Thursday, May 24, 2012

China Glaze Smoke and Ashes

Although it's May, I'm slowly working my way through my China Glaze "Hunger Games" tie-in polishes! I showed you Riveting back in March. I'm pairing today's pick with more motherland pictures at the end of this post ... you'll see why after we get through the little review.

Smoke and Ashes was renamed and rebranded to represent District 12, Panem's coal mining district. I'm not into The Hunger Games so I haven't bothered looking at maps of imagined district locations, but I'm guessing District 12 has to be somewhere around West Virginia, which is close enough to where Stuff and I are based.

Two coats with SV.

And blurred to show the (somewhat buried) sparkle:

Smoke and Ashes is comprised of blue and green glass flecks suspended in a black creme base. Given my penchant for sparkly black and grey polishes lately, this sounds like this would be a home run for me, doesn't it? Well, not so much. I think the glass flecks would have shone much, much better if the base had been more jellyish instead of being so creamy and opaque. You can put me in the camp of people who think that this polish was a good concept, but failed to execute! While these swatches may not be the greatest ones of this particular polish, let me tell you that I would have put in more effort if the polish had been worthy of it. It just looks flat on the nail. :/

On the good side, the formula is pretty thick on this, so you can get away with using one coat if you're careful. It dried quickly with SV to a smooth finish.

Smoke and Ashes was part of China Glaze's Colours from the Capitol collection that debuted in March. I picked up my bottle at Sally's back in February, although Tara told me not to buy it because I could have her bottle (I should have listened to her ... my bad!) You can buy this online easily, and I don't think you'd have too much difficulty finding it at a beauty supply store selling China Glaze. I'm pretty sure the display was still up at my Ulta last month.

Did you scoop this polish up, and have you tried it yet? Are you disappointed with it, or do you love it?

And now we've come to the second batch of cell phone pictures from my trip, this batch being a little more than double the size of the preceding one. The house pictured here is what remains of a then-prominent sugar baron's estate (his wife was of Portuguese extraction by way of Macau). Guerrilla groups burned the estate down in the early 1940s to prevent Japanese troops from using it as a base for headquarters. At one point, my sister and I had to stop ourselves from breaking into giggles and "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables," but I'll let you guess when.

Also, Smoke and Ashes: totally appropriate.


  1. I really want Smoke and Ashes, but I keep hearing so so reviews about it, so I'm still not sure yet. It's a lovely color though! Just wish the flecks would pop out more.

    1. I completely agree with everything you said! The fleck thing was my problem, too.

  2. I bought it never tried it and now it's on my blog sale. Oh well! These pictures are really nice.

    1. Yup, this polish was VERY disappoint. Thanks Fingers!


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