Friday, April 27, 2012

Stuff's 1st GUEST POST: NerdLacquer Masonic from L. @ Adventures of a Mad Scientist

Today's the day, chickens!

I didn't even have to think about whose post I wanted to share with you first -- the first guest post featured on Stuff just so happens to be the first guest post ever written by my friend L., the proprietress of Adventures of a Mad Scientist. L. and I have been online friends for eight years now (OMGWUT), united on a certain popular personal blogging website through our shared love for British period film, British actors, television shows, a few bands (she makes awesome mixed CDs, btw), 100x100 pixel-sized boxes of PhotoShop art, and Homestar Runner. Among L.'s other hobbies are adventurous eating, avid concert-going, video gaming and hockey watching -- I find all this kind of badass because I fail at 75% of them. I've enjoyed keeping up with her over the years, and I was delighted when she joined the online nail community first on MUA and eventually as a blogger!

Another area in which L.'s badassery far surpasses my own is her tremendous pride for our shared ethnic and cultural heritage. I'm so grateful to have this connection with L. because I don't have too many IRL friends among ~our people~. I think I would enjoy the Motherland much, much more if we went together!

Till that happens, feast your eyes on this polish from one of our new favorite indie brands!

* * * * * * *

Hi everyone! I am L. from Adventures of a Mad Scientist. Rach asked me to write a guest post while she is in the Motherland (which I am kind of jealous about because I haven't been back to the Philippines in almost seven years!), and I am more than honored to be able to entertain you tonight.

Tonight, I have a special Nerd Lacquer for you called Masonic. From Amanda's description:

"MASONIC rounds out the first NerdLacquer Special Edition line. Is it a delicious true brick red? Yes it is. Is it a suspiciously accurate shade of brick red? Why yes! That's because it's MADE OF BRICKS. Brick dust, lacquer base, crap ton of complementary glitters in burnt orange, espresso brown, coppers, and reds. Is it gritty? Kinda! I do double-filter the brick dust before mixing, to remove any offensively large masonic nuggets, but there's still definitely texture there. Personally, I think it adds to the verisimilitude, you know? Yes, it's a novelty polish, but it's also pretty rad lookin'! No, you can't build stuff with it. :("

I used three coats in these photos. It's definitely gritty, but with my one-two punch of Gelous under Seche Vite, it barely fazes me. I love how she used real brick dust. Brick. Dust.

(What, you didn't think I wouldn't use that YouTube video again? Come on! I'm 110 hours into Skyrim and I'll be damned if I don't sprinkle that in every conversation I have!)

Why did I pick this polish to show all you wonderful readers? Well, if you haven't been following me on Facebook or don't know much about me, I am a season ticket holder for the NHL Phoenix Coyotes. The 2011-2012 season is my second year as a STH, and I just renewed for next year. Our hockey team just won their first Pacific Division title, and I as well as many others are So Flippin Excited! WE ALSO JUST ADVANCED TO THE SECOND ROUND OF THE PLAYOFFS!!

(I didn't want Rach to kill me dead because I sent this to her almost late, but I just absolutely had to wait until we won the series. Note that I didn't say or had to go to Game 7. This is A Damn Good Team, after all. :D)

Goalies, if they're good, are sometimes called a "brick wall," since they stop the other teams from scoring. This is, of course, A Very Good Thing. Our goalie, Mike Smith, is just that: a brick wall! Masonic may very well be the nail polish equivalent of Mike Smith. (Also see: Rinne, Quick, Elliott/Halak, Lundqvist.)

I can't not talk about the rest of the Coyotes ... Smith can't take all of the accolades. Our captain, Shane Doan, is not only the classiest players in the league, but also a fantastic leader on and off the ice. Our defense is pretty incredible, sacrificing their own bodies to block shots and using amazing stickwork to shut down scoring chances. We win games despite the fact that we don't have an owner, under the pressure of uncertainty that the team may or may not be in Phoenix next year (and this has been going on for almost three years!).

Masonic is also red, just like our jerseys. Ha ha! We call this color "Sedona red." (I like to call it OPI Got The Blues For Red ... but I'm not showing that polish right now!) But isn't it fitting for the playoffs? I've been wearing red and white polish since the playoffs started; I'm not a very superstitious person, but I like to think it's working. :D

By the way, Sedona is totally awesome and if you haven't been, you should totally go and be amazed at its beauty.

I don't want to go on too long about hockey, but I hope you enjoyed this post (and maybe a bit of Hockey 101)! Thanks for reading, everyone! <3

* * * * * * *

Well, DAMN. I don't think brick red is the red for me, but I REALLY like this polish! And HOW GORGEOUS are L.'s nails and pictures?!?! Thank you for the kickass guest post, lady! I hope this is the beginning of many more for you. (Obvs, I would never kill you ded, except for maybe in competitive chili cheese fry consumption.) <3 I would love to visit her in Phoenix and see a hockey game in the next couple of years, wouldn't that be something?

I hope you follow L.'s blog at the link below, where you also can find a link to her AoaMS Facebook page. Normally I say "LET'S GO CAPS," but for now ... Let's Go Coyotes!


  1. i love polishes like this that kind of have a theme or are supposed to mimic something else like jawbreaker and floam! I guess this ones theme would be bricks? haha idk but I like it!

  2. This is an awesome polish.
    I'm wishing Phoenix well in Round 2. I am a die-hard Blackhawks fan and I felt my heart break a little bit when you started talking about PHX's success. Waaaaah :[
    I always get REALLY excited when I discover fellow hockey polish fans, therefore YOU ROCK!

    1. OMG NO WAY! *hockey high five* You guys put up an awesome fight. That first-round series was so much fun. YOU ROCK TOO! :D

  3. I want that polish so bad! Gaaawwwwjoous.

  4. Nice! i follow you on bloglovin, follow me back? x


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