Tuesday, May 8, 2012

GUEST POST: Three Aussie purples from Kristy @ The Polish Haven

I met Kristy from The Polish Haven on the MUA nail board, where I enjoyed our night-owl interactions (although technically it was already daytime in her country, Australia). She's really sweet, and I won't forget how she kindly offered me some advice about a question I had about photo storage when I started blogging. She was one of my earliest supporters and one of the first people I shared my blog with, so it only made sense for me to ask her to do a guest post.

I also admired Kristy's NOTD shots on MUA and happily followed her blog when I learned she had one. See, I LOVE the large size and clarity of Kristy's pictures -- those are two things that can make or break nail blogs IMO, and I wish mine were half as clear as hers. (Especially in natural light, yeesh.) Take a look at this goodness for yourself and tell her what you think!

* * * * * * *

When Rach contacted me to do a guest post here on stuff i (s)watched, I was thrilled -- I have never been a guest on anyone's blog! Anyway, my name is Kristy, I am from Australia and my blog is The Polish Haven. Followers of my blog will know that I love purple, so I decided to do my guest post on some Aussie purples that I love and I hope you guys will too! :o)

BYS Reign Supreme is a perfect purple creme with an amazing formula, pictured here at 2 coats and with topcoat -- I always wear topcoat so for me this isn't an issue. Reign Supreme dries to an almost matte finish on its own so if you want that high shine with this creme, topcoat is a must.

Ulta3 Orchid
is a stunningly beautiful purple shimmer. The formula on Orchid is pretty good and could be a one-coater if you work carefully, I am not one to work that carefully, so Orchid is pictured at 2 coats. Ulta3 has some really great polishes and are budget-friendly brand at $2-$2.50!

Ozotic 513: What nail polish lover doesn't like a holo? (Editor's note: Me, three years ago?) Ozotic 513 is a superb purple linear holographic polish. Application is dreamy and it dries super fast like most holos do. Ozotic holos are not finicky holos and do not require a special base like some holographic polishes. While Ozotic is an Australian brand, even we Aussies usually have to resort to buying online because they are not easily accessible in a brick and mortar store.

Thanks so much to Rach for the invitation to be a guest blogger here at stuff i (s)watched, it has been my pleasure!

* * * * * * *

No, Kristy ... THANK YOU! Purple is one of my favorite colors, too -- and one of the most difficult colors to photograph accurately. This kind of win is what I'm talking about when I rave about her pictures!

I'm terrified of shipping complications with international orders and/or swaps, so I'd never get to feature these great Australian brands on Stuff if it weren't for Kristy's post! <3 She makes so many colors look amazing (red is one of my favorite colors to see on her) and has caused me to lemm polishes from U.S. brands that I take for granted, which is really saying something.

Add my fantastic friend and Aussie blogger to your reading list by clicking on the link below!


  1. Oh man, I love 513! It looks like the good people at Ozotic straight up poured spectraflair into some grape juice :)

  2. Yay! Kristy rocks. Love her blog.


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