Thursday, April 19, 2012

Return of the Stash Swap: OPI Baby It's Coal Outside!

Welcome to the final installment of my current stash swap with Jacqui of The Scholarly Nail!

This polish was the one I was most excited to try -- originally I'd requested another polish, but because I seem to be obsessed with black and grey nail polish this year (I don't know what that's about), I changed my mind and asked if she could switch out my original pick for this. If you knew what my original pick was, you might threaten to take away my nail blogger card, LOL. I can't help it. You show me a sparkly black or grey, and I can't seem to turn it away! Come to think of it, I don't know what it is with me and holiday collections lately, either. Having said this, you'll see one more holiday polish next week.

Jacqui likes to post vintage/older polishes on Sundays, and one Sunday she took requests via Twitter. I don't know who requested swatches of OPI Baby It's Coal Outside, but I was a goner after I saw her pictures.

Notes: I am so sorry about the shrinkage ... it's not that bad in person, I swear! :( My Seche Vite must have shrank overnight. Also, it rained all freaking day when I took pictures, so I had no sun. :/

Three coats with SV.

HELLO, LUVAH. Why do I not own this?!?! It's a fantastic black polish! I think this is the glass-fleck counterpart of RBL Iconoclast; where Iconoclast has a subtle and smooth, velvety-looking shimmer, Baby It's Coal Outside! has teeny tiny microglittery glass fleck which isn't WHAM-POW, but I still like this a LOT.

The formula of this polish was perfect. I had some pooling in the cuticles, but I blame it on my jittery, caffeinated state of being as well as my ancient bottle of Gelous, which I persist on thinning instead of using a new one. It dried smoothly and on record time with SV, although as I said earlier, I had some overnight shrinkage (heh). Two coats will make this opaque, but you know how I am about three coats.

Baby It's Coal Outside! comes from OPI's 2008 "Holiday in Toyland" collection. A quick Amazon or eBay search shows that there are still a fair amount of bottles floating around for a decent price, and unless you can show me a sparklier black glass fleck, this puppy is going on my wish list! (Bonus: these are the first swatches I saw of this polish back in the day that weren't on the MUA nail board.)

Although it took us months to get this stash swap underway and just about as long for me to show these beauties to you, I am so very grateful to Jacqui for sharing some of her stash with me! <3 I really loved everything I wore, and considering that two polishes are officially on my wish list ... that's not too shabby, really. Here are links to the posts showing off the other two polishes she loaned me:

Thanks again, Jacqui! I hope we can do another stash swap in a few months. ;) In the meantime, please follow her blog, The Scholarly Nail, if you aren't doing so already -- once life calms down for her a bit, you'll be able to see her picks from my stash! I know I can't wait.


  1. I'm not usually a fan of blackened colors, but I really like this one. I think it's unique & shiny enough to spark my interest. Great pictures!

    1. See, I think it could be a liiiiiiittle shinier ... but most likely I'm just saying this because it's rained two days straight and I wish it would stop if only so I could see how this gleams!!! Thank you, Julie! <3

  2. Black is usually a little boring to me, but that is just lovely! I love the finish.

    1. Is that because there are so many amazing vampies out there? Haha. Thank you! I agree, the finish completely makes this polish. :)

  3. This looks amazing on you Rach!!!! I'm so glad that you enjoyed it. I just finished this massive monstrosity of a paper so I should be swatching my picks very soon!!!

    1. Thank you for giving me the chance to try it! <3 I loved it, it's such a great black!!! I can't wait to see how my polishes look on you. :D


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