Tuesday, March 20, 2012

NARS Galion

Last week's SIS Sidebar Poll asked y'all to help me choose another March NOTD. The poll ended with another tie, this time between something nautically-oriented and a brand that wasn't featured on this blog previously.

Challenge accepted.

Here's NARS Galion. ("Galion" is the French word for galleon, a large Spanish ship from the ~15th to 18th centuries. I'm not sure whether galleons were used more for naval warfare or for trade ... perhaps any historians reading this can shed some light? I'm thinking it was about 50/50.)

Two coats with Essie Good to Go.

Galion is a beautiful blue-based grey creme, which if I remember correctly, was one of the trendiest colors for last fall. The formula on this one was really easy to work with; the only reason I had trouble applying the polish was because of the awkwardly-shaped bottle cap.

Galion was released late last summer, I think as part of NARS' Fall 2011 collection. It's still available online at narscosmetics.com for $18, as well as at the Saks and Barneys sites. You can find this at Beauty.com, too. I don't think it's a dupe for China Glaze Concrete Catwalk, but if you have that, you probably don't need this.

Since of course no post of mine is complete without some sort of aside, here's a shot of one of my favorite necklaces. Technically I think it's a clipper ship, not a galleon, but STILL.

(no, I didn't save this in case I wanted to buy more or anything ... noooope)

I bought this necklace in December 2010 at a local holiday craft market (the Bizarre Market, to be exact. (If you're in Richmond and looking for some great gifts made by local crafty folk, the Market usually takes place after Thanksgiving, upstairs at Chop Suey in Carytown.) If you're hankering for this necklace, the designer's name is Julia Dent and you can buy one from her Etsy shop.

Does Galion get a heads up or a pass from you? What's your favorite nautically-themed piece of jewelry?


  1. This Nars 'flavor' does look a lot like CG Catwalk. Having been a history major for my first BS (odd I know, the school I graduated from gave a BS, vs BA for history), galleons were used for both trade and war ships. All of them carried heavy cannon even if they were trade ships, due to days on high seas back then were dangerous, pirates, other waring countries always a danger. Most were built so they could be outfitted with both a ton of cannon (some times more) as well as carry a ton or more of cargo. There were galleons kept close to 'home' readied for war. However in calmer times, a large part of the war fleet was sent on short voyages of trade to near by countries.

    End of the history lesson.

    I do have a couple pieces of nautical (kind of) jewelry - more like sea related jewelry - a gold pendent that is fashioned of dolphins tail to snout to make a circle pendant with a bail for the chain. Then I have a gold ring that looks like a scallop shell. The ribs of the shell are gold with open spaces between the ribs & the outer shape also is nicely done in gold. I don't wear either of them because they are very 80's-90's style jewelry and they are solid 18kt. (back in the day that we could pick up a ring like that for $100! I keep anything like that in the safe now - happy that I am able to have them as all things in fashion do come around again. Funny how pearls never really go out of fashion except for pearl nail polish!!!! We could find pearls in fashion back in Spanish galleon days!

    Galion (or a shade like it) gets a thumbs up from me - belongs in everyone's polish stash. It's a good staple charcoal cream (maybe this one has a little deep shimmer to it). It makes a softer base than stark black which is more flattering on most hands. Great base this year for the variety of 'effects/toppers' that are popular this year. My fav are the CND effects & some of sheer light glitters I have picked up on etsy.

    Nice that your brass jewelry piece has been coated - it won't rub off on your clothing and turn them black. Still store it like you would sterling. We are seeing a lot more brass being used in jewelry now with the cost of silver/gold going up beyond most of our means to own anymore.

    Oh, and you are right, your nice necklace is a Clipper ship. Galleons sat higher in the water.

    I love to go to craft markets. We have one in the town I live in 3 times/yr - Memorial D, 4th of July & Labor D. We are a sea side town & have a # of sea themed festivals with crafts, food/music. My favs are the antique/junk markets and the weekly fish/farmer's mkt. I am lucky to live in a little sliver of paradise.

    1. Eh, I have a B.S. in broadcast journalism, so that's not too strange to hear. Anyway, THANK YOU for weighing in on this! It didn't occur to me that they all carried cannon, though that makes perfect sense; I think I did read somewhere that even the fleet carried out voyages for trading purposes. Thanks again! :)

      My mom's been bringing back strands of south sea pearls when she goes out of the country ... I like them, but I don't necessarily need them in every color of the rainbow! Also, I LOVE brass jewelry. I find that brass is easier for me to care for than sterling silver, and I guess I'm also partial to brass because that's what some of my most interesting finds have been made from.

      And yeah, I share your love for grey cremes. I think everyone should own a darker one since darker greys work for just about everybody!

  2. This is a gorgeous polish!! Love it on you!

    1. Thank you, MariJo! :) I love it, too.

  3. This is lovely! It kind of reminds me of a darker, dustier version of MAC Blue India. I don't have enough Nars polishes in my life, I really need to remedy that soon. I love that necklace! Thanks for the link to her etsy shop, I'm always on the look out for new jewelry makers =)

    1. Blue India definitely looks bluer compared to this. I think I NEED the NARS Night Series polishes now ... womp womp. And yay, I hope you find something you like there! I'll share all the shops I can, if they're online. :)


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