Monday, May 28, 2012

Something completely different (for drag brunch): Lynnderella The Glittering Crowd + Essie Sure Shot

Hope everyone's been having an enjoyable Memorial Day holiday weekend!

Maybe it's all the glittery guest posts from my friends while I was gone, the fact that this is the only Lynnderella I will ever own (thank you to my Lynnderella fairy!), or the fact that I was batting around ideas for a TOTALLY RIDICULOUS AND SPARKLY mani for my ex-roommate's drag brunch bachelorette party a couple weekends ago. My nails ended up going nekkid because I was too tired to do them, but this was my front-runner.

Yep ... drag brunch.

I have no brunch pictures because I wasn't feeling well that day and my phone battery was dying, but believe me when I say it was fabulous and I'm ashamed of staying away for yeeeeears. I was so out of it that I was pissed when I realized I only had two $1 bills to give the queens, because I needed another $1 for the toll home (and I never carry cash any more). So don't make my mistake -- JUST MAKE IT RAIN.

Here's my sure shot of Essie Sure Shot, which was the only polish I bought from the Essie 2012 Resort collection. (I did end up getting She's Picture Perfect and No More Film in a swap last week.) It's all kinds of glowy awesomeness. The formula was smooth and it applied well.

This is two coats of Sure Shot. I. LOVE. THIS. POLISH.

I thought Sure Shot would make an interesting base for The Glittering Crowd, rather than the usual (but still gorgeous) silver, black, blue or green. What do you think?

I used two coats of The Glittering Crowd for these swatches, with no top coat. The first picture is the most color-accurate WRT the base polish, but the subsequent ones really show the vibrancy of the glitters.

As most of you know by now, The Glittering Crowd contains over 100 types of glitter in different shapes and colors. Lynn's description names the shapes as hex, square and bar glitters, while the colors range from "royal blue, chartreuse, red, violet, holographic silver and gold, orange, lime, emerald, teal, cyan, gold, pink, aqua, fuchsia ..." I'm not a glitter magpie, so I'm not overly familiar with the difficulties of spreading glitters around, but this wasn't too much trouble. This dried pretty quickly. A good top coat or top coat combo is a must, however, if you don't want to feel the glitter grit on the nail!

The Glittering Crowd was available originally on Lynn's blog, which seems to be shut down, and all Lynnderellas moved to Llarowe for sale. As far as I know, Llarowe is not taking any Lynnderella orders at this time because previous orders are being filled, but you can sign up to receive an e-mail alert when the site is accepting new wishlists. I'm out of the indie glitter loop (I like cremes ... what) and it all sounds a bit confusing, which makes me extra grateful that my Lynnderella fairy added this polish to her list for me! I have a few other Lynnderella lemmings, but this one was my biggest one by far, and I'm so happy to have it that I'm not going to be upset if others never make their way to me.

I'd like to try layering The Glittering Crowd over an orange like China Glaze Riveting next, or a teal/turquoise like Zoya Zuza for summer. Any other ideas? Tell meeeeeeeeee. Have you ever been to a drag brunch? (You should try to go at least once a year.) Also, I ended up giving a buck to a queen who was werking to "Macarthur Park" and "Can't Get Enough of Your Love Babe," and my other dollar to another queen who did Dolly's "9 to 5" and later Reba McEntire's "Fancy." My only real regret is not having more dollar bills for the other ladies! Seriously, I feel so bad about that.

I'm still having quite a time believing my ex-roommate has been married for almost two days. We've been friends for seven years, lived together for two and were really, really close until I moved away to start a new job and she started dating her now-husband (obviously he lasted longer than my job did). I did not meet him until the wedding. I'm not exactly surprised that she got married before me (everyone does, plus I'm in no rush). I guess I just thought it would be one of those things that would happen later.

My friends and I are at an age where everyone's growing up and moving on, and our priorities are changing. No one's of the mind to come over to sit around and drink, eat drunk food and watch "Bad Boys" at 1 a.m. any more, you know? While I wish them every success, I can't help feeling like I'm being left behind. I should note that said feeling doesn't bother me nearly as much as the fact that I have to find a new pop culture soulmate ... and those, like Lynnderellas, are extremely HTF these days.


  1. Ooh, that is so bright and flashy! I love it. One of my friends is letting me borrow her Glittering Crowd at some point, and I'm thinking of layering it over light grey or a purple creme. Or blue. I don't even know man, there are so many options!

    1. Thanks Naz! I'll be sure to check out your pictures when you do try it. :D


    Also, giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl, I know that feel. Now that I'm out of college, everyone I know is doing Grown Up Things like getting jobs that pay a salary instead of an hourly rate (HOW) or getting married/engaged/pregnant (WHY) or moving somewhere better and I'm stuck in this stupid town serving lattes for just over minimum wage and all we have to eat in this house is bread and beans and eggs because neither of us has been paid yet and it's like, "How are people being adults when I can't even scrape together enough quarters to do a load of laundry???"

    1. Don't be jealous! I am sure that when we have our Pyrex Museum/SciFi Museum visit, we can work in a drag brunch. ;) ;) ;)

      WE'RE GONNA BE OKAY BB. I think. Right? :/

  3. Everything that you suggested would look super HAWT under TGC. I've done it (hurr) over black and silver, and a jelly sandwich with white. And ummmm yeah, pretty much everything would look good under it.

    Also, being salaried in my profession just isn't the bee's knees sometimes :(

    1. I wonder if that's because there are so many different colored glitters in it??? But before the end of the summer, I'll do it over Zuza so I can show you. :)

      :( As long as you still have money to buy polish, right? <3

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks lady! Meeeeeeeeee tooooooo. :D

  5. I feel for you and your party life. I used to be quite the party girl in my day and I miss her. It's hard to be a grown up when you still want to be that party girl and people look at you funny at 44 doing that! I can't help you with your pop culture stuff-all I ever watch is investigational discovery channel! I love forensics! Love this mani!

    1. Thank you! Ah Fingers, I'm not a party girl really, but I can be very social at times and ever since I moved I've been fairly lonely. If I ever move out of here, you better believe I am going to make up for my supah stale 20s!


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