Tuesday, April 10, 2012

W-A-S-H-I-N-G-T-O-N baby, D.C.!: OPI Suzi Takes the Wheel

Mom: "What's the name of this band that you're seeing next week?"
Me: "The Magnetic Fields."
Mom: "What are their songs like?"
Me: "They're really good? It's just that they're really sad songs about relationships."
Mom: "I don't know why you'd see a band like that."
Me: "They're good, though! Oh, here you go. One of their songs is called 'No One Will Ever Love You.'"
Mom: "What about God?"

And that's when I had to shut the conversation down because I was more or less dying inside. The Magnetic Fields -- one of my favorite bands when I was 18? 19? -- is nearing the end of their Tour at the Bottom of the Sea, promoting their new album. They played last night at the 9:30 Club in D.C. (the 9:30 lineup seems to be BRINGING IT this year, beteedubs -- Nada Surf is playing tonight). DeVotchKa opened for them, which was interesting ... I know only one DeVotchKa song and I wasn't too into their sound back when I was 19 because I thought they just had too much going on. (That, and I couldn't stand most of the people who liked them.)

As for the main attraction, I'm very pleased to tell you that their music sounds even better in person! Their sense of humor is so dry, though, so if you're not into that, you may not enjoy it quite so much. No, the only other thing that struck me about last night's show was how annoying the crowd was -- that was probably the second rudest crowd I've witnessed at a show (the rudest = douchebags at the Dropkick Murphys last year). There was so much heckling. It's not like anyone was yelling "FREEBIIIIIIRD" but set lists exist for a reason, you know? Oy. I think that's why I prefer going to shows where you just rock the fuck out and nobody crowds because everyone just wants to dance or sing along and everyone's happy and it's all good.

ANYWAY, here are some pictures of my totally appropriate polish.

Two coats with Cult Nails Wicked Fast. (No particular reason for using Wicked Fast this time -- I just reached for it instead of my usual SV.)

Suzi Takes the Wheel is a light grey creme with green tones, which sets it apart from all the other greys I've got in my stash (and I've got quite a few!). So if you've got some yellow in your coloring, I would recommend this one over OPI French Quarter for Your Thoughts. The green tones really make this polish. (Fun fact: the first thing this color made me think of was sweatpants, then the various shades of grey of car interior leather. It's quite cozy. LIKE SWEATPANTS. Nay, lined sweatpants!)

Two coats will get this opaque (though three is all right, too). The formula on this one was thick and creamy (is that a thing, creamy?) but nothing to worry about. It dried a little darker than the bottle color, but I wonder if that's not top coat thing.

Suzi Takes the Wheel is from last fall's OPI Touring America collection and still is very ETF! I have one last polish from this collection that I haven't tried yet and that I'd like to show you before OPI Germany gets here. Honestly, I LOVED the Touring America collection, and if my stash hadn't reached a ridiculous number, I wouldn't be opposed to owning a couple more shades!

I couldn't get a picture of the band, but here's a cruddy picture of an illustrated print by band member Stephin Merritt.

As for why I chose this particular polish to wear to the concert, well ...
  1. Grey is a blend of black and white, the two main colors on the album art for "69 Love Songs."
  2. This is one of my favorite songs on said album. Additionally, they have an almost 20-year-old album called "The Charm of the Highway Strip." Driving, we love it. (I really do love driving, but that's another post.)
  3. I'm definitely reaching here, but there was a former band member named Susan Anway who sang lead vocals on another one of my favorite songs. Susan, Suzi ... eh, it works. Like I said, I'm reaching.

Do you think Suzi Takes the Wheel is a great grey, or what? Are you a Magnetic Fields fan? If so, have you seen them in concert? What's your favorite album, and have you picked up "Love at the Bottom of the Sea"? Are you judging me really hard for putting way too much thought into this post? (My life, my choices ... )
BONUS: I wonder which Orly shade is featured in the music video for "Andrew in Drag," a single from their latest album. (Warning: Possibly NSFW because of an extremely brief shot of nip at the end of the video. Pfft. I've seen worse.)


  1. AH! I've never seen this swatch before, I love it!!! Must. Possess. (come visit me) <-subliminal message. :)

    1. DUDE. I got this message just as I was driving on 64! Haha. Next time! <3

  2. I love to drive too. I blast my 80s tunes, Violent Femmes and scream sing, chair dance and air drum. It's quite fun but people look at my funny. Think I care? Hell no! I can't say I've heard of this band but I love people who are into music. I will have to listen to them and see if I like them. At 44 I'm still trying to stay hip. But alas I am stuck in the alternative core of the 80s!

    1. You might like this group, actually! They're a five-piece band and did I mention there's a cello? Plus I learned a lot that night about harmoniums and different instruments -- to me, their sound is really unique and just beautiful, even without the lyrics (and that's saying a lot).

  3. The color looks great on you!
    I've never heard of Magnetic Fields, either, but you have piqued my interest :]

    1. Thanks Julie! :) They're not everybody's thing but if you need a few more song recommendations you can always e-mail me!

  4. I did not like a lot of the shades in this collection when they came out - but now over time, they are growing on me - some of them that is - not the throw up out the window one however. I can like odd polishes but that one just was ugly period!

  5. Oops, my post went into the eatherland! Just saying I like this shade now as I do like a # of the shades from Touring America. When they released last fall I was not a fan at all. I like a lot of them much more now - guess they grew on me - however the one about throwing up out the window is just plain ugly in color and name!

    1. Nope, both posts appear here, haha! Well, this one took a while to grow on me -- it wasn't one of my initial purchases but I think it was worth the wait. (Oh come on, Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window isn't that bad LOL. Is it worse than A-Taupe the Space Needle?)


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