Thursday, February 23, 2012

New York via Chicago: OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

As this post goes up, I'm on a train bound for NYC (business class, bien sûr), where I'll be enjoying the next few days. The last time I went to NYC in February, a former coworker asked me why on earth I would choose to vacation there at this time of year. My answer then, and now: because I can! And I might meet one of my future husbands. (I'm pretty sure Luke Russert is based in D.C., but now is not the time for our love.)

I'm lucky to be staying with a generous friend, and I've got a fair bit planned for the next few days. I am an obsessive planner in instances that involve less well-known territories and me being someone's guest; while I'm not sure how much polish hunting will be involved, there are two places I'd love to pop into if I have the time. I also may or may not believe that a pilgrimage to Tim Hortons is a slightly bigger priority.

Anyway, I needed a color that
  1. I wouldn't have to worry about,
  2. has proved to be extremely low-maintenance and no-fuss, and
  3. would be able to take me from an opera one night to a rock show the next and all over the city.

Enter Lincoln Park After Dark. This is one of my favorite polishes, and probably my first vampy.

Three coats with SV.

Sorry about the cuticles. It's a long story but I ended up with sheet marks, so I stopped in at a new nail place for a polish change. The nail tech was FAST and pretty thorough -- she did some clean-up with a brush and that made me very happy! She did paint right on my cuticles, but you can't have everything. Especially for the price ... $6.

And I'm sorry the pictures are so bad. I haven't done nail pics since last week and I'm feeling a bit out of practice. I'll probably reswatch this in a few months. Sigh.

Not much else of substance to say, except my nails look MUCH nicer IRL than they do in these pictures.

Also, vampies make me feel like this.


  1. I am hopefully moving to Canada in a year or so and my Mom is OBSESSED with that idea simply because of Tim Horton's. For some reason she is all about Timmy Ho's. She read a mystery series where the main character was from, like, Winnipeg or whatever and he always ordered a double-double and so now she's captivated by Tim Horton's.

    Anyway, now I'm just sitting here watching that gif and smiling like Tom & Donna.

    1. SO GOOOOOOOD. (Where in Canada do you think you'd be moving?) LOL, I wonder what that mystery series is!! That's pretty hilarious.

  2. I just love LPAD-I have it in regular and matte!

    1. I can't get into mattes but I'm sure it's lovely! :)


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