Monday, May 21, 2012

Hard Candy Frenzy

Hey y'all! Before I get started, I just want to say one final and heartfelt THANK YOU to my guest bloggers while I was away, and thank you and hello to my new readers! I'm so happy to be able to come back home to all of you.

I actually got back home on May 12, but last month I anticipated needing an extra week to unwind, beat my jet lag into submission and try to catch up on work, so I scheduled accordingly. I also had some RL stuff going on that needed to be dealt with, so having a break from the blog was nice!

The trip, on the other hand (remember, not a vacation!), was a mixed bag. We were able to do what we needed to do and spend some time with my grandmother, but so many things happened before we even left the U.S. that would have sent anyone into sheer panic mode, the biggest one being that our car sort of broke down five minutes away from the airport in the middle of the night. There were some other minor mishaps, but let me highlight some of my personal low lights for you: TSA in general (grrrrrrr), bad, BAD skin problems, finding out that almost all lumpia there is shrimpy (... struggles.), getting bronchitis in the motherland (I think it was my inability to adjust to the heat), breaking my glasses on the last day, and throwing up on our connecting flight back.

As for the good stuff? I got to see a couple of cousins, met the sweetest baby, met some of my parents' friends, ate pretty well for cheap, and my sister and I got our own hotel room and caught up on a LOT of TV. The glasses situation has been less than ideal but I have an even more ancient pair that I can wear until I can get what will most likely be a fairly pricey replacement.

I knew before I left that I needed all the cheer I could get, so I slapped on Deborah Lippmann's I Know What Boys Like and wore it for two weeks. It chipped badly after six days, but I wasn't  pressed about that. (And no, I did not buy any polish while I was gone. I also derped and didn't bring my nail clippers, and after two weeks of growth, I can say with certainty that long nails aren't for me! I don't think I've ever been so happy to chop my nails down.)

By the time I got home, I just wanted to wear something different and bright and cremey. I'm not sure why I gravitated toward the green teal color family for my home sweet home mani, but I was inspired to wear Hard Candy Frenzy after rereading Jacqui's Hard Candy guest post (even if this one is a newer release!).

All of the photos I've seen of Frenzy make it appear bluer or greener than it truly is. I adjusted my camera settings the best I could to give a closer representation of Frenzy than what I've seen! It's a little bit brighter than it appears here, but otherwise the color is right.

Two coats with SV.

I don't know that this is the most unique color ever, but I think green teals are so popular because they look good on EVERYONE, yes?

I also don't know if there are any specific dupes for this, but there are several close ones: Orly Green with Envy/SpaRitual Emerald City, butter LONDON Slapper, and American Apparel Malibu Green. HOWEVER, all of those shades are more greenish teals than Frenzy, which has a bit more blue.

Another note about teal shades like this one is that the color tends to yellow ever so slightly on the nail after top coat is added. You may be able to see some of this warping in the picture. Other teals I've had this problem with include American Apparel Malibu Green, Funky Fingers Bizerk Turq and China Glaze Flyin' High.

Frenzy was perfectly opaque in two coats, and dried quickly with SV. I wore it for five days and experienced minimal tip wear. There was some chipping, but only on the corners of fingers that have been experiencing some troublesome peelies. I had no staining upon removal, but I doubled up on base coat.

Frenzy can be found for $4 at Wal-Mart. Don't quote me on this, but I think sometime in the past year, most Wal-Mart stores cleared out a majority of their Hard Candy polishes, and Frenzy is one of the remaining shades. The price point is a dollar cheaper than what I purchased it for two years ago. I don't own any vintage Hard Candy shades, but I do agree that the colors currently sold at Wal-Mart are much less interesting.

Any thoughts on this Hard Candy polish? Your favorite teal shades or cheer-up colors? Awkward family trips (not vacations)?

Here's a final recap on all the guest posts from April 27 to May 18. In case you're new to Stuff or didn't get a chance to leave a comment before, it's not too late to do so. :) Much love and thanks to each and every one of these ladies for sharing their time, talent and polishes with me!

Now that I'm back, you also can expect to see some cell phone shots of my trip -- I couldn't pick just a handful of photos, so I split my ~final selections~ for public consumption among my next three posts. Consider them a series of short photo essays, if you will.


  1. ...Shrimpy...lumpia? Have not had that one before. Though I wonder if it's better than my mom's *shudder* ground turkey lumpia *shudder*.

    OH and the second to last time I went, I totally got bronchitis too!! Though I think it was a mix of bronchitis and the flu. Or something. And it was like halfway through the trip so I was totally miserable when I was there.

    Also I totally agree that the TSA is a pain in the ASS when you fly international! Why can't they be like the old Filipino ladies at SFO like Rex Navarrete says? That would actually be amusing! (There's a skit on Youtube about it; it is p funny.)

    1. LMAO you know what, I bet you've never encountered shrimpy lumpia because you're not allergic to it. That's just how it goes! Let's say that your mom's ground turkey lumpia can't be as bad as possible anaphylactic shock. ;)

      Eughhhhhhhhh I am sorry! I bet that SUCKED. It's definitely the heat/humidity. I know you live in the desert so you're no stranger to hot weather, but it can't be as unbearable as being so close to the equator.

      I haven't seen that skit ... I'll have to look it up :D The thing I did like about TSA in the P.I. is that the officers were really pleasant about telling you about things that should not be in your carry-on, or telling you to take your shoes off or something.

  2. Yayyy so glad you're back! I can totally relate to illnesses abroad.... Going to an eye doctor that only speaks German is no fun :/ also this polish seems perfecto to me, sucha lovely creme :)

    1. Awww thanks bb! OOOH YEAH that doesn't sound like any fun at all. :( I had a good experience with this polish ... I find it pretty underrated.


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