Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sinful Colors San Francisco (open your golden gate)

I've never been to San Francisco, but a vibrant metallic emerald green is not the color that comes to mind when thinking of the city. (Unoriginal of me, but I was thinking more Golden Gate Bridge red.)

I just knew that this polish would be THE polish to wear if I ever had the good fortune to see Rufus Wainwright in concert. More on that after the pictures ...

Four coats with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri (red bottle).

Yes, I used four coats, but they were the kind of four coats that don't feel like work! It's opaque at three, however, I wanted to get the most depth I could out of the color. My pictures are pretty close to showing the glowiness of this shade, but not how amazing and deep it truly is.

I'm curious to see how this wears. I wore Sinful All Mighty last year for a week? almost a week? and got no chips and very little tip wear using the same base and top coat combos I have on now: Essie Fill the Gap, Gelous, 3-4 coats of color, and SH Insta-Dri (red bottle). I can't find my post praising this on the MUA nail board to confirm my exact results, but I remember thinking that this brand was extremely underrated. I had heard horror stories about chipping with Sinful polishes on the board before, which had been my biggest deterrent up until I tried All Mighty.

San Francisco is in the core Sinful Colors display at Walgreens, but I'd venture to say that you can find it in the core display at RiteAid and Target, too. Sinful is one of my favorite drugstore brands -- they don't break bank at $1.99, and often at Wags they're on sale for 99 cents. This year, Sinful has come out with some amazing new core and LE polishes and I have to tell you that I grabbed an embarrassing amount of them during the last 99-cent sale at Wags.

When I saw this polish for the first time, I immediately thought of this:

Some of you may not care for this cover on the grounds that
there is no one like Judy (nor will there be), but no one
today is more suited to pay her tribute than Rufus, IMO.

Voilà. After my little disappointment with "Prima Donna" last month, I went to his website trying to find the release date for his new album, "Out of the Game" (out May 1 in the U.S. and produced by Mark Ronson, eh heh heh). Then I saw the tour dates and then started texting my sister like a woman possessed. Never mind that I had tickets to see The Head and The Heart elsewhere that night -- WE. HAD. TO. GO. (Sorry, THATH. Next time!)

I've been a Rufus Wainwright fan and listener for the past eleven? twelve? years. He is one of the most interesting musicians I've followed during my formative adult life, and at risk of sounding pretentious, being a Rufus Wainwright fan and looking at his influences is like constantly finding little stores of Easter eggs. It's always a treat to see when he records a song specifically for a movie ("Shrek," "I am Sam," "Moulin Rouge," "Zoolander," "The History Boys"). As my opera ear has blossomed, I've found that I can identify all the heroines in his music video for his first single. And as a Judy Garland fan, it's great to see someone else try tackling her greatest hits, from her swingiest numbers to her most melancholy, wistful ballads.

Well, there was no Judy last night, or no accompaniment ... only Rufus at the piano and behind the guitar as each song required. I think the venue was small enough that he didn't need a microphone and everybody could have heard him pretty well. Also, if you've listened to recordings from his concerts, his asides are just as hilarious in person and he was oh so delightful. Top of the charts!

He opened with "Beauty Mark" from his first album, then started mixing up songs from his forthcoming one as well as favorites from everything in between. I was surprised that he included his famous "Hallelujah" cover, since I thought he'd retired it from his repertoire, but still was thrilled to hear it. It was kind of sweet how he sang songs about his sister, his fiance, his daughter, and sang one of his mother's songs to close the show. (It was "The Walking Song" by Kate McGarrigle.)

I can't remember what he was singing when I snapped this, I just know I got this sometime after "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk."

Though he hopes to tour more in the south in the future, he doesn't come this way very often, which made the experience extra special for me. And I was just as glad that I could take my sister along, because she's the only one I know who gets it and has liked him for as long and as ardently as I have!

ALSO: Am I alone in thinking that Bill Hader could do a reasonable Rufus Wainwright impression? I think it would be hilarious. (There's so much material there, Bill. So much.)

Any thoughts on this Sinful shade? (I got compliments on this polish from the ladies operating the toll booths I passed through last night, thank you very much.) Rufus Wainwright? Mark Ronson collaborations? Your in-concert bucket lists? COME AT ME, BRO.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Do you have this one? :)

  2. Mmmm what a delicious glowy green. I agree with you though, San Francisco evokes more of a red and blue scene in my head (a la the Full House opening sequence) but I'm not complaining because any excuse for a green polish is okay by me. I've only ever worn one Sinful, it was a sheer pink (Social Ladder? Social Climber? something like that) and it was thick and bubbled like crazy. I'm glad to hear that the formula on all of them isn't as horrendous as that one.

    1. OMG HAHAHAHAHAHAHA the "Full House" credits ... I completely blocked that show from my mind, LMAO.

      Madeline just said that her bottle of SF bubbled on her, so I wonder if there's a quality control issue with the formula and I've been lucky. :/ Would be happy to send you my bottle to try next time, haha!

  3. I wouldn't name this color San Francisco, either. Maybe a grey because of all the damn fog in that damn city. Or red with gold shimmer because CHINATOWN.

    I have this color but it bubbled to hell on me. :(

    1. It bubbled? SAD! :( Maybe you got a wonky bottle.

      Also, I second the red with gold shimmer. There must be gold -- it is the Golden West, after all!

  4. I've picked up this color several times but never gotten it for some reason. Sinful Colors has some great hidden gems though, like this one! It looks gorgeous on you! Love me some greens!

    1. Oooooh if you love shimmery greens, you have got to get this one! :) Thank you! <3

  5. Replies
    1. Best green you can pick up for less than $2! :)

  6. I've been a Rufus fan for about 7-8 years myself. Love him so so so very much. :) I had the wonderful opportunity to see him in Florida a few years ago in a tiny recital hall. He certainly didn't need a mic and I was merely a few feet away from him. I am honestly not sure how I kept my composure. So much love for that man. <3 He might be the only thing in the world that could possibly turn me on to green polish, ha! In general, I can't stand it.

    1. Oh Apple, I'm SO glad another Rufus fan found this post! Thank you for the comment and the follow. :) No, even while I was listening to him, I couldn't believe he was actually there. And there was one lady that was either feeling 110% the same way, or she had had one too many before the show, because I was secondhand embarrassed for her ... she was really into it. LOL.

      Green polish sneaks up on you. I promise. ;)


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