Monday, March 5, 2012

China Glaze Midnight Ride

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Despite March's arrival and the impending spring season (golly, that sounds not unlike a threat), I continue craving vampy shades. After wearing old favorite OPI LPAD recently, I want to wear them all the time!

China Glaze's Rodeo Diva collection was an epic fall collection of yore (if you consider 2008 "yore"), and I have quite a few favorites from it. But I've come to find that blackened shimmers
are very hit or miss on me, and Midnight Ride is one of those misses. It's smexy all right, but like collection mate Gussied Up Green ... it's just not me.

That -- and the lack of sun -- sure as shit didn't stop me from taking an f-ton of pictures, though. LOOK AT THAT GLOW.

Three coats with SV.

This is a lovely blackened shade with extremely subtle purple, plummy, eggplant shimmer. I really must stress that it looks black most of the time. I wish the shimmer was brighter and that this was less blackened -- I don't know how to explain it, but OPI Black Cherry Chutney and FingerPaints Just Plum Fun are more my speed. But if you're looking for a vampy with a twist, all of these shades are great choices.

I suspect the shimmer in this polish is why it applied so wonderfully! It wasn't too thick or too thin, and didn't streak or pool. Because the China Glaze brush is smaller compared to OPI's Pro Wide or even most Sally Hansen brushes, it's easy to control the polish. Dry time was good on this one, too. It's opaque at two thin-medium coats, but three is the norm for me.

You can find Midnight Ride and others from the Rodeo Diva collection online at sites like Head2Toe, on eBay, Amazon and probably at dusties and salons that sell China Glaze. I swapped for it on MUA two years ago, so you might be able to find it that way, or also through blog sales.

I really wanted to like it since it's such a crowd favorite, so I'm a little sad panda about it. --Not too sad, though, because I have four other Rodeo Divas that I found MUCH more to my liking! Don't hold your breath, but I'm hoping I can feature them before fall 2012 arrives. :)


  1. Not gonna lie...I'm threatening spring to step the f back. You know why? Because that means it's going to get warmer. You know what happens then? It gets scorching hot by the end of April. I AM NOT READY FOR THIS. I AM NOT READY TO MELT MY FACE OFF.

    I feel like this one looks like OPI Ink., but I dunno. I would probably own both anyway, lol.

    1. YES. That's how it's been the past couple of summers, and it's got to be hotter where you are than over here in the mountains!!! But if I'm going to Das Motherland, I don't think the heat here will be nearly as unbearable. (KILL ME NOW)

      I don't have OPI Ink., but I get the feeling it's bluer. If you want this one, you can have it!!

  2. This collection was/is a huge hit with me. I am with you two ladies commenting on not ready for summer. I live in CA and we really have not had winter and certainly very little rain which means horrible water shortage and bad wildfire season. I don't mind summer when it comes - I still wear dark polish if that is what I feel like - esp on my toes. But I do hate the not really cold, then an 80 degree day. I don't like to think that hard about what I have to just pull on as my reach for wardrobe of the season. I have a lot of clothing (like polish)...but I tend to wear the same things over and over again in a given season. This goofy weather has not been good for me - I am not able to have all my clothing out at the same time - tiny closet. So really hard to deal with this goofy weather. It's so odd when we do see weather matching the release date of polishes! I am so not ready for spring let along summer!

    1. Oh wow. I can't even imagine living in CA! I visited a few years ago but it was early August and the weather in Burbank was to die for. And I know what you mean -- I too have been trying to break out more of my winter wardrobe since we haven't hard a particularly harsh winter this year! I'm never truly *ready* for spring collections, haha. :)


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