reminds people of pumpkins, but of course it reminds me of pie, LOL. That sucks that you have issues with butter LONDONs -- some brands simply aren't compatible with some wearers, no matter what you try. Hmmm ... I can't think of a pale orange Essie of this variety, it seems something more along the lines of Orly/ChG/recent OPI territory to me.

  4. I really like this color on you!


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